Brass to return for Game 4; Stepan likely out

May 24, 2014, by

According to the internet, Derick Brassard will be back in the lineup tomorrow. Although, Katie Strang tweeted the following quote from AV, “He didn’t tell me. That’s good news.” Either way, expect Brass back in the lineup. 

Stepan is likely out after having surgery on his broken jaw on Friday due to the illegal hit he suffered from Brandon Prust. Prust received a 2 game suspension. Yeah…

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  1. Rob says:

    First, I NEVER liked Prust. Hands of stone. Skates well, but in open ice has no real quickness. Only positive is willing to play hard. That is not worth a 2m contract.

    Second, the NHL logic of you touch a linesman gives you 10 games OR you deliver a late violent hit that breaks a jaw gives you 2. Illogical. Rangers dress the biggest goon possible from minors for next game and go right at Max P. eye for eye justice. No fights. Just bang him every chance possible near the boards. Since Rangers have last change -ONLY insert the goon when the Rangers are up and the draw is Canadiens side of the ice.

    I cannot remember who the Rangers have in the minors for this job. The forward that was on the Islanders?

    • Scully says:

      Michael Haley is his name.

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      Micheal Haley. I don’t think they can bring up anymore players after they decide who is with the team as taxi squad at seasons end. Alain Vineault should order one of his younger replacement guys such as Miller or Fast do something like that if the Rangers are loosing in the 3rd. Send a message that way. Stepan might play game 4. I don’t think it’s beyond the relm of possibility he is in. He’s definitely playing game 5. If we win or are winning game 4. I would leave it alone. The Habs can’t keep up with us. They went all out in OT because they weren’t gonna last a long extra period with us. Their D looked especially exhausted.

  2. Scully says:

    I’ve got to say, and I know he has a broken jaw and we don’t know any of the particulars, but I’ll be disappointed if Stepan doesn’t play… not in him, just in the situation. I still believe he will. There’s no reason for him to go through a full practice after having surgery, so i’m not quite reading that he won’t play because of that. Ryan Getzlaf’s injury looked way worse and he played. We’re 6 wins from the cup and he’s our #1 center.

    Once again, I realize I don’t know any of the particulars though. I’m just waxin’ poetic over here :).

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      Well the proof is in the pudding my friend. He hasn’t missed a single game since entering the NHL so if he’s good to go and the team lets him play. I don’t see why not. There has to be some toughness both Mentally and Physically to pull that off. This is his 4th season as an NHLer no? 4 or 5 now. I’m sure he’s gonna need that guard that Crosby wore. That’ll take some getting used to. I just hope we win tomorrow and game 5 and Prust’s season is over. That would be justice for him. Don’t get how Hagelin got 3 in 2012 with no history but for that Prust only gets 2 and he was suspended once before as a Ranger the same year in the ECF I believe. He’s a repeat offender. The NHL DOPS needs to come up with a way for these suspensions to be more consistent.

  3. Bloomer says:

    Getzlaf injury was a little different he suffered a large gash on his jaw but not a fracture. Stephan is a tough kid he will be back as soon as he can, but I would surprized to see him return this series. I think Dom Moore would do a very ample job between Kreider and Nash and it would be magic seeing Brassard reunite with Pouliet and the SuperHobbit again. Boyle and JT Miller have some chemistry, throw in Dorsett and you have a very good 4th. line.

    I like to see the Rangers defence: particularly Kline, John Moore and Stralman pick it up a little in the hitting department. Next time Subban goes coast to coast they need to lower the boom on him.

    Lastly, despite losing his noodle last game (I think the referees pride was hurt more then anything) I like to see Carcillo back on the team next year. He does have some skill and was a solid contributor to the team down the stretch, and in the playoffs.

  4. Leatherneckinlv says:

    McIlrath is exactly what this defense is missing. See you in a Ranger uniform next year kid, With two Mack trucks it will be fun to watch