Quick notes: Skjei returning to NCAA; No “real” offer made to Stralman

July 5, 2014, by

Some quick notes (before I head off to Aruba…yea, be jealous) about the prospects, free agency, and those who left the Rangers.

"Quick notes: Skjei returning to NCAA; No "real" offer made to Stralman", 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.


  1. Walt says:

    By all accounts Brady Skjei is NHL ready, great, now if Staal wants to stay, then he signs, if not we trade him. This kid is going to give us options that other teams dream about!!!!! Example, Filthadelphia anyone, they are always looking for a good d-man, but I would trade with them if hell froze over.

    Strahlman wanted a big pay day, well he got it, and I wish him well. He is being way over payed, and isn’t worth the paper he signed on. I’ve said it time, and again, this guy is way over rated. Slat’s was fair with him, and he wanted out, so good bye!!!!!

    Zucc is right, he understands we are strapped for cap space, but he wants his due. Your lack of planning shouldn’t be my problem. Slat’s paid too much for Girardi, and it’s affecting the rest of the roster. I just hope that we can work out a deal thats a win win for everyone involved!!

    • supermaz says:

      Couldn’t agree more on Stralman and Zuccarello, but I like Staal and think he is underrated, should have traded Girardi and signed Staal.

    • paulronty says:

      You are absolutely right on about Stralman. I just shake my head at how overhyped he is, just an average D man who cashed in on the hype. How often have we seen that in FA?

  2. Bloomer says:

    I read that Peter Mueller is available, he would bring the Rangers some size at the center position and is a very skilled player. I think he be a good fit. Stralman got what he wanted, good riddance to him. Superzuc is the real deal, hopefully Sather signs him for 3 years. Brady Skjei, NHL ready..I believe that when I see it.

  3. Paco 33 says:

    In the NCAA Championship game, Skjei was clearly outplayed by Union’s Shayne Gostisbehere (Flyer’s 3d rd pick) and Mat Bodie (Ranger’s free agent)and was clearly not “NHL ready”.

  4. Frank Cerbone says:

    Girardi won’t be OVERPAID once Staal is gone.
    Regardless of what is being said….on the worst day of his life Girardi is a top 4 defenseman.
    He is a legitimate top 2 defenseman though.

    Down here in Ft Myers, we saw the playoffs & the commentators felt it was McDonough who struggled in the playoffs (partly because of his shoulder).

    McDonough being caught up ice, St Louis failing to cover the point when Girardi pinched in are still in my memory of the playoffs.

    Maybe if Girardi didn’t play with a broken finger and over 30 minutes in a couple of games things would be different. Maybe of Girardi took a game off once every 5 years or so to rest his banged up body……

    Staal needs to move on; he’s not a top 3, was a top 4 only because of Stralman……and clearly
    has not improved in 3 years…..not an offensive force, not a physical force, and can’t get the puck out of his own end. Staal sounds a lot like Brady Skjei, except Skjei can make the breakout pass and is a better skater.

  5. Frank Cerbone says:

    Anybody seen 2nd rd pick 9 goal scorer in prep school Boo Nieves? Did he attend camp? Isn’t he one of Clark’s “neighborhood” New England boys like Sanguinetti, Kreider, Boyle?

    Maybe Nieves is in New York auditioning for the Rockettes or Ice Capades, or something.

    Or maybe Nieves is in the Belgium Congo drilling for oil with that other 2nd rd pick goalie Antoine Lafleur.