Rangers re-sign Dominic Moore; Sign Tanner Glass

July 1, 2014, by

Good news and bad news: The Rangers have re-signed center Dominic Moore to a two-year deal at $1.5 million per year. Moore was a solid addition last season, and was 1/3 of one of the best fourth lines in the game. Moore can also chip in offensively, as he showed when Derick Brassard was hurt in the playoffs this year.

Unfortunately, the Rangers also signed possession anchor Tanner Glass to a three year deal at $1.45 million per year. Seriously, he’s horrible. But hey, he’s physical?

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  1. Sally says:

    So we are not filling in with the kids?

    • Spozo says:

      Poulliot and Richards spots aren’t filled yet. Boyle hasn’t resigned yet. There will be plenty of opportunity for the youngsters to win a roster spot.

    • Chris A says:

      You can’t just hand the jobs to the kids, they need to compete against someone in camp. None of the Rangers forward prospects are real fits for the fourth line and Dom Moore and Tanner Glass are fourth liners.

      There are still two openings in the top 9 for some the Rangers prospects to try and slot into.

  2. TxRanger says:

    Whats the deal with Tanner Glass? I only know the name, but nothing else.

  3. Bloomer says:

    Tanner Glass actually wins his fights and we all know what Dom brings to the table. The Rangers are running the table with their signings this year…well done Mr. Sather

    • SalMerc says:

      Not so sure I agree. Did I miss something, or did we lose our #1 penalty killer, our #2 or 3 scorer (Pouliot) and our 3rd or 4th defenseman.

      Boyle is no better that a 4th best on D, D.Moore now is first shift PK but who is going to pick up the scoring?

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      Well agree to disagree on that. Glass winning fights doesn’t win games.

      Take a look at the Extraskater stats Dave posted. They tell a story of a strength (puck possession on the 4th line) becoming a potential weakness with him in the fold.

      Good deal for Moore for sure, and as much I would have rather signed Perreault over D. Boyle, I can live with that. The Glass signing is perplexing. Should have kept Dorsett for the extra $200k and two less years of contract commitment.

      • HARLEMBLUES says:

        Puck possession is so over rated.You win by out scoring the other team.Goals,not holding on to the puck.You must finish.

        • Chris A says:

          Puck Possession doesn’t really mean holding on to the puck and playing keep away. When a team has more puck possession it means they are attempting more shots. More shots = more goals.

          • HARLEMBLUES says:

            Show me were puck possession means more goals.Two good teams play does the team that possesses the puck most win the greater % of games.It’s like football were a team marches up and down the field and doesn’t score.Two passes and a run touchdown.

        • Ray says:

          Just my take, but I think that the main value of Corsi and Fenwick is that they predict +/- and are not subject to the small sample size problem that +/- is. But we can look at +/- for Glass and see that he is a consistently – player, even on a team like Pittsburgh. What Corsi tells us is that the reason he is a minus player is that he plays like a minus player. And QoC points out that he manages to be a minus player while playing against weak opposition.

          Sorry, not a hockey player.

  4. Leatherneckinlv says:

    We still need right handed shooters and I think that will come from our rookies

  5. Chris F says:

    I don’t think I could be more displeased with our activity today.

    Boyle is a PP signing, nothing more. He won’t help anchor the blueline and he certainly isn’t better than Stralman. $4.5 million for a couple PP goals is bad business.

    Glass is a useless goon. And he gets a 3 year deal? Yet they couldn’t give Moore the 3 years he asked for.

    Pouliot walks. Stralman walks. Boyle walks. Pouliot walks.

    It’s going to sting seeing the lineup after today.

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      “Glass is a useless goon. And he gets a 3 year deal? Yet they couldn’t give Moore the 3 years he asked for.”

      – Yup.

    • Bloomer says:

      A couple of PP goals?…Stralman has 1 goal in over 100 games, his shot couldn’t break a pane of glass, Dan Boyle has won a Stanley Cup and an Olympic gold metal. Stralman and Pouliot are the most overrated players in the free agency market and will be next years bust.

  6. dave says:

    We traded Dorsett to sign Glass and save less than 200K. Horrible move.

    • TxRanger says:

      Glass has about as many goals per year as Dorsett and is a much bigger physical presence…at least my research seems to suggest this.

    • Bloomer says:

      Glass is just as effective as Dorsett and the Rangers picked up a 3rd round pick which they badly needed.

    • mattimar says:

      But received a 3rd round draft pick as well

  7. paulronty says:

    Great to get Moore back!! Very important player. Pouliot? Who cares. Seriously, he’s got talent but he’s brain dead & makles too many stupid on ice errors. Boyle is tougher than Stralman, adds more D and Stralman will be exposed in TB, mark my words. We have some great young players on the way, but Ranger fans think they are never ready. Kreider was SO ready last year, even in training camp, so he got sent down for a cup of coffee. I think Ryan Bourque could be a great 4th liner & Glass appears to be the muscle needed so I guess Carcillo isn’t coming back or is he?

  8. Chris F says:

    Boyle is a vet, and he’ll chip in on the PP, for sure.

    But he’s old, slow, and small. You don’t really think he’s an all around improvement on Stralman, do you? I’m not really interested in Stralman’s point production. He drives possession like a beast, and he plays good solid defense, plus he can skate.

    • Chris F says:

      The Rangers offered Stralman $4.5 million, no?

      And he signs with Tampa for $4… was he unhappy here?

      • LFOD Bleeding Blue in NH says:

        Initial information was wrong about Stralman contract…turned out to be 4.5 per for 5 years, 22.5 mil

        • Chris A says:

          It makes sense why the Rangers passed on Stralman for 5 years. Having Girardi/Klein/Stralman all on long term deals, all on the right side isn’t really a lot of diversity. All three are defensive D-men.

    • paulronty says:

      Sorry but I think Stralman is HIGHLY overrated on here & elsewhere. Rather have Boyle indeed!

    • Bloomer says:

      Stralman couldn’t carry Dan Boyles’ jock strap that’s what I think.

      • Chris F says:

        Boyle isn’t a defenseman anymore. The only reason he might appeal is point production which has dropped to the 20 -30 point range the last 3 years.

        What are we hoping to get out of this guy?

        • paulronty says:

          Well, if you were listening to the guys on free agent frenzy, they talked about how he plays with a fire in his belly and he’s tough too. That’s what he will add. The fact that Tampa & Detroit were hot on his heels, what does THAT tell you?

        • joe719 says:

          Chris, they needed someone to anchor the PP!! Yeah, hes old, but he still can produce points. They couldn’t afford Niskanen and I really didn’t see any other options for a PP shot out there. Its only 2 years. By that time McD might have developed into the offensive force he has shown glimpses of in the playoffs. I think Stralman is being vastly overated today. Hes a serviceable guy, no doubt. But tell me how a guy who has no real physical presence and no real offensive shot is worth over $20 mil.? Its crazy. I don’t know what TB think they’re getting, but its not worth the paycheck. Same goes for Pouliot. You realize that up in Edmonton, he is going to be looked upon as a veteran leader? Good luck with that. Overall, I think Slats hasn’t screwed up to bad yet. I know, we still have a whole summer. But not a bad start. IMO

        • VictorK says:

          Boyle had more goals than PK Subban and Drew Doughty last season, 6 of them on the PP which is a major weakness

  9. paulronty says:

    I meant O not D, but his D will be OK.

  10. HARLEMBLUES says:

    I rather have Boyle for two then Stralman for five.

  11. Frank Cerbone says:

    Sather signing Boyle, Kosta, Kampfer, & Hunwick, all on defense, means McIlrath & Conner Allen are gone, maybe even that Body kid. McIlrath, Allen, & Body I think will all be RFAs in 2015.

    Right side defensemen Klein, Girardi, & Boyle are all 30 or older.

    Glass is a puncher, not a wrestler like Prust.
    Glass can kill PM, absolutely great body checker (2.8 hits per PM, Dorsett 0.8 hits per PM).

    Glass, former captain at Dartmouth, is obviously a leader type, plays a physical game like Boyle, quicker, blocks a lot of shots.

    A Dom Moore, Glass, JTMiller or Fasth line will get up ice a lot quicker than with Boyle on the ice.