Boomer ramps up Callahan trade discussion

February 24, 2014, by
Courtesy of NYR Zone

Courtesy of NYR Zone

In case you missed it, Boomer Esiason sent Twitter into a craze over the weekend when he posted a series of tweets alluding that Ryan Callahan will be traded before the deadline. What started as a more casual conversation with ambiguous thoughts and ‘gut feelings’ turned in to something much more.

By the time he was done responding to fans he had crossed out potential trade partners as well as specific trade candidates. In other words, he’s claiming to know something. This whole thing was basically positioned as something where both parties already agree upon the framework of a deal. For all of his tweets, click here.

Now I know some of you may ask, how would a former NFL QB get inside scope on the Rangers? It’s a fair question and the answer doesn’t seem obvious, at least not at first.

However, this isn’t the first time Boomer has thrown his hat into the rumor mill. He’s done so before with some success. Plus he probably has some well-placed sources at MSG likely due to his connections through the various TV shows he has hosted on MSG Network, as well as the Boomer and Carton simulcast, which ran on MSG for three years.

Though I should note Boomer’s comments were contested by TSN’s Bob Mckenzie because you know, TSN ‘insiders’ have to take credit for everything.

Of course, this story shouldn’t be about the validity of Boomer’s comments. Ultimately this is about Callahan.  Nevertheless, before Cally fans go into a panic or the pro-trading Cally crowd throws a parade, let’s take a step back and look at this a few different ways.

Negotiation Tactic?

Last month when I first spoke about the possibility of the Rangers trading Callahan, I said that actual trade discussions are rarely leaked by accident, especially when it comes to the Rangers. The few that are leaked are often done so purposely. This way management can get a sense of what the asset could command on the marketplace. Perhaps this is what we’re seeing here.

Picking Boomer to deliver the message makes sense. Thanks to CBS Sports picking up the simulcast for the Boomer and Carton show, he now has a national audience. If Cally is serious about wanting to stay a Ranger, maybe this news forces his agent to pick up the phone.

Breaking bad news in small doses?

If Sather learned anything from the Brian Leetch trade blowback, it was that fans were caught off guard, which only made things worse. No one at the time thought Leetch would actually be moved. At least no one was reporting on it.

If Sather is serious about trading Callahan, it’s probably better that he keeps leaking what’s going on with the discussions so avid Cally fans won’t be too shocked. Anger but not surprised is always better than angry and shocked.

Who could be coming the other way?

Boomer wouldn’t go as far to say who the Rangers will be trading for, but if I had to put my money on it, I would bet on Martin St. Louis. Just like the source of the rumor, this trade doesn’t seem like the obvious choice. Again though, once you peel back the layers, it starts to make sense.

St. Louis, who has a NMC, has been in trade rumors ever since Yzerman arrived. He was even linked to the Rangers last year due to the whole Tortorella/Richards connection. Torts is obviously gone, but reuniting Richards with St. Louis in AV’s trap and transition system for at least this postseason probably could pay off in the short-term.

Long-term it does not make much sense to be trading for a 38 year old, but this is Sather we’re talking about and even he has admitted the Rangers are in win-now mode. I know the immediate question is, why on earth would Tampa trade one of their top players now? After all, they are in 3rd place in the Eastern Conference and St. Louis is cost controlled through next season.

Perhaps Callys agent has already spoken with Yzerman about an extension thus removing the ‘rental’ tag. Losing Marty would be a tough pill to swallow for Bolts fans. However, they could lose him a year from now for nothing anyway and perhaps Marty hasn’t given any indication that he would like to stay.

Getting Cally in return doesn’t hurt their chances at making a run either. If anything, it strengthens their team defense, which has been one of Tampa’s biggest flaws in recent seasons.

The biggest negative would be the PR blowback. However, maybe trading a captain for a captain lessens that blow. If not, look at it this way, at least Rangers and Bolts fans can be angry together!

In all serious, I don’t know for certain if this is just a negotiating tactic or if Sather is really planning to make a move. At the end of the day, we can only analyze what is put in front of us and right now it seems this organization does not value Callahan as highly as it once did.

Besides, if Sather was really interested in keeping Callahan, there would have been more actual contract discussions (i.e. counter offers) and less public flogging (i.e. leaking the process to the media) from the get go.


  1. Sally says:

    I’m a huge Callahan fan and I’m worn down by all of this talk. I know they are professionals, but this has to wear on the team.

    • The Suit says:

      Agree, which makes me think he’s a goner.

      • Dave says:

        I still think they work out a deal. Can’t see them trading their captain unless it’s for a win-now return. Also don’t see Cally for MSL as a straight up swap being enticing for TBL.

    • Dave says:

      I promised myself I wouldn’t post on this topic anymore.

    • amy herman says:

      we have known cally since he came up and he has grown up before our eyes. let’s be honest i don’t want to see him go. but the money he is asking for he will not get. if he goes down maybe he will stay something will happen before 3/5

      • Dave says:

        I think it’s just negotiating tactics. Leaking things to the press is a good tactic, PR is working against Cally right now.

  2. Chris F says:

    I think I will boycott the team if they trade Callahan for St. Louis.

    This would be the pinnacle of terrible trades. St. Louis is a career Tampa player. Does anyone think the 38 year old, graying midget is going to skate onto Broadway and actually play with any heart? I don’t know, but there is only one slot for a hobbit, and that slot ‘ s taken by Zucc.

    Please, no deal!

    • GRITCHART says:

      Yeah, boo that guy that is kind of small but one of the leagues most dominant offensive forces.

      Why would we want the reigning Art Ross winner and the league’s 5th leading scorer the last 3 seasons when we can have intangibles like that killer USA team?

      • Chris F says:

        First of all, he’s not “kind of small.” He’s a midget.

        Second of all, no one is questioning the guy’s illustrious against – all – odds career.

        With that said, the answer to Boston’s size is… Martin St. Louis?

        I don’t care if MSL comes to NY and pots 15 goals to close out the season. He is not getting us past Boston in the playoffs. If Callahan gets traded, the return has to be a power forward.


        • GRITCHART says:

          You’re not beating the Bruins by being more physical. They play that game better than anyone.

          Nor is one guy like Chris Stewart suddenly changing the landscape of toughness between NYR and BOS.

          The way to beat the Bruins is with speed and skill. Just look at their W-L this year. Teams that go in trying to trade punches lose, and often. Teams that go in and outskate them have considerably more success.

    • Walt says:

      We are on the same page here!!

      I love Callie, but if he won’t bend in his negtiations, he will be gone, that is Sather’s style. I’m not going to get too excited over this, if it happends then it happends. If Callie really wants to stay, he will make concessions.

      The name St Louis makes no sense to me. Is that all Callie is worth?? Are we all fools to think he would return much more than that?? If he is to be traded, go for Stewart, signed for a few years, younger, and tougher. Now that deal would make sense!!

      • RangerSmurf says:

        Much more than what? A top 10ish offensive player and lock HOF player? I get that he’s old, but we’re talking about one of the leagues best players here.

        The question isn’t should we expect more? It’s how on earth is Cally enough to get it done?

        • Dave says:

          Yea, this deal makes no sense from TBL’s standpoint unless MSL specifically requested them to waive his NMC.

        • Walt says:

          Everyone was saying how much we were going to get for Callie in a trade. My question is why go for this deal in the first place? That would be a rental, smurf, no insult intended, who isn’t going to stay here, so why not try for a younger, bigger guy, who is signed for a few years?? I don’t care about his career, Marty is over the hill, and we want to get younger, not go for re-treads!!

          • Chris A says:

            Walt, what’s your definition of Over the Hill?

            St. Louis is scoring almost a point per game (56 pts in 58 games) and has played almost 3/4ths of the season without Stamkos in the lineup.

            He’s also signed for a reasonable cap hit through next season.

            MSL is far from over the hill and the furthest thing from a retread.

            • Walt says:

              We have a very poor history of getting players well into their 30’s that come to NY, and then vacation for the duration of their contracts. Give me a hungry kid, over a 38 year old who will one day, not too far down the road, hit a brick wall, and stop producing. That is my definaition of over the hill!!

          • RangerSmurf says:

            How much a haul is a relative term. I don’t think anyone dreamed that one of the elite forwards in the league was an acceptable response. (As it turns out, it still doesn’t seem to be, unless we’re tacking on more value)

            MSL is not a ‘re-tread’ by any means. Since 2011, only Malkin, Tavares, Giroux, and Kessel have more points (by ppg, add Crosby-Stamkos, subtract Tavares)

            While younger and bigger would obviously be a good return, there’s no one that fits that description that is available and more productive than MSL will be the next 1.5 years.

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      This team would need to get bigger and grittier for the playoffs. Not add a 38 year old that may come here and just skate along game by game. If a trade for Callahan is made it’d better be for a young player with years left on a contract. I think this is all bull to begin with but only if Cally truly wants to stay on Broadway for the foreseeable future.

      • Dave says:

        What about MSL makes you think he would just “skate along game by game?” Have you ever watched him play? Dude doesn’t have an off switch.

        • Centerman21 says:

          I don’t rally think he’d just skate and do nothing. I’m sure he’d help offensively. Especially in Callys spot on the second line but he’s 38 years old. When is he gonna just not have it anymore? Could that be a reason he was an extra skater on team Canada? I have thought for about 3 years now he was gonna be too slow for the NHL. Year after year he’s proved me wrong but NYR luck it happens right after he comes to NY. Callahan to me is worth more to the Rangers in the long term than MSL would be. I can’t see him playing 2 more seasons and Cally would be in the Conference. I’d rather send him to Winnipeg for Evander Kane or Vancouver for a good player. Somewhere outside the division and Conference and far from his home in Rochester NY. Just to screw him for leaving us in a playoff race. I still think he’ll come to terms with Sather either now or they’ll be close enough that Sather wont trade him and they’ll work it out between now and the end of the season. Right now he hasn’t looked like a player looking for a big long term contract with 11 G and 24 points. If MSL was 8 years younger, I’d do this trade in a heartbeat but he’s closer to my retirement than an MVP season. With Hagelin And Zuccarello on the team Adding MSL would only make us smaller for the playoff push when the games get harder. I don’t know he’s the answer. Not for Callahan anyway

  3. AD says:

    I am not at all a fan of this team getting older but, given MSL’s $5.625mm contract that expires at the end of next season, along with his continuing elite performance, it would be a reasonable trade in my view.

    My main concern with the trade is it implies two things: first, Brad Richards will not be bought out, as he and MSL are close friends and Richards is probably a factor in any trade MSL would approve; and, second, it further illustrates that Sather is “going all-in” trying to win this year or next, when I don’t think this club has the horses to accomplish that. Choosing not to get younger and rebuild and going for the cup now will only hurt the club in future years. More of the same with Sather.

    • Dave says:

      I think they can definitely come out of the East, but the West is loaded with solid teams. At that point, you hope Hank can steal a series.

  4. Dave says:

    I don’t know how I’d feel about a Cally/MSL swap yet. Definitely a win now move.

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      Isn’t that what kind of team we have now. Plenty of playoff experience and a ton of expiring contracts this summer. Win now but I doubt MSL is the answer.

      • Dave says:

        There are a lot of expiring contracts but Girardi and Cally are the only two “core” contracts expiring as UFAs.

  5. Spozo says:

    I don’t get why Tampa would trade their captain and leading score who is locked up for another year for a rental who is not as good of a player, all while being in third place in the eastern conference??

    Does that make sense to anyone?

    • RangerSmurf says:

      It doesn’t make sense, but MSL has a NMC, so they may have limited options, potentially killing his trade value.

      Tampa also has the best farm system in the league, so they have the ability to make another move behind it if need be.

      Finally, they have Drouin waiting in the wings, so they could be looking at freeing up minutes for him now rather than waiting for the offseason, while still getting a guy who can play top 6 minutes and improves them a bit defensively.

      Still a big head-scratcher for TB, but there’s often more to these things than just G-A-P value.

      • paulronty says:

        Frankly, at his age I’m not for this trade. If Tampa has a great farm system then I’d rather get one elite prospect & another mid level one or draft pick than MSL.

        • Chris A says:

          You have to go for it at some point. MSL is a significant upgrade over Callahan while being a cap neutral deal. It also allows the Rangers to sign Girardi immediately.

          Love Cally, but Girardi is so much more important to this team than Cally.

          • Dave says:

            I think few people realize how important Girardi is. People get caught up in the captain thing, but in a vacuum Cally is certainly replaceable.

      • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

        Drouin is a LW and hasn’t played an NHL game yet. St Louis is a RW and a brilliant scorer. If this trade is being mulled over by both clubs it’s because TB expects Stamkos to return.

        • Dave says:

          Or because MSL requested a trade, and with his NMC, said New York to be closer to his family.

  6. JS says:

    Also, MSL makes his offseason home in CT, where his wife is from and her family still resides. Playing in NY would be a sort of homecoming.

  7. Chuck A says:

    Maybe this is MSL’s way of angling for a new contract, and we of Callahan have been duped!

    • Dave says:

      MSL is 38, has a year left on his deal, and has a NMC. I don’t think this is him wanting a new deal.

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      I doubt Callahan wants to go further from his hometown. This is go time with the deadline approaching quickly. Callahan is well worth 5-6 years $27.5 to $30 mil ($5.5 mil per). He may get a little closer to 6 mil but if I’m Sather I don’t cross that $6 mil line. He’s a great player but with 24 points and 29 goals his PR for a single season. Not a some more.
      What bothers me is if he signs that type of deal with another team. Showing he was planning on leaving. If that’s the case then beat your feet Cally and start walkin.

  8. AD says:

    If Callahan has indicated he would be open to signing with Tampa at his price, and St. Louis has stated he wants to leave Tampa for NY (due to personal reasons), then it begins to make a lot of sense.

  9. SalMerc says:

    Could this all be that Boomer has a close relationship with Slats and together they are using this twitter storm to drive Cally’s price down?

    • AD says:

      I suppose it could be and it certainly seems like rumours the Ragers have “blessed” but I doubt Callahan cares about what is in the press. He has an agent that can talk directly with Sather.

      I commend Callahan for being firm at his price. Sather doesn’t seem to have a problem meeting the asking price for players that have never worn a Rangers uniform (e.g., Drury, Gomez, Redden, Richards), why should the team captain who has given 100% every game of his Rangers career?

      Same for Girardi; if Sather wants these guys, let him meet the price other teams will surely pay. Otherwise, let’s begin rebuilding, sooner rather than later.

      • Jude says:

        Who cares what he has paid people in the past. Look at callys comparable a: Kessler brown Backes. Not one of them makes over 6 mil a year. I’d take any of the 3 before our captain. His demands are outrageous. Slather has no choice

        • AD says:

          Ifyou’ve been hitting every opponent in sight and throwing your body in front of pucks for the past five years, you might care what Sather has paid some of your teammates brought in from outside the organization. The fact Callahan’s agent referenced this publicly pretty much confirms it is an issue.

          Those other players and contracts were before the new cap and, frankly, I think Callahan just showed at the world’s highest level of competition he is at least on par with those players.

          Sather can meet Callahan’s price or trade him, and then overpay for some other free-agent. Callahan holds all the cards, in my view; have always thought that as long as he was willing to stay firm at his price.

          • Chris A says:

            Ryan Callahan is a 45 point per season player. Those players get paid in the $4.5M~$5.5M range on the Unrestricted Free Agent Market (unless your name is Clarkson).

            Anyone that gives Callahan more than that this summer is going to regret that deal immediately. Dustin Brown and Ryan Kessler are miles better than Callahan. The Kings and Canucks would never offer those players straight up for Callahan.

            I have been saying it over and over the past few months, any money Callahan loses now by staying a Ranger he will make up tenfold over his lifetime as the organization will essentially make him a Ranger for life right next to Adam Graves.

            • AD says:

              Miles better? Really? You take out Kesler’s two best years playing alongside the Sedin twins, and all three players are rather similar, especially comparing the past 160 games.

              Having said that, I do think those players are marginally better than Callahan; but definitely not miles apart.

              There is an underlying assumption that Callahan wants to remain in Manhattan. He is a country boy from upstate NY; no frills; no glamour. I think he would much rather play in Buffalo, personally, than New York City.

              He’ll get his price; it’s just a matter of which team pays it.

              I hope it isn’t the New York Rangers, though. I’d prefer draft picks and a rebuild under a new GM.

              • The Suit says:

                I think Cally is asking for $6M per year because Sather low balled him on term. Brown got an 8 year deal. Horton got a 7 year deal. Cally could probably get 7-8 on the open market, but Sather offered him 5. That’s why we are at where we are at.

              • Dave says:

                And that’s why I think he gets 6/$5.75m. Move a bit on term, come down a bit on price. There’s a deal to be had here.

      • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

        Why start rebuilding now? I can understand if this team has a great run through the rest of the regular season but falls flat against Boston or Tampa in the 1st or 2nd round. Then with all the expiring contracts and the $30 mil he will have to spend more if Richards is bought out. Then you can talk about a rebuild.
        This team is starting to look dangerous after a hot streak in January right up to the Olympic break. Sather built this team and I’m sure he wants one more shot at a cup with this group. Besides Sathers job is to keep butts in seats so he’s gonna sign More reddens and Drurys as he rebuilds. The Rangers can’t finish last 3 years in a row like Pitt or Chi. It’d take 5-7 years of mediocrity to complete a rebuild.

  10. Chris A says:

    This rumor helps explain why the Rangers didn’t bother to show up for that 5-0 loss in TB around Thanksgiving. They didn’t want to spoil the celebration for MSL’s 1000 NHL games.

    In all seriousness, if you have to trade Callahan, why not deal him for a point per game scorer. St. Louis slides into Zucc’s spot on Brass’ wing and Boyle gets the extra minutes he deserves and takes Callahan’s slot on the Richards line. If you don’t like Boyle on that line then you can call up JT Miller and throw him on Richards’ wing and scratch one of Dorsett/Carcillo each night.

  11. TxRanger says:

    I think if this is a serious trade, we gotta get someone else along with MSL. He’s just old, has so little time left in the league while Cally has a future beyond next year.

    • RangerSmurf says:

      If they’re trading Callahan, it’s because he has zero future with the Rangers beyond this season.

      So it’s 1.5 seasons of St. Louis (possibly more if he’ll play at 40) vs 0.5 seasons of Callahan. The rest of Cally’s career becomes irrelevant from a NYR perspective.

      • Dave says:

        I’m still of the belief that a competing team, one that is a legit threat to come out of the EC, doesn’t trade their captain.

        • Ray says:

          The potential Richards buyout is not a distraction because he is not the captain. The Girardi situation is not a distraction because he is not the captain. Callahan must be traded because he is the captain, not in spite of it.

          • Walt says:

            All the more reason Callie should sign a fair contract. He is getting greedy, and maybe he really doesn’t want to be in the Big Apple any more!! The ball is in his court, sh*t, or get off the pot!!!!!!!!

  12. Leatherneckinlv says:

    I am against a trade of Callahan for St Louis because of the age and not getting a first rounder for Callahan. I would prefer to sign him than trade for St Louis. Callahan if trade has to fetch a 1st rounder in the top 12 picks.

    • Chris A says:

      This makes no sense though. Why would a team outside of the playoffs (top 12 pick) trade a first round pick for a rental player?

      Getting MSL for Callahan is the best possible, realistic, return.

      • Leatherneckinlv says:

        Anaheim has a pick in the top 12 and Buffalo could be a great fit for Callahan…There are teams that can trade and sign him
        Edmonton needs veteran presence…not first round picks…just saying

        • Chris A says:

          If you were an Oilers fan and MacTavish traded the team’s first round pick for Callahan you would burn the arena to the ground. Veteran presence is a myth, just like being a “clutch player” or the importance of “chemistry” in a locker room. Good players make good teams and good teams win games.

          No one is giving a top twelve pick for Callahan.

          Although, Sather did land the best all around under 25 D man in the league for nothing, so I guess anything is possible.

  13. AD says:

    I think Sather may be in the most difficult spot as he has ever been as Rangers General Manager. He is trying to avoid a multi-year rebuilding program and enhance the team’s chances of winning the Stanley Cup this year, or next; all the while key players to that effort are near-term UFAs, forcing his hand toward a rebuild.

    • Chris A says:

      Not sure where all this rebuild stuff is coming from. Girardi is practically signed. The only player that might be moved is Callahan. Frankly, I love Cally and his grit and intensity and knack for scoring around the crease, but trading Callahan would not necessitate a rebuild, especially if you somehow manage to get one of the NHL’s top scorers in return, MSL.

      The Rangers ARE rebuilt. Look at the youth on the team and the youth trying to force their way into the lineup. The Rangers have only three players north of 31 on the roster. Richards, D. Moore and Hank and two of them are likely gone after this season. They really cannot get any younger as a team.

      • AD says:

        Fair point, rebuild may be too aggressive a term. But Richards, Callahan, Nash and Girardi are all key players who are either on the decline or fast approaching that point in their career. Over time, I’d prefer to parlay each of these players or their salaries (i.e., Richards buyout) into draft picks and/or younger players. That’s what I meant by “rebuild.” Start with Callahan and Girardi; then buyout Richards and within two seasons trade Nash.

  14. paulronty says:

    Seriously, I can’t believe that Cally & his agent are being this irrational. It’s up to him & it seems like being a Ranger is not as important to him as his ego is. 7 mil is outrageous. Mac is Norris material at 4.7 and he did it quickly.

    • Chris A says:

      MacDonagh had zero leverage in his negotiations, it is unfair to compare the two. If MacDonagh was one year away from unrestricted free agency he would have been signed for Hank money.

    • Dave says:

      RFA vs UFA. D vs F. Apples and oranges my friend.

  15. Ray says:

    Callahan provides a lot of intangibles. Intangibles are hard to value. The result is that somebody is going to pay way too much for him. With his starting position, Callahan has sent the message that he is going to get all he can. I classify him as a “must not sign” player. However, it is not unreasonable that one of those teams that will overpay is playoff bound and why not TB.

  16. Jude says:

    I just don’t understand how this is really being debated. Are we Ryan Callahan fans or are we New York Ranger fans. I love our captain but he is worth 6
    Mil never mind almost 7. Say all you want about heart and and hustle and lying your body on the line. I get it and I see it. But David Backes Dustin Brown and Ryan Kessler are his most comparable players. All 3 play the same game cally does. All 3 do it better and only one makes as high a $6mil. Plus all 3 produce much better, and the Olympics proved he isn’t as valuable as them. I love the guy but come back to reality of see ya !!

    • The Suit says:

      It’s not about annual salary, it’s about the worth of the entire contact.

      Brown’s deal was the most recent of those three and was for $47 million. Callahan can probably get around the same, maybe less. Call it $37-40 million. You spread that over 7 years and you’re around $5.2-5.7 million. That’s not an unrealistic deal if team salary caps are 80M+.

      • Dave says:

        The only problem is that Cally at 34-38 scares the living crap out of me. By far my favorite Ranger, but his skill set doesn’t age well.

  17. Chris F says:

    Where is everyone getting this $7 million demand from?

    Callahan asked for $6 million and 7 years.

    That’s high. But not irrationally high as a first step in a negotiation.

    This is all crazy. We haven’t heard any information about a counter offer. Seems to me, that should what riles everyone up. Why hasn’t Sather given a fair counter offer?

  18. Chris F says:

    Brooks (yes, I know…) reports that Tampa will not trade St Louis for Callahan without a pick / prospect / young NHL ready player in the mix.

    If true, there goes that theory.

    Trading Callahan would only be out of necessity due to contract negotiation break-down. The idea is to get something back to build on. Giving up picks/prospects along with Cally flies in the face of that reasoning.

    No deal is going down with Tampa if their rumored (and logical) demands are true.

    • Chris A says:

      I will say this, TB is in dire need of cap relief. They have lots of RFAs this summer. It’s possible that they are looking to open up cap space for next year and maybe they never intended to re-sign Callahan if they trade for him.

      It could be that MSL is unhappy and requested a trade so TB kills two birds with one stone here.

      Just a theory

  19. Chris F says:

    Marc Staal has missed 3 straight practices per NY Daily News.

    Any ideas behind why this is?

  20. pavel_burrito says:

    A lot is being made of Cally’s style of play. He hits, competes, bleeds, etc. I completely agree. What I don’t agree is that this should bring in a higher salary.

    His style of play is what got him to the NHL. If his strength would have been passing, he would be a play maker. Or a sniper. Or a face off specialist, etc.

    Different strength fill difference niches and fall into salary strata. For forwards, $6 and above is for goal scorers/superstars that fill arenas in away games. Cally is not being low balled by Sather, but is offered a high end priced tag for the kind of game he plays.

    • Dave says:

      His style of play doesn’t age well for a player his size, which is the concern most people have.

      • pavel_burrito says:

        I agree, Dave. I meant that he shouldn’t get above 6 mil, because that’s too high for the game he plays.

        And that’s not even counting the rapid aging due to injuries

  21. Chuck A says:

    82 comments on this? The Olympics are SO over

  22. rc says:

    The only way you would consider trading your captain, at this point in the season, is for another captain.

  23. sheldon says:

    Cally to Edm. for Yaks = leadership
    Cally to Anh. for Jakob Silverburg= Anh going for it all and in win mode
    Cally and a pick to Van. for Kessler = history with Torts ,all those make sense for every team
    And finally Nash to Toronto for JVR,Gardiner and Kulimin = we get younger and they get a superstar