Rangers/Penguins Schedule

May 1, 2014, by

The NHL has released the schedule for the Rangers/Penguins series, which begins tomorrow night in Pittsburgh:

  • Game 1: 5/2 7PM – Pittsburgh
  • Game 2: 5/4 7:30PM – Pittsburgh
  • Game 3: 5/5  7:30PM –  Madison Square Garden
  • Game 4:  5/7  7:30PM – Madison Square Garden
  • *Game 5:  5/9  TBD – Pittsburgh
  • *Game 6:  5/11  TBD – Madison Square Garden
  • *Game 7:  5/13  TBD –  Pittsburgh

All games will be on NBCSN or NBC. It’s a safe assumption that the Sunday games (5/4, 5/11) will be games on NBC.

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  1. bayman says:

    Game 3 marks five games in seven days for the Blueshirts. Why the rush? The Anaheim/LA series extends to 5/16 (if they play 7) while our series will be done by 5/13. Does the league have something against us?

  2. cnp says:

    What bar in the city should I be going to on Friday to watch this?

  3. Chris F says:

    So, is there any word on Krieder? I know he practiced yesterday and took shots, and the original prognosis was a possible return for the 2nd round.

    The revolving door of Fast-Carcillo-Miller would be much better replaced by Kreider. He’d be a huge boost for this series.