Oshie the hero for Team USA; Sweden clinches Group C

February 15, 2014, by

T.J. Oshie of the St. Louis Blues was the hero for Team USA this morning, scoring four times in six shootout chances (James van Riemsdyk and Joe Pavelski missed their chances) to propel the USA to a 3-2 shootout win over Russia. The win gives the US a big edge over Russia, and would clinch first place in Group A with a win over Slovenia tomorrow morning at 7:30am. Rangers Ryan Callahan (13:51 TOI) and Ryan McDonagh (23:39 TOI) were held off the scoreboard, but played huge defensive roles in a very strong effort.

At noon, Sweden clinched first place in Group C with a 5-3 win over Latvia. Carl Hagelin played just 3:46 in the contest. Henrik Lundqvist made 20 saves.

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  1. PAL says:

    I was a teenager in 1980. The US amateurs beating the Russians was incredible. Are the Professional Olympics over yet? Uggh. Although I do miss the USSR beating countries like Luxembourg 35-0.

    • VinceR says:

      Well then, sounds like you missed an amazing hockey game yesterday.

      • PAL says:

        I did miss it, I was working.
        The game wasn’t even decided by a “team” shootout, just their experts against our expert. They may as well have decided the game based on who can do the fasted suicide sprints.

        • PAL says:

          Oh by the way, lady and gentlemen of BSB, your work in trying to give us salivating Ranger fans a reason to pay attention everyday is much appreciated. I check in every morning, even if my only concern is that none of the Rangers pull a “Jagr”, and injure themselves in the pointless Olympics. Danke shchoen.

  2. supermaz says:

    Deciding that game in a shootout is embarrassing to true hockey fans everywhere.
    The media gushing about it is disgusting.

  3. Walt says:

    I just hope that the medal round doesn’t end up like this. They should play until someone scores, like for the Cup, and then declair a winner!!

  4. JoeS. says:

    I understand countries wanting their most elite athletes on the ice, after all, that’s what the Russians did all those years ago, which was why they were so dominant. My problem concerns the interruption of the NHL season, the momentum changes, and possible injuries to teams star players. It can easily change a teams season. I say, play Ice Hockey during the summer olympics, or do not send NHL players! While I enjoyed the game yesterday, I held my breath every time McDonagh blocked a shot, or Cally went into a corner. I find myself nervous more for “The King” not to get run into, than for my team to score in a close game. It is just not as fun as it should be. No other major sport would consider shutting down in the middle of their season. I really don’t believe they are gathering a bigger fan base by doing so.