Rangers win third in a row with win over Fishsticks

February 1, 2014, by
Photo by Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images

Photo by Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images

Apologies for two things on this breakdown. First, the tardiness. Second, my DVR (seriously, I need a new one) didn’t record the full game due to the Sam Rosen ceremony. I set the DVR to record until an hour after the game, but it didn’t. I only got the first three goals, so the last Ranger goal –not including the empty netter– didn’t record.

Anyway, the Rangers ended January with a 4-1 win over the Isles, capping a 10-4-1 January that catapulted them into second place in the Metropolitan Division. Henrik Lundqvist was brilliant, stopping 38 shots and really keeping the Rangers in the game until they generated enough offense to pull away. The scoring was balanced, with three different lines and a defenseman getting the goals and nine different Rangers registering points. It was a game that the Rangers needed to whether the second period storm that came from the Isles, but they did and came away with the two points.

On to the goals:

Rangers 1, Islanders 0


The fourth line created this goal with a solid cycle and board work. It was started when Dan Carcillo beat the defense to Dominic Moore’s dump in. The puck eventually worked to Marc Staal at the point while Brian Boyle cut to the front of the net. Staal’s shot was sent wide purposely, and Boyle provided a perfect deflection to beat Evgeni Nabokov.

Isles 1, Rangers 1


The Rangers ran into a very good Isles powerplay that did not allow Staal or Dan Girardi to get off the ice for the full two minutes. Naturally the pair was dead tired when the penalty to Ryan McDonagh expired. The Isles kept working, and neither Girardi nor Dom Moore could get to Kyle Okposo on the door step after Calvin de Haan’s shot.

Rangers 2, Isles 1

With both sides at four skaters a piece, Mats Zuccarello gained the zone and drew two Isles to him before dishing the biscuit to Staal across the ice. Staal found Derick Brassard on the weak side face off dot. Neither Cal Clutterbuck nor Frans Nielsen could get to the wide open Brassard, who beat Nabokov for the eventual game winner.

Brad Richards gave the Rangers a cushion later in the third, and McDonagh collected the empty netter with one second remaining. Again, sorry about the DVR issues.

This win gave the Rangers their third three game win streak of the month. It also gave them a 10-4-1 record in January and a 14-5-1 record in their last 20 games. You can say it’s a streak if you want, but the Rangers have taken 72.5% of possible points in their last 20 games. We knew the Rangers wouldn’t be terrible all season, and it’s good to finally see everything clicking. They have three games remaining before the Olympic break.

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  1. Todd says:

    On another topic, Hypothetically, if the Rangers trade Cally, who takes over as Captain?

    • RangerGrl says:

      I vote for Marc Staal.

    • Bill says:

      id love to see Mac wear a letter…A or C. how about this, if cally traded and richy bought out, who get our letters? Personally, im all for staal or mac wearin the C, the other an A. who gets the third A? buddy said girardi but cant have 3 D guys IMO. stepan? nash? zuc?

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      Just as much as he means to the team on the ice. That is another large reason not to trade Callahan. Richards days in NY are numbered. Staal may not be here after next season. Are gonna have a raffle for captain and the 2 “A” that are worn. I would love to have Stewart on our 2nd or 3rd line but not for Callahan. The Rangers would need a whole new leadership group. I wish they’d just sign him now. I don’t care if Cally is on the 4th line. He is too important to this team. He does what the best defensive forwards do and has 30 goal potential. Suit mentioned that over a given amount of time, Cally has played 87% of Ranger games. The injury thing holds no weight.
      I would trade Staal and a kid for him. The Blues want out of his contract. Other teams will be in on him but I’d like to have him in NY for the playoff run! A Lucic type. Cap geek says the Rangers will have 8 mil in cap space at the deadline. 4mil fits even if the Blue don’t take back Salary. Stewart also has 25-30 goal potential.

      • ken jacobs says:

        Cally is a Ranger. He represents the best of us. I know I’m not talking like front office, but only as a fan. A fan of Mickey Mantle always being a Yankee, and Jeter, Mays was a Giant ( I know, not always) Williams a Red Sox, Kaline a Tiger and You Know What I Mean. I can go on and on. I like to identify with a player and a team. Cally is Captain. This team has 4 clicking lines and playing together for a year or two could give us THE CUP. But suppose it doesn’t. So what. It’s not only about winning you know. I like watching these guys and their effort (almost) every night. Anyway, that’s my rant. I love this blog and the intelligent analysis by all.

      • Doug Peters says:

        Stout defense, strong centermen, & good goaltending wins!

        No way to give up on Staal! Have you been watching closely of his recent play. Besides Cally has more market value than Staal with his head problems. 7 years @ $6M is TOO much for Cally. $5.5 for 5 years is still pushing it. I am sure Slats can do better than Stewart. How about Cally for Vanek straightup?

      • Gary says:

        Act like a male not a gaf

    • TxRanger says:

      I’d go with Nash. For one, he was the captain in Columbus, so he has the experience, and two, for how much the team is counting on him to lead them, why not make him the leader.

    • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

      Who takes over as Captain. Who gets the A? Richards is likely gone at seasons end. Staal has 1 year left. Moving Callahan could have serious implications on the future of this teams future.

  2. Ray V says:

    Dave – get NHL Gamecenter Live and never worry about DVR again =) I had to get it since I cant get MSG on the small island I live in Hawaii and the crappy local cable does not offer the CenterIce package. I miss 2 things since I left NY, MSG 24 hours a day and good pizza.

    • wwpd says:

      the clips on nhl.com seem to be getting longer, more often now starting before or as the play develops. not a bad alternative if you just need to catch a couple of missed goals

  3. Leatherneckinlv says:

    These last 3 games were a display of killer instinct. 3-0 4 point games with none given to the opposition. That was awesome

  4. Bloomer says:

    I am not surprised to see the Rangers offence clicking as they proved they have the talent when they went on a run after the Gaboriuk trade last year. They have more depth this year on defence and Lundquist is playing better. Sather doesn’t have to trade Callahan, he has until July 1st to sign him. If they can’t come to terms then that 6 million plus that Ryan demands, can be used to sign a free agent to replace him. All is good in Ranger land, the team is on a roll, go with it.

    • Jackson says:

      Do you have a UFA in mind?

      • Bloomer says:

        One player I like other then the obvious Stastny, Moulson and Vanek is Dave Bolland. There will be others like Vrbata, Grabovski, Michalek and Hemsky. Cally is a good hockey player, but he is not a game changer. The Rangers still need a dman to run their powerplay they could consider Dan Boyle or Markov. When you have cap space you have options, but when you are tight against the cap your choices are limited. If Cally wants to freeze his ass off and play for a bottom feeder team like Buffalo then let him go, there is lots of fish in the sea.

        • Walt says:

          I hate to break the news to you, but the list is made up of retreads, except Stastny, and Moulson. Haven’t we learned from our past, we don’t get ready for retirement type players to wear our jersey. I’m sorry, but I hate the thought of going back to the good old bad days of Lindros, Druery, and all the rest of the people they brought in for a big pay check, and zero effert!!!!! Bring in young guys, like a Stewart, or trade for a PP specalist, but Boyle is too old.

  5. Joestradamus says:

    It is going to be interesting what happens when Dorsett comes back. Carcillo has been playing well but maybe Dom Moore gets the press box?

    • RyanK says:

      I can’t see a situation where Dom sits. He’s the driving force on that line and an ace penalty killer. Add in the fact that he’s a vet presence who came back to play at this level after everything he’s been through and it makes it nearly impossible to scratch the guy. I think Dorsett will be in the press box until (if) the 4th line stops clicking like it has been.

      • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

        I agree. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it but Carcillo is a LW playing on the right. I’d like to sit Boyle and put Carcillo back on his left side and Dorsett on the right with Moore in the Center. As much as I like all the things Boyle does, Moore and his speed are better suited for this system. He does all the things Boyle does as well. Sather said he took calls on Boyle during the preseason. So trade him for a draft pick. Maybe a 3rd or 4th round pick should suffice for Boiler. I love the guy but the team is most important. Carcillo-Moore-Dorsett is a quick 4th line that can do it all. Forecheck, fight, hit everything, and chip in on offense a bit. I like the ring that line has. If Sather can pry Stewart out of St Louis without losing a roster player. The Rangers have size, speed & some real gritty toughness. They will need it against the tougher Atlantic division teams. Even the Metro teams will be tight checking nasty games if such a matchup should occur.

    • Leatherneckinlv says:

      Dominic Moore is playing great as well. Only Hagelin is not producing as expected but even he is playing great. Team is in sync. Tough for Dorsett to crack the line up right now.

  6. Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

    Yeah and Dave for 1 thing I had a problem like the one you’re having 1 time and the provider told be to delete some of the stuff I had saved on it. The other thing is Verizon sucks. No matter how many boxes you have. You can only DVR 2 shows at a time and occasionally 1 doesn’t finish. Get cable if you don’t already have it. You can DVR 2 shows per box. I used to have 6-8 shows copying per night on my 4 boxes. It’s much more user friendly. They shut you off the day after the bill is due but other than that they beat Verizon any day of the week. Just a thought.

    • Rob says:

      Intangibles of character are great if you have at least an acceptable level of tangibles.
      Callahan -bad speed, bad ice vision, bad shooter, good grinder, bad size, mediocre around the offense net (good instincts but gets boxed out due to size if the opposition decides to check tightly)

      BTW – this describes Dubinsky as well. Rangers were fooled into thinking Cally was a great player because Torts loved the shot blocking so Cally got a ton if time with the skill players. In the playoffs he is non-existent because the tight checking takes away his game in front of the net.

      Trade him for a size guy live Stewart or a speed guy like Gaborik. Either would do well with AV.

      AV clearly only likes Cally’s D

      As for Richards, no team will buyout their leading scorer. You bloggers a delusional to think that is even a possibility. The guy has top 10 ice awareness in the league. Now that he is not on the 1st line since AV gives equal weight to the top 3 lines, Richards will thrive for the duration of the contract.

      Commentators want to compare Richards to Drury. That is wrong. Richards actually has skill not finese. Finese and value of character decline as the years pass.

      Callahan will fall off a cliff in the next 24 months or sooner in value to a team.

      Please trade Cally. Please do not amnesty Richards.

      • "The Original" Rob says:

        Yeah, you lost me when you said Cally will fall off a cliff. Although, I will agree with you on how Richy’s worth gets overlooked by many.

      • HARLEMBLUES says:

        I wouldn’t overpay for Cally,but you go to far with fall off the cliff.Then you come back with BR WILL thrive.BR buyout.Superstar money not superstar.The Rangers wouldn’t win a cup with BR centering the 3rd line.Pay superstar money to SUPERSTARS ONLY.For the good of the sweather.

      • Craig says:

        I am in agreement with your post, although I don’t see Cally as bad a player as you portray him to be. Callihan is a great team player that does a lot but not worth the money he is looking for. A long term contract at this point in his career and his style of play is totally insane. He is a 25 goal scorer if healthy,a good penalty killer and a real spark plug. I have always loved his heart and hustle but the Callihan era is officially over. Time to move on. If they could get Stuart for him (maybe the Blues will also throw in a draft choice), definitely go for it. Stuart is a big tough 230 lb power forward guy who can score (you think the Rangers can use that?). He is only 26 and will add toughness and grit. He will thrive in NY and add at least 20-25 goals a year. He will not back down from anybody and the bigger teams will not be so quick to try to intimidate the Rangers with him in the lineup. Cally has been one of my favorite Rangers for years but I believe him leaving and us getting Stuart will work out in the long run and be a blessing in disguise.

      • Puck Luck @Centerman21 says:

        I agree about Richards. He had 1 bad year last year being at all the CBA meetings instead of training or playing overseas. The guy they pickup to replace him will cost just as much and won’t be 1/2 the player & leader Richards is. I agree he sees the ice as well as anyone in the NHL. When playing with the kind of confidence he is now, you can only try to contain him.
        I disagree on Callahan tho. He has 4-5 years of competitive hockey left in him. Under AV he doesn’t have to play like he did with Torts at the tiller. If he won’t accept a new deal to stay in NY, my whole opinion of him will change. He’s a Ranger. This team gave him a chance as rarely do late round draft picks. He can always get an option for another year in his contract if that’s the sticking point in negotiations.

  7. Walt says:


    He is undersized, and not as healthy as when he was younger, but to say he will fall off the cliff within the next 24 months is a bit harsh.

    I agree, we should try to get something of value for him, Stewart from the Blues, but I refuse to treat Callie as worn out old sneaker, ready for the scrap heap!!