Calling for Carcillo or JT Miller

April 21, 2014, by
Courtesy of NHL.com

Courtesy of NHL.com

The party is over. The Rangers had a chance to jump to a 2-0 lead and instead will go into Philly with the series evened up. It will be critical for the Rangers to come back to NY with at least one win, but it won’t be easy. The Rangers are 57-64-14-3 for road playoff games. They’re also 10-17 in the postseason at Philadelphia.

What will make these next two games especially tough goes beyond the atmosphere and fan hostilities. The real difficulty will be for Alain Vigneault to get the right matchups on the ice, as the home team gets the last change.

If I’m Craig Berube, I’d be looking forward to returning home where he’ll get a better chance at trying to separate the Giroux and Hartnell line from McDonagh and Girardi. I’d also be looking to amp up the physicality. The Flyers seemed to play better yesterday when they adjusted their forecheck to be a bit harder.

For these reasons, it might be time for AV to sit Fast for Carcillo or Miller so the Rangers can match the Flyers energy.

Yesterday Fast started 100% of his shifts in the offensive zone (after a whistle) and yet still managed to get just 40% in Corsi For % (shot attempts). Through 2 games he also hasn’t been able to get a shot on goal and last night he played under 9 minutes. I know 2 games is a small sample size, but at this point you have to make adjustments to try to win a game.

And while his speed might make sense against a team like TBL or MTL, a team like the Flyers requires some meat in the lineup. At 165 lbs, I’m not sure he’ll be able to hold up for the duration of this series.

The Rangers have enough diminutive guys in the lineup. MSL, MZA, Richie, Hagelin, Brass aren’t exactly physically imposing. Adding Carcillo or Miller back into the lineup could be the better play as far as matchups go.

If I had to choose between the two, I’d probably opt for Carcillo. The playoff experience is there, as is the history of getting top guys off their games. The Flyers are at their worst when they’re focusing on gooning it up and not on the task at hand. Carcillo can ignite that, especially from a guy like Simmonds who is a Rangers killer.

It’s time to fight fire with fire.

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  1. Mike says:

    And now we all call to abandon the gameplan that was set out from the start. Stay the course and let the Flyers play their goonish game. Yes, Carcillo can play their game and become a distraction to them but you can’t tell me that that’s not also a message to the rangers that they’re now supposed to match the flyers antics.

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      Valid point. Tighten it up defensively, and we’re back in business.

      This team wins when it defends well, and its top Dmen play a strong game. The Rangers lost – and this has been a common theme for losses this season – because they had too many lapses in their own zone.

    • Walt says:

      I beg to differ with you. Fast was handed the spot, where as Carcillo earned the playing time this season.

      I’m not saying we should stoop to the low life crap that Filthadelphia pulls, but if there is a need to respond, then you have to do what you have to do. Did you forget that Carcillo was told to tone it down this season, and he did listen to the coaches? Look, we keep the same plan, not respond as best you can get on the PP, and let the asses in orange make fools of themselves, but don’t put your players in danger!!

      Again Dan Carcillo earned the right to play, and he did a pretty good job of it.

      • The Suit says:

        Agree with Walt. Carcillo has played well for us and hasn’t crossed the line. I think he can agitate without gooning it up.

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      No. I’m sorry do disagree but there’s no reason removing a rather smallish rookie forward playing on the 2nd line with Richards & Hagelin means we are abondoning our pre-series gameplan. I thought Fast held his own out there and diserves more credit for the way he played. With the puck he made the safe smart play and it’s obvious he knows the game by watching him without the puck.
      However 40% Corsi for is not good enough to stay in the lineup. IMO if the media asked AV about Fast he’d give much of the same speech about him as he did about Miller. I hope those words add a work ethic to his preparation pre game and between games.
      I wrote the other day I’d like to see Carcillo come to Philly & play. Even if it’s just games 3&4. He’s been discipline since starting his time in NY. I’m happy with him and his toughness. I’d love to side AV go back to Carcillo on the left & Dorsett on the right on that 4th line. Give either Moore or Boyle a game or 2 off. That trio was impressive in the short sample size.
      I would also love to see Diaz play the 2 games in Philly. IMHO it’s time Strahlman got a few days off. He looked tired Physically & Mentally. It’s not his fault. Just has played a lot of games straight. Give him a healthy scratch for game 3 and if Diaz looks good then leave him for game 4 as well. We need to give them a different look on 5 on 5 breakouts & on the PP entries. He makes nice 1st passes that we could not pull off in game 2. Most were off the mark or they bounced off the recipients stick and right back to waiting Philly D. A mobile D like Diaz changes a ton of Phillies Neutral zone tactics. That’ll open things up for others on the ice. Get Carcillo & Diaz on for game 3. I don’t think we change anything but get more pucks to Emery. That’s if I’m the coach. Strahlman gets a scoring chance a game but shoots right into the chest of the goalie. At least shoot low for a rebound off the pads. Strahlman is tired and the time off will help & humble him. Move Klein up and hope he’s better. Put Diaz & Moore as the bottom pair which should be interesting. Diaz wasn’t bad in the games he played on D either. No drop off at the time Moore was out. Get it done win both Philly games and win it at MSG in game 5. It is not likely but could happen. Don’t Change the game plan just beat the Flyers at their physical game. Out hit them cleanly and stay out of the box. Go get it done. Sorry bout the short story. I have a lot to say & like to say it. Anyone wanna call dibs as my publisher? This could hit stands all over the city! I won’t quit my day job!

    • Forever 1994 says:

      No, the Rangers need a little size and toughness in the line-up and they get it with Carcillo. Move Dorsett up to the Richards Hagelin line and put Carcillo back with Moore and Boyle. Carcillo (never thought I would say this)has played really well and has kept his head.

  2. Dave says:

    The OZ starts are skewed because almost every face off is in the Philly zone. Also, one game for CF% doesn’t really tell a story. He was at 59.1% CF in Game 1.

  3. AD says:

    How about sitting Rick Nash and Fast for Miller and Carcillo? Move Richards to top line LW in lieu of Nash; insert Miller to 3rd line in lieu of Richards; and Carcillo in lieu of Fast.

    Seriously, Nash is a non-factor out there.

    • Chris F says:

      Yes. Brilliant. Let’s shake everything up and go into Philly in disarray because of one loss in a 7 game series!

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      Not many agree with that statement. I think we have a better chance of having Jed Bush as the next president. Nash had SOG and even if he doesn’t do a whole lot, he draws attention. That leaves guys open. He has 2 assists and in 2 games he has 1/2 his output from a season ago against Wash & Bos. I think it takes him until either the next game or game 4 and then he puts on a show.
      I like Miller but he has to grow up and work harder off the ice. I heard he doesn’t show up for the team mandatory film sessions. They may not say mandatory but especially for a rookie. You’d better be there with coffees for everyone. Miller has a nice arrogance about him but he feels he doesn’t need film. He doesn’t need option skates that are also mandatory for rookies. When he learns how to cycle the puck along with his linemmates. Where to go without the puck. He looks like a headless chicken in the D zone too. Why would you want that now in the playoffs. There’s 18 other players that live through his mistakes as well. It’s not his time yet. He will be a good player. Not yet. It’s time for him to watch & learn.

  4. Ray says:

    Complicating things are that Fast had a touch of the flu. AV regretted playing him in Game 2, a clear error in hindsight, but may still think a healthy Fast is his best option.

    • Fotiu is God says:

      I’m with you, Ray. The kid Fast plays with admirable poise, if not great wheels.

      But Car-bomb lights a fire under our energy/fourth line. Moreover Carcillo goes to the net hard. Suffice it to say he’s The Blueshirt most likely to get under Ray Emery’s skin.

      I’m high on JT Miller. Nonetheless I think Carcillo being an ex Flyer, more physically inclined if not defensively sound gets him the nod for Games Three-Four.

      AV and staff should look to slot in Miller, however; and why not either of Haggerty or McCarthy (if they’re eligible/with the club).

      Look at Claude Julien/The Bs decision yesterday to suit up a college kid, winger Justin Florek who chips in with a goal.

      Let’s see if our kids are all-right, right…

  5. Bloomer says:

    The Rangers are playing the Flyers and AV puts a 5 ft nothing 160 lb. rookie Swedish player in the lineup. The BR, Fast, Hags line was invisible the first 2 games. Carcillo needs to be brought back on the 4th line and Boyle moved up to the 3rd with BR and Hags where he should of been in the first place.

    I was very disappointed in the way the Rangers played in the 3rd period the last game. The Ranger got absolutely nothing going offensively and couldn’t even sustain enough pressure in the Flyers zone to allow time for Lundqvist to leave his net for the extra attacker. AV made no adjustment to his lines and just watched his team piss away what should of been a home ice victory

    As a coach, AV is demonstrating why the Canucks lost 4 straight in the last back to back playoff years. I would thought maybe AV would of learned a few things after Bostons’ coach Claude Julien totally outcoached him in the 2011 Stanley Cup finals, but apparently not. The Ranger have absolute dominated the Flyers the last 3 seasons, if they lose this series then they have vastly underachieved.

    • SnakeX3 says:

      You last paragraph is gold, Bloomer. When you listen to Pierre McGuire cover a Rangers game you’d think AV is Scottie Bowman and the Rangers made a magical transformation once Torts was let go. He’s got his tongue so far up AV’s rump it’s sickening. You can’t fault AV for that, but nearly a year after Torts was fired NBC still brings up Torts multiple times every time they do a Ranger game, usually to falsely attribute everything good about this team to AV being the coach.

      As I said in a previous post after the Rangers won game 1, if the Rangers don’t reach the conference finals this season will be a major disappointment. They have a better team this season and they have shown that at times, but we never know which Ranger team will show up…the one that looks world beaters for most of a game or stretches of games or the one that is virtually invisible.

      In the first two games the Rangers played about 20 minutes of great hockey starting with the two power play goals in the 3rd period of game 1 and ending with their 2nd goal in the first period of game 2. This is a team the Rangers should destroy. I can’t explain the inconsistency in their play, but it really worries me. I don’t blame AV for their inability to play for 60 minutes but something needs to be done to get a more consistent effort from this group or they will become AV’s third consecutive team bounced in the 1st round while having home ice advantage for the series.

  6. SalMerc says:

    I hear what everyone is saying, but my change would be Diaz for Klein. Other than a late rush by McD, we got zero offense from the blueline. When you get a poor blueline effort like we got yesterday, the offense (ours) looks suspect. We do not need to play Flyers hockey, but we do have to defend like McD and Girardi are top 12 in the league. Throw is a D-man who can skate with the puck, and maybe we can get a different look. It doesn’t need to be said that Diaz cannot afford any turnovers as well.

    • Bloomer says:

      Sure, throw in yet another lightweight European player to get knocked around by the Flyers. Diaz is a human turnover machine, he would be exposed early and often by Philly. This is the Stanley Cup playoffs, not afternoon tea at the Ritz. Klein is doing just fine, leave him alone.

  7. Gary says:

    “It’s time to fight fire with fire.”

    I agree w/ getting Carcillo in the lineup, but not with fighting fire w/ fire. Carcillo is there for what he could do and to put some wood in the lineup. But he’d be best to do some yapping, lay a few hits, get under guys’ skin and skate away.

    The team is fine. They lost a game in which they were not really out played. They lost it against a backup goalie w/ bad hips. They lost it because our all world goalie was ordinary.

    No matter the thumbs downs to come, that’s how it looks and its up to Hank to change it.

    • Chris A says:

      I don’t even think yesterday was as bad as you make it sound.

      The Flyers played as well as they can play yesterday and barely squeaked by against a poor Rangers effort. Also, Emery played possibly his best game in years. I think the Flyers and their mediocre goalie peaked yesterday.

      Anyone that thought this was going to be a four game sweep based on Game 1 was deluding themselves. The Flyers are a good team, certainly no pushover, but the Rangers are simply better in all phases of the game. If the Rangers give a better effort and play like they have for most of the season they shouldn’t have a problem getting past Philly.

      • Walt says:

        Too many “If’s”, but I agree!!

        • The Suit says:

          Fighting fire with fire to me just means matching their energy. Again, I’m not looking for Carcillo to go around cheapshotting people. I just want to me see more energy, a harder forecheck, more play in the paint, etc.

          • Walt says:

            Agree, also get under their skin, and draw penalties from those clowns!!!!!!

            • SnakeX3 says:

              The Suit is a god and Walt sits on his right hand. LOL

              I love your absolute hatred for the Flyers, Walt.

  8. paulronty says:

    It.s not about the players,it is once again about the lack of killer instinct we’ve seen over the last several years. The game 2 loss was sooo disappointing. And if Hank wants to win a Stanley Cup, he needs to play better than that.

  9. Chris F says:

    I don’t even know why the Rangers are making the trip to Philly for games 3 and 4. It’s not like they’re the best road team in the League or anything. And we all know that the Rangers never rebound from a game 2 loss (see Ottawa 2012, Washington 2012, Washington 2013, etc).

    All hope is lost. Pack it up, boys. So sayeth the Blueshirt soothsayers.

  10. SalMerc says:

    Nice Larry Brooks article in the Post that discusses the need for an attitude change and not a line-up change

  11. JerryinMA says:

    Somebody once asked me to give them an example of manic-depression. I told him to go to this or any Ranger blog and read the comments of Ranger fans. Many of the statements above perfectly reflect that psychological disturbance. The Rangers lose one game and some fans are ready to dismantle the team. Get rid of Fast! Sit Nash down! Bench Hagelin! Lundquist didn’t pitch a shutout so he’s a loser. AV can’t coach! Etc. Etc. Tomorrow if the Rangers win, why, they’re on the road to the Stanley Cup. And if they lose, well, everyone knows the refrain. Fire AV! Get rid of Sather! And on and on.

    • Chris F says:

      Hear! Hear!

    • AD says:

      Yeah, the nerve of fans to expect a goal from a $7.9mm player with full No-Movement Clause the next five years, and whom the organization overpaid for….nah, that would be manic-depressive.

      Dubinsky/Anisimov/D-prospect/1st round pick for Nash.

      Glen Sather….ha! ha! fools…..

  12. Leatherneckinlv says:

    I would play Carcillo over fast and Diaz over Stralman tomorrow. Diaz to play on the powerplay. The Rangers need to bury powerplay goals tomorrow to tame the Flyer aggression and Diaz will help on the Powerplay.
    Carcillo on a line with Moore and Boyle, move up Dorsett with Richards and St Louis and move Hagelin with Stepan and Nash.
    We need Kreider back soon

  13. George says:

    I agree with adding Miller or Carcillo. Prefer Miller. More offensive.

    I also feel that splitting up Girardi and McDonagh might be good to have a better chance in neutralizing The Giroux Line.