Rangers recall Jesper Fast

April 7, 2014, by

To help fill the hole left by Chris Kreider’s hand injury, the Rangers have recalled forward Jesper Fast from the Hartford Wolf Pack. Fast, who initially broke camp with the Rangers, was a sixth round draft pick in 2010, and has a line of 17-17-34 in 48 games with the Pack this season. He’s widely believed to be the most NHL ready forward after J.T. Miller, and with Miller faltering at the NHL level, it seems natural that Fast would get the next opportunity.

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  1. SalMerc says:

    I guess we will see if Jesper and JT talk after Jesper takes part in a practice and a game.

  2. Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

    It reads on the AHL website that Fast is a right handed shot. I thought he was a lefty playing LW when he was up to start the season. If he’s a righty, I with they brought him up before Miller. Maybe Fast could be useful if so on a top 6 position to add balance. Boyle doesn’t belong on the top 6 anywhere. Moore was good. He wins offensive zone face offs so Richie & MSL can create offense once they own the puck in the attacking zone. Moore skates well enough to keep up. Try Fast in that 2nd line spot. On the off wing if need be to keep MSL comfortable. Fast always worked hard for the puck and had NHL skills already.

  3. TxRanger says:

    All I know is this guy is a beats for me on NHL 14. Even with like a 75 rating.

  4. Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

    It states on the AHL website that Fast is a righty shot. I thought he was a lefty. If he is a righty, he can add balance to the left heavy NYR lineup. Even without scoring big numbers like he’s been thriving in the Hartford team. AV likes Fast’s game. I would also rather Boyle play 4th line. He’s useless as a 2nd line player. Not great with the puck.

  5. FrankCerbone says:

    Fast is an NHL player at some point, if he can put on like 20 lbs. At 5-11, he needs to get to about 185 lbs.

    Fast, skates, scores, playmakes, a finisher, backchecks, defensively sound, does everything well—-not a fighter.

    Fast discovered by the same scout Crister Rockstrom that discovered Lundquist, Hagelin.

    Interesting, Rockstrom discovered Ranger defenseman Diaz while he’s been scouting for Montreal.

    Rockstrom, a really talented scout who finds gems in the late rounds, but HE’S MADE GORDIE CLARK LOOK LIKE A FOOL, AND SO SATHER DUMPED BACKSTROM AND KEPT HIS BOSTON HOMEBOY.

    • Spozo says:

      I just don’t know why Sather doesn’t hire you to replace Gordie Clake.

      • FrankCerbone says:

        I’m 67 going on 68, too late to be director of player personnel or head scout for Rangers.

        I’ve always been real good at identifying talent and recruiting them to my former employers Citibank, NA & Ford Motor Credit.

        Outperforming a guy like Gordie Clark would be the easiest job I had ever undertaken.

        Contrary to what Clark does, I would be on a plane EVERY week scouting out our current prospects, European, Canadien, & American prospects as well. I would establish professional relationships with other team’s head scouts and get their feedback as well.

        Wasn’t it a couple of years ago Clark was saying what a great prospect Tim Erixon was and worth two #2 picks? Tim Erixon no less. What a joke both Erixon and Gordie Clark are.

        Gordie Clark who came over from the Islanders after he was canned and talked Sather into trashing Don Maloney’s suggested pick Parise and replace him with Jessiman.

        On the worst day of my life, I could have put a lazy guy like Clark to shame.

        NEVER EVER HEAR A STORY ABOUT A GORDIE CLARK GOING TO SAY RUSSIA AND PERSONALLY SCOUT OUT A CHEREPANOV OR A DEL ZOTTO AND FIND OUT LATER WHY NO TEAMS WOULD TOUCH DEL ZOTTO OR CHEREPANOV JUST BEFORE THE DRAFT. Cannot believe Del Zottos partner John Carlson was not picked by Rangers. But then again when you draft based on rankings and not on watching people ACTUALLY play you miss guys like Carlson & Boone Jenner.

    • AD says:

      Fastis 6′-0″ and, at beginning of season, was listed at 185lbs. I’ve seen reports from some who monitor Hartford very closely that state he is closer to 200lbs today.

      When he played earlier in the seaon, he looked like a small, frail player to me as well, though. I was surprised to see him reported at 6′-0″ and 200lbs.

      • FrankCerbone says:

        NY Daily News and other reporting agencies had Ryan Haggerty at 6-0, 200. During the MSG interview Haggerty appeared to be MUCH smaller & thinner then the Rangers interviewer. Haggerty has been thru 2 other NHL summer camps and was always labeled lacking both size & strength for a 3rd liner. Yahoo now has him at 6-0, 185. If Haggerty had a reasonable skill set some NHL team would have drafted him at least in the 7th rd in the last 3 drafts.

        Both Carcillo and Dorsett were always reported at 5-11, 190. They come to the Rangers and they are instantly 6-0, 200. Asham is bigger than both Dorsett & Carcillo and Asham is only 5-11, 200.
        And I have personally met Asham before a game & got his autograph.

        • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

          Asham is also a few mins from 40 years old. I was waiting for a good hit to turn Asham into a pile of dirt. His hockey days in the NHL are over. NY was his final chance in the NHL. I wished he’d be successful. In fact I thought he was the right guy to have there since he always had that quick wicked wrist shot.

  6. Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

    What about Oscar Lindberg? His 2 way skills have been looked at as maybe becoming a future Bergeron. He plays well in his own end (tho in North America he needed some work). He works well in the Faceoff circle which is what NY can use on the top 6 especially. The Rangers top 6 is at a 42% clip in the dots. He can also score some goals. I’d try him on Richards line who plays better on the wing. I hope Fast makes a difference.