The Musings: Why so negative?

July 10, 2014, by
Ryan McDonagh is a bargain. Relatively speaking. (Elsa/Getty Images)

Ryan McDonagh is a bargain. Relatively speaking. (Elsa/Getty Images)

Now the dust has settled after the draft, week of pre-free agency negotiation and free agency itself, a few days of quiet are upon us before arbitration hearings, contract negotiation rumors and the scraps are picked at in free agency. With that all in mind, let’s take a little look around the league and reflect on the Rangers this summer so far.

Patrick Kane and Jon Toews got identical contracts but that’s where the similarities end – in my opinion. Toews is a natural leader and figurehead. He’s not worth the money he’s just got but if either player is worth it, it’s certainly Toews and not Kane as Toews brings so much more to the table than ‘just’ offense.

Patrick Kane is a Star. He’s a point/game playoff player and is incredibly talented but he just got $10.5 million per year yet has only once scored more than 73 points in a year and has one 30 goal season in his seven years in the league. Sure, it’s not just about numbers and sure, the Hawks are paying to keep the faces of the franchise in town but the money getting thrown about is out of hand. Nothing we didn’t know already, right?

Every additional, major contract signing that gets announced makes me love the Ryan McDonagh deal that much more. Five more years of 25 minutes a game, elite defense and 40-50 points per season for $4.7m a season seems like a bargain.

So much negativity around what the Rangers did and didn’t do this summer. Sometimes you have to think – in the eyes of this teams fan base – the management can do no right. If Sather blows his load in free agency it’s ‘typical Sather’ or ‘typical Rangers’. If he doesn’t he’s chastised for not bringing in quality.

The Rangers have retained a strong, young core. They haven’t handicapped themselves for the future and they have left room on the current roster for young players to make the team. Barring adding an elite center I am pretty content with the summer manoeuvrings of the Rangers.

Breakout Candidate: J.T. Miller. Miller has a chance to nail down an important role on the Rangers given the departures this summer. Everyone knows how much skill he has but negativity and a lack of patience have followed Miller in the last season or so but we’re talking about a 21 year old still learning the game. With the right mindset there’s no reason Miller can’t be a 40 point player next year.

On Shaky Ground: John Moore. The Rangers top four appear set in stone. The bottom pairing however has yet to be decided. Given his underwhelming season Moore has a lot to prove. Is he the highly touted offensive defenseman the Blue Jackets took in the first round or is he a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none, bottom pair defenseman? The next 12 months are huge for Moore. A bad season and progression from any or all of Brady Skjei, Dylan McIlrath, Conor Allen and Calle Andersson and Moore’s future in New York is in danger.

So where is the off season bargain potential around the league? Anton Volenchkov represents no risk at all for the Predators at $1m on a one year deal. Same goes for Anaheim’s acquisition of Dany Heatley who is a shadow of his former self but if he has the right line mates could easily bag 20 goals on his $1m one year deal.

Again, not a star or even the same player he once was but Ottawa’s acquisition of David Legwand for two years at 3m per year is a solid add. Legwand would have been a solid addition for the Rangers given the contract and his two way ability.

Question Time:

  • Which one free agent signing elsewhere in the league are you ‘jealous’ of?
  • What are your expectations for Dan Boyle?
  • Given the contracts both players received would you have preferred to have kept Dom Moore or Brian Boyle?
  • Which player will make a bigger NHL impact in ’15: Oscar Lindberg or JT Miller?
  • How many goals will Rick Nash score next season?
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  1. Alex says:

    Grabovski. 2nd Place is Heatley.

    35-40 points

    Keep Moore



  2. SalMerc says:

    Heatly came cheap and is a great insurance policy at $1M

    35 points, more than half on PP


    JT, but do not forget Jesper Fast yet

    44 goals

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      Heatley came cheap and it wouldn’t have hurt for $1 mil to sign him but he’s a lefty. Everyone wants Lindberg on the team with Miller. JT is a lock but he’s another lefty. Of the forwards from last years team, only Stepan is a righty. This kid Mueller is a righty Centerman versatile enough to play all 3 forward positions. I wanna see what he can bring and I’d also get Kristo signed and see if he can play with Brassard & Zuccarello. His biggest strengths are his skating and quickness. He has a wicked wrist shot but both are NHL calibre now. He just has to learn the defensive assignments a little better. Miller is a face palm every time he’s in the D Zone. Why not get Fast & Kristo or Mueller in there and create some balance on both sides.
      I’ve said it before I’ll say it again. Devon Setoguchi is just sitting there. He could be a 50 point $2-$3 mil signing. He’s coming off a $3 mil per deal but wasn’t happy in the peg with the Jets. He skates great and with Stepan and Nash on the LW. That could be a dynamic line. Need right/left balance. It helps the PP to have threat on the left side. Teams started leaning to cover the right side more and the PP struggled.

  3. Leatherneckinlv says:

    Heatley as well, Anaheim is very dangerous
    40 points +
    D moore
    JT Miller
    between 26 and 33

  4. TxRanger says:


    Goals, leadership, and defense

    Dom for sure, he plays good D and puts the puck in the net

    JT will get a more offensive role, so I’ll say JT, but I think Fast is the guy though

    I think Nashers gets 30

  5. Rangers Fan in Boston says:

    •Matheiu Perreault – perfect fit as a top 9 center to be able to mix and match linemates with Stepan and Brassard. Bargain deal of 3/$9M.
    •18-20 minute per night #4 defenseman, 15 PPPs
    •Moore – a better all around player – more gifted offensively – and cheaper
    •Miller – already has the experience, likely has a better idea of what it takes to succeed in the NHL, and would play in a more impact role (top 9 vs 4th line)
    •34 if healthy for a full season

  6. FL Swarty says:

    Heatley for $1Mil – wow – would’ve seem to been worth a shot at him –

    DB – Good leader and PP guy. He can and will shoot – just seems like a lot of money for him as his skills are clearly diminishing.

    Glad we kept Moore – But I love what BB brings. Clearly could have kept them both

    For breakout guys – would love to see Miller put up some numbers and perhaps get some confidence. Perhaps Oscar is the guy to look at for upside?

    What about Ryan Haggerty?

    Hopefully Nash can get a fresh start this year – hit 30

    Still don’t like the Tanner Glass deal – Why not just resign Carcillo who seems to have fit in nicely and brought some heart and some surprising skill as well. And for a little more than what he paid Glass for his requisite 3 yr. pugilist deal he could have also signed someone like Zenon Knopka.

    Knopka is tough dude AND he can play – Great face-off guy who has previously led the league in FO % and is always among the leaders. He is suspended for SA (over the counter he says) but he could definitely fill a 4th line center spot on the cheap….

  7. Gary says:

    1) Given the prices, none whatsoever. I’d like to see us sign MDZ cheap though. Old time’s sake, though sure it won’t happen.

    2) Not much, that way I can be pleasantly surprised. Relating to another point in your article, I’d like to see him on the 3rd pair and heavy PP duty. Bump either Klein or Moore to 2nd pair.

    3) Moore

    4) JT Miller by a teeny. I have a feeling about Lindberg.

    5) 37

  8. Kevin Baumer says:

    Perreault – absolute steal

    I’m expecting a marginal power play improvement and a continued steady decline for him personally


    Miller. Depends a lot on where they slot into the lineup though.


  9. paulronty says:

    1) None of them-let’s develop our own kids, they have more potential than a lot of experts think
    2) Steady D and way more O than Stralman. At least 8-10 PP goals
    4) Tie, both Jt and Lindberg will excell
    5) 28-32 goals

  10. Josh says:

    1) Brad Richards. At 1 year $2 Million, there would have been a lot less complaints about him.
    Second prize goes to the Cristian Erhoff deal. He wouldn’t have been a good fit with the Rangers current line-up, but why did he have to sign that reasonable deal with the Penguins?
    2) About 35 points w/ 16 of those on the PP. Maybe teach McD & Moore a thing or two about running point.
    3) Moore
    4) Miller. Lindberg might not even be on the roster.
    5) Considering he’ll probably miss another 20 games to injury, I think 25 is all I would expect.

  11. George says:

    1. Heatley
    2. 30-40 points
    3. Moore
    4. Miller
    5. 30-40 goals

  12. "The Original" Rob says:

    1)David Legwand

    2)Is perfect addition to our D-Corps. Will make PP better. Great distributor of puck and has great vision.

    3)Dom Moore. Aside from being a good fit on 4th line, can fill in for practically any spot that’s open on a any line if needed as so he proved this year.

    4)J.T. Miller. My long shot pick is still on Marek Hrivik!

    5) I don’t know….25 if we’re lucky lol.

  13. Snake says:

    1) I’m jealous of the Black Hawks getting Brad Richards so cheap. As with Benoit last season, if Brad does anything right the fans will love him at that price.

    2) My expectations for Dan Boyle are Ranger fans complaining about him all year.

    3) Forget even factoring in the money, in my opinion, Dom Moore will give the Rangers a greater return over the life of Boyle’s contract then Boyle will give Tampa…even if Moore retires. 😀

    4) JT Miller

    5) Nash will lead the team with 32 goals in 61 games played for the Rangers. He will only score in 25 games though giving Walt over 50 opportunities to complain about his production in the game summaries next season. LOL!

  14. mikeyyy says:

    Richards to chi town.
    Boyle needs to resurrect the pp and be a legit scoring threat from the blue line.
    Moore. Plays bigger than he is not smaller than he is.
    50 goals for nash

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      I guess it’s safe to be jealous that the Hawks got Richards so cheap but it would be considered circumventing the cap to buy out the remaining years on one deal and resign him to a new on the same year. You’d lose a draft pick just for calling that new contract in to the league office.
      I think Matt Pereault would have been a smart signing for the Rangers. He’s always been good on the PP. Scores most of his points there. If Brassard is in fact moving up to 2nd Center then he would have been a perfect 3rd Center. Not that I’m thrilled about having Brassard in the top 6. He better step up if he is.
      Dom Moore for my money is the better fit on an AV team. However, Torts team with AV tactics worked pretty well last season. Defense was always him heal in BC. they could always score and PP was top 5 all but his final season in Vancouver where he tried a more defensive minded strategy.
      I think management has Miller slotted in already. If Lindberg were a righty, he’d be the 3rd Center but he’s not.
      Sather needs to find a top 6 Center or a top line RW. Setoguchi is out of a contract, Sign him. Or Evander Kane wants out of Winnipeg. Make an offer for him. He’s another lefty I think but a 30 goal scorer for $5.25 mil per for 4 more years. The Jets want/need a top pairing lefty defenseman (Staal). The Rangers improve up front and use a Conner Allen on the blue line.
      John Moore is going to have a breakout season. He’ll be counted on more with less defense from up front. I think he pops 8-10 goals this season. He’s got the shot. Needs to use it. Maybe Dan Boyle mentors him and some of the other defenseman.

  15. Chris A says:

    Mike Santorelli, fast, offensive, right-handed C, decent on the draw and most importantly inexpensive. Legwand is the other guy I would have gladly taken although the ceiling on Legwand is only 3C on a contender.

    D. Boyle should put up about 40 pts. 15/25 EV/PPP

    Dom Moore, cheaper, more versatile, better skater, better offensive player. Still, I’ll miss BB

    JT Miller, assuming his game and mentality both matured this summer. I think Kristo is going to shock us all though and have a nice NHL debut season. That RH shot of his can come in handy on the PP

    Nash pots 36 this year

  16. asfjr says:

    Santorelli at $1.5mill is one I wish they would have gotten.

    Boyle – 12 goals, 44 points, with more than half coming on the PP

    D Moore over Boyle

    Miller. I think Lindberg becomes the up and down guy this year. I also think Fast might make a bigger impact than expected. I think he fits in perfectly as the 4th Line RW & PK guy

    Nash gets 33 next year, 34 if we are including the playoffs ;}

  17. Walt says:

    Shea Weber, oh he wasn’t available, it would be Setagouchi.

    Veteran leadership, 10 goals, 22 helpers.

    Dom Moore, more versatile, and softer hands.

    Miller, if he puts his mind to it. If not then Lindberg for sure.

    Nash will get between 28 to 31 goals??

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      Setoguchi is still available.

      • Walt says:

        Get him!!!!!

        • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

          Well, it would be an interesting idea if he was a good player. He produced only 27 points last year and is a negative possession player.

          The need is still a top 9 center. This way, JT Miller doesn’t have to add all that additional responsiblity by playing the posision. I’d advocate a one year make good deal for Mike Ribeiro. He’s all there really is left for decent inexpensive centers.

          • Walt says:

            Also a good option!! The only problem with him though is he is a cancer to be around, or so it’s been written. That is the reason he was bought out in the first place???????

            • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

              I’ve heard that too. There’s something teams don’t like about him personally. He was never a good fit in PHO. He is kind of what we need but if he’s gonna bring the team down or create clicks that others aren’t a part of. That’s bad for a locker room. I think the core is still here minus a couple guys that I guess AV didn’t feel fit. If they can find some righty shots that can score 15-20 goals. It would help the dynamic on this team. Nash on the left is a must and he can still give you 40+ goals. He needs a righty on his line. MSL plays the off wing naturally so he’s there. Put Kreider with him and a Center either a free agent or Brassard. Then a righty for the 3rd line like Kristo. There has to be balance. Fast should be ahead of Miller just because of Fast’s defensive play. He fights for pucks hard. I think Lindberg is the YO YO this year like Miller last year and Kreider before. Fans complain but they’re like
              A-holes, every team has one.

  18. "The Original" Rob says:

    Which yutz goes around rating (thumbs up n down) these threads lol?

  19. Bloomer says:

    The Musings: Why so negative? Blame Dave, he brought everyone down.

  20. Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

    Both Miller and Lindberg are lefties. Are the Rangers going into next season with 10 or 11 lefties? Jesper Fast and Chris Mueller are IMO the Rangers best bet. Just on their right handed shot. Miller is a lock to make the team barring injury or underwhelming performance in camp. I’d like to see Sather add a righty NHL player like Devin Setoguchi. He skates well and would be a cheap contract that can play top line minutes. Allow Nash to play his left side. He made $3 mil last year and was not very good but the potential is there on an original 6 team that went to the finals last season. I don’t get why no one cares about having all left handed shots up front and adding some more. Mueller is on a 1 way deal so I’d guess he’s either a 13th forward or on the team but he’s a righty that can play all 3 forward positions. Nash has to play LW so unless Kreider plays well on the off wing, he’s got to go down a line. Only problem is what to do with Hagelin.

  21. Becky says: