Rangers recall Conor Allen in response to Anton Stralman’s injury

December 28, 2013, by

The Rangers have recalled defenseman Connor Allen in response to the injury to Anton Stralman last night. Allen, who had a very strong preseason, has a line of 5-8-13 in 29 games with the Hartford Wolf Pack this season. The loss of Stralman is a tough on the Rangers, who are short on right handed shots from the blue line.

The club is saying that the injury to Stralman is not serious, but the immediate recall of Allen signals that Stralman will likely be out for at least a game, possibly more. This recall probably kills two birds with one stone: Allen will serve as an injury replacement for a few games, and the Rangers will see what they have in the undrafted free agent that impressed in September.

For those wondering why Dylan McIlrath was not recalled, he reinjured his knee last week.


  1. Tiki Tim says:

    Going back to last thread:

    It was a simple question. Why “WTF”? She mentioned the other day on a Becky article about Prust, and my friend from Buff is in love with Prust and Dubinsky.

    Please don’t put any stock in anything Carp (Rick Carpiniello) says. The guy is as dumb as an ox. He’s one giant cliche and doesn’t believe in advanced stats.

    • Kenneth says:

      Carp has stated that fatigue does not affect the outcome of games because all players are fatigued. He also stated that focus is not a factor in individual success because all players remain focused throughout each game.

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:


  2. Kenneth says:

    They have been and will continue to be mediocre pretenders rather than perennial contenders.

  3. Sally says:

    They have not caught any breaks this season.

  4. Bloomer says:

    I would like to see Conner Allen get some minutes. I was impressed by his play in preseason and he has had a chance to get some games under his belt in the AHL. Another option was Bickle who with some ice time down on the farm perhaps has had a chance to improve on some of his weakness in his game. He is a right hander who does stick up for his teammates and would add some needed toughness on the backline.

    • AD says:

      I don’t think Bickel will play for the Rangers, ever again. Not under this coach, in particular, and it is probably the right decision too if it turns out this way.

      Allen may be more defensively responsible than possibly all of Del Zotto, Moore & Falk; I think we could be very surprised here.

      • Chris F says:

        Why would Bickle not play for this coach?

        I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Bickle again, if he were up for the challenge, as I think the kid has potential to be a solid third pair guy.

        • AD says:

          What I meant is the Rangers have had a long, hard look at Bickel, and I don’t think they he is anything more than an AHL player. Av, in particular, values skating from his defenseman very highly, making a call-up of Bickel that much more unlikely.

          I just don’t see him moving up the depth chart and getting another shot with the Rangers.

          • Mark says:

            Well you might be right about AV..But how is all that skating and no hitting working out for him?

      • Centerman21 says:

        I wouldn’t want Bickel playing defense but as a 4th line forward he adds grit, size and toughness to the bottom checking line. The only checking line under AV.
        As far as Allen, I think you’re going to be dissapointed when the player hits the ice. He’s solid but will eventually make mistakes like any other rookie. Faulk has played well the last few games.
        IMO this team needs a mobile defenseman that can bring the puck up ice with ease and back off the opps neutral zone coverage/trap.

  5. paulronty says:

    Same old story with every loss–“we didn’t get the job done,” Why??? As much as I like the Talbot story Hank should have been in there last night. With almost half a season gone, I become less & less enamored with AV even though I want him desperately to prove me wrong because he was my last choice to coach the team.

    • Centerman21 says:

      I agree. Same story every time. The Rangers hold the F% each game and still lose 1/2 the time. That tells me a scorer is needed on the top 6. A shooter on the Right side. The lines are too lefty heavy and therefor too predictable. Add a Yakapov or some top 9 help. Smith (Ott) and Stempniak (cal) should help balance this team out a bit and give the top 2 lines some room to operate.
      A note on Nash. For some reason he turns his back to the net when entering the zone every time. Maybe it’s the concussion still effecting him but it’s making him less effective when he won’t go to the net directly. I hope it’s just a confidence thing.

  6. Frank Cerbone says:

    Conor Allen is the same guy who as an undrafted UFA attended 2 Washington Capitals training camps without being signed. Allen couldn’t beat out Carlson or Gree….the same guys Gordie Clark passed on in the draft. Allen has really struggled up in Hartford with a minus 8. MDZ played 24 min last nite, rarely misses a gm to injury, and was a minus one last night because McDonough made a bone headed play. MDZ makes the same mistake & MDZ gets crucified. How many times this season MDZ is a minus player because Staal made bone headed plays. Stralman, by the way, an UFA has played 70 gms on an NHL season only once. MDZ, Girardi, & McDonough play hurt & rarely miss a gm. Keeping MDZ on the left size has caused him to have increased ice time the last 2 weeks. Hagelin, missing like 10 gms to injury has like 9 goals, and has played very well defensively this season. Vigneault needs to pick on the guys making money. Nash, Lundquist, Staal, & Callahan have not played well or have missed significant time this season. Stop punishing guys that actually show up for a gm. 6-5, 225 lb Nash has like 3 hits this season…..Gimme a break.

    • Mark says:

      Great post… Although i think Callahan makes the effort every time he is out there (probably why he keeps getting hurt). MDZ gets the blame too much, he just needs to stay calmer with the puck and not rush everything so much..

  7. Centerman21 says:

    Matt Moulson would make a nice addition to this Rangers team. They need a guy that plays in front of the net. Kreider isn’t consistent enough and Pouliot will likely revert to his old self eventually. He’s also too inconsistent. I know there isn’t anyone running away with the division but that could change. Sather has to act soon. The framework of a great team is there but we just need a few key support players. An offensive D. A righty on the top Line. A righty and a gritty versitile Center on the 3rd line. Some size and forechecking ability on the 4th line. Guys with +F and Corsi numbers.

    • Mark says:

      I believe that Moulson is an UFA and while he does produce, i think they should go elsewhere. As far as Kreider goes, i have noticed that he gets the puck to players at the point quite often and they flub it or put a paltry wrist shot toward the net. if he were on Boston he would have 10 more points this season. If i were he, i would shoot more. Lastly, they have needed that offensive Dman for so long now that it is laughable. What a management team they have.

  8. Chris F says:

    Any information on the extent of McIlrath’s knee injury?

    • Mark says:

      Here’s a thought. He may not have been injured if he had not been sent down…

      • Chris F says:

        I don’t think that’s a fair assessment. He could have just as easily been injured when he was called up. It happens. No one is to blame.

        So… any word on the extent of the injury?

  9. Frank Cerbone says:

    Moulson like Girardi, hardly ever misses a gm,however Vigneault would bench Moulson fo not having a pilot’s lcense, etc..