Rangers manage a point, lose in shootout

December 19, 2013, by
Photo by Scott Levy/NHLI via Getty Images

Photo by Scott Levy/NHLI via Getty Images

There won’t be a goal breakdown this morning, a product of my travels to the middle of the state of Illinois. But the hotel bar was kind enough to put the game on for me, so I am at least able to provide some in-game thoughts. I miss bullet points, so I’m bringing them back for today.

  • They may not have won, but the Rangers again showed some great determination to come back from two down to at least get a point in this game.
  • The first Pens goal was a product of banging away at a loose puck in front. You can make an argument that the Rangers could have been more physical in front, but it’s tough to put blame on any mistake or defensive breakdown there.
  • Carl Hagelin sure does have some speed. He made everything happen when he tied it at one goal a piece in the second. He batted the puck out of the air, used his speed to gain room, and beat Marc Andre Fleury five hole.
  • I  don’t think there was a slash on the Pens second goal. It looked like Pascal Dupuis came down on Ryan McDonagh’s stick, but it didn’t break. McDonagh’s stick broke later, at the top half, when he played the body. I thought it was unrelated and unfortunate.
  • On the Brandon Sutter goal – Michael Del Zotto’s job is to force him to the outside there. I understand that the inside is Sutter’s backhand, but the defenseman’s job is to force to the outside. He did not do that. It was a bad play in an otherwise decent game for MDZ (64.4% CF$ with 40% O/D St%).

  • I feel like I have to follow up a negative for MDZ with a positive, so his play in overtime –where he took the body on the back door after Hank made his point-blank stop on Sidney Crosby– was the smart play, and a play only McDonagh makes on a consistent basis.
  • Do not discount how difficult that tying goal for Derick Brassard was. At that angle, a left-handed shot has a lot of trouble putting that top corner. A right-handed shot is easier there, just based off the angle. It was a great shot by Brass.
  • Interestingly enough, the Rangers had the Fenwick advantage in this game. You can view the chart here at Extra Skater. The Pens dominated the first, but the Rangers just kept chipping away, and it was their chipping and exploitation of the young Penguins defense that led to them tying the game. They didn’t win the 5v5 close battle (51.6%-48.4%) though.
  • I’ve never been a fan of the shootout. If they want this to continue, adjust point value for regulation wins.

A point is a point, but the fact that the Rangers trailed by two in the third against the best team in the East and they managed a point is a solid feat. We said this about their win against Calgary, but baby steps are required for this team to hit their stride again. This isn’t a baby step. This is a giant step. They erased a two-goal lead with less than ten minutes to play. That’s something to be happy about.

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  1. Mr. Snrub says:

    That first goal for the Pens, DMoore and MDZ get caught in no mans land rather than do their job in the diamond PK. Not only does MDZ fail to block the pass to Jokinen, but he them takes approximately a month and a half to get back and get a body or a stick on Kunitz.

  2. Walt says:

    It’s the third goal that got me. Not to start a war here with anyone, but is it my imagination or something? When Hank gives up a goal that may be a bit soft, he seems to let in a second goal within a minute or two of the first. When Sutter scored, that’s when I went to bed!!

    • @Centerman21 says:

      You missed a good game. Games like that are what build team confidence and unify a team as one. When Hank was hit by Kunitz. All 4 skaters went at him. Been a while since I’ve seen them do that. Really think this team is getting closer to each other. No goal against was soft Hank played well. I think they should’ve been able to beat them since they’re missing their D & Malkin/Neal but they fought back to earn a point. Something they could’ve done 10 X before

    • Dave says:

      Which goal are you thinking is soft?

    • Hatrick Swayze says:

      Walt, the only soft thing about that goal was MDZ letting Sutter cross him up like that. As a defenseman, giving him the inside like that is the absolute last thing you want to do. Inexcusable. That is all on MDZ.

      J Staal deferring a contract with the Pens in order to be traded to Carolina for Sutter and picks was a blessing in disguise for the Penguins in a hard cap league. He is a great value player. Would love Sutter in blue…

      • @Centerman21 says:

        Only in Pittsburg is that kid a checking (3rd) line center. Very good production for his cap hit. Points per million earned should be a stat and Sutter would be near the top.

  3. Bloomer says:

    Hags looked pretty good out there for a 4th. line player. MDZ guilty of giving away the lane on the Pesky Penguins’ goal, this has been a common occurrence with the Ranger defence all year.

    Alex Steen signs a 3 year deal for 5.8 per season. Would of been nice to pick him up as a free agent. Also gives one an ideal what Callahans’ market value is. Somehow I am thinking he is asking for much more then that though.

  4. phil says:

    really tough situation

    no dynamic scorers on team, even with a healthy cally ….cally is a second line winger, that ends up carrying this team

    #BurnItDown Move Nash for Big Buff! Buy Out Richards at end of Season! Trade for Nails from Edmonton #GetYounger


  5. phil says:

    bye bye DZ and Pyatt and Boyle…#ChangeNow #BurnItDown

    • dapowl says:

      why boyle???

      • Chris A says:

        Cause he doesn’t score da goalz and doesn’t start the fightz

        Anyone that has a problem with Boyle simply doesn’t under hockey. Every quality team needs grinders and penalty killers and faceoff specialists on its bottom two lines. Boyle manages to provide help with all three roles.

        • Hatrick Swayze says:

          spot on

        • Dave says:

          He does need to start contributing offensively at least. I’m a big Boyle fan, love what he does, but he need to chip in 15-20 points.

        • @Centerman21 says:

          So true and I’m a big fan of Boyle. I don’t think we need him & D Moore. Neither fits on the 3rd line and both on the 4th makes a soft bottom line.

      • RangerMom says:

        I think he won every face-off against Crosby last night, many in the D zone. Would be nice to see him chip in some points, though. (Could be said about everybody on this team.)

        • Erixon20 says:

          Love Boyle but would include him with DZ for some quality. It is easier to replace a guy like Boyle than create a high quality player out of thin air. Plus, he is one of the only pieces anybody else would be interested in. Would hate to do it, but I would.

          • Dave says:

            I’m not married to Boyle but it would take a significant player to include him in a package with MDZ. Boyle does a lot of the little things that (clearly) few notice.

      • paulronty says:

        Because Boyle sucks! No offense like Powe.

    • @Centerman21 says:

      That’s a load of crap. Go grab an inconsistent Yakapov and pay a kings ransom for him. Yeah thank goodness that won’t happen. He’s also a lefty which does us no good. Nash isn’t going anywhere and we need Boyle. If the right deal came around, I could see moving him but he is too important. Ever notice the PK allows a goal every time he’s in the box. Can’t kill a penalty without him. NYR need 3rd line RW and a couple good 4th liners. No need to give up and rebuild. Signing Hank should tell you that. Sather won’t admit failure and his tenure is almost up. So I expect him to spend the future to fix the present!

      • Chris A says:

        Sorry in advance for the long post!

        Something has struck me this past couple weeks about the Rangers. The team is no longer a forecheck team. They just don’t have the grinders to do it anymore. Not a terrible thing though as they are now an amazing team on the counter-attack.

        The Rangers stink at 5v5 because they can’t keep the puck in the opposition zone. The only way they are going to fix this is by taking less chances with the D men pinching and concentrating on creating turnovers in the neutral zone and continue overloading and pressuring the puck in their own zone. That should lead to more odd man chances or at least more opportunities to enter the neutral zone with speed which seems to be the only way the Rangers can score now.

        It’s all part of the coaching adjustments. When Torts arrived he wanted Safe is Death, that quickly turned into parking the bus down low and protecting the slot at all costs on D and dumping and chasing on O. AV thought he needed to pressure the other team with a forecheck, when he realizes he doesn’t have those horses he will start to sit back more.

        It’s only been 35 games. Just making the playoffs is enough after that we ride our luck and see what happens.

        • Dave says:

          Interestingly enough they are one of the better 5v5 puck possession teams in the league. They have the ability to control play, but they haven’t been doing it lately because of their lackluster play.

  6. Dave says:

    Just out of curiosity, if this team won in the shootout, would people be happier? I mean, coming back from 3-1 down is showing signs of life. Sure, they didn’t get the Bettman Bonus Point, but the 2nd and 3rd periods were more of what we expect from the Rangers.

    • phil says:

      I wouldn’t be any happier, the extra point helps in the standings, and I appreciate that they came back for the second night in a row…but they are built to MAYBE Squeak into the playoffs due to a weak lesstropolitan division. VERY disappointing. They aren’t really competitive. Let’s be honest. Lots of holes.

    • Walt says:

      Against an AHL roster, they should have won, and didn’t. Four AHL defensemen, and we couldn’t put any pressure on them, good greef, we should have pounded the Pens, instead had to bust our tail to tie, and loose in the shoot out, that my friend is poor!!

      • Dave says:

        Pens have won 10 of 11 with the AHL roster.

        • Walt says:

          Point I tried to make about Shero being a good GM, team drafts very well, and developes. Sather can’t shine Shero’s shoes!!

          They draft near the bottom, and still have a farm team that is outstanding, and beat us in our backyard, LOL!! We can’t draft well on a consistant basis, and I’ll argue that until I’m blue in the face, sorry my man!!

          • Dave says:

            See my comment below. You’re dead wrong about Slats not being about to draft and develop.

            Shero is a good GM tho. That’s true.

    • Hatrick Swayze says:

      Dave, I’m in your corner all day long. That was probably the most exciting regular season game I’ve seen in a long time. Given this season’s narrative and how much uninspired hockey we’ve witnessed I was fully expecting the team to throw in the towel right after Sutter walked Del Z and put in their 3rd.

      The Rangers surprised me with alot of fight. After we got that 3rd goal I was up off the couch with a double fist pump as if I just put it in.

      One area of concern was our power play. Despite Brass’s marker on the power play to tie it up at the end, we didn’t get it done enough. The game was ours for the taking if we could have converted 1 or 2 of them. ESPECIALLY in the 4on3 in overtime. Even before that, though, we had opportunities with nothing to show for it. Our first unit had good possession, but didn’t create enough threatening situations. At the end of the day, our PP still needs to get to another level.

      That said, great battle. The team showed up. Hank showed up. He had one save in the first on Crosby or Kunitz (can’t remember) which was a weak side rebound or pass or something where he pushed back across his crease to his right and while standing shoulder shrugged off a high short side shot. Awareness was unreal that play.

      For the first time in maybe a month, I was on the edge of my seat again watching the Rangers compete, not just go through the motions. Felt good.

      • Dave says:

        It certainly wasn’t a perfect game by any means, but a point is a point. Baby steps.

        • Hatrick Swayze says:

          Hey, given the uninspired and unimpressive start to our home-stand I will take 3/4 points while erasing 2 2 goal deficits and smile.

          • Dave says:

            Yup. It’s a silver lining in the play lately. But sometimes you need to just find ways to get points before it all clicks.

  7. Becky says:


  8. SalMerc says:

    In the past I watched games with an anticipation of a win. Not so anymore. Maybe it is the heart that I do not feel they show in all games. To me, the team is like eating a meal that someone copied the recipe for, but left out an ingredient. It tastes okay, but not great, and I can’t put my finger on what is missing.

    • Walt says:

      Your right!!

      • Chris A says:

        Look at this way. With Torts, you knew you always going to get a real tasty, juicy hamburger. But that’s all you were ever going to get.

        With AV there is a chance for a perfectly cooked rack of lamb. It’s just going to take some time for him to get the recipe right.

        At least the team woke up for the final 25 minutes last night. That’s a promising sign!

        • Dave says:

          A rack of lamb always takes longer to cook than a burger.

          • AD says:

            Yeah but we were told the burger was great and we just needed a little cheese & onions. Now the chef is indicating he needs to upgrade the menu, get new decor, and new staff.

            Besides, this same restaurant the chef wants to be existed out west for a number of years and could not translate good meals on a weekly basis into award winning entrees! In fact, the dishes served up rarely got beyond the 1st round.

            It’s the type of thing that happens to a restaurant when the GM takes a poll from customers every other season to see what is selling at the moment.


            • SalMerc says:

              Guess the analogy spurred some thought. As we await the “promise” of a fantastic meal, we have to munch on something less tasty than last years burger. Usually expectation can keep people waiting, but only for so long before they want a whole new restaurant. If this year we are in “anticipation” mode, is it fair that 2014/15 (mid-year) will be when we either get the meal of close the restaurant?

              • AD says:

                I would hope by the end of this season, the chef has put the restaurant back on clear, solid ground with an uptrend in weekly sales.

              • Dave says:

                Sometimes a new master chef needs to learn what his cooks can do. Takes time.

            • Becky says:

              I’m hungry

    • Leatherneckinlv says:

      I knew when it came down to Sutter in the Shoot out that he was going to score and win it for the Pens…You are right I was expecting them to lose once Zuccarello missed his shot

  9. AD says:

    Scratching back from 2-0 deficits the past two games and getting 3 points in the standings has to be pleasing, as it relates to the individual games.

    In the bigger picture of things, it is mixed: positively, it shows me the team is starting to put together lengthier stretches within the game where the players are executing and winning their shifts, after early mistakes which dug deep holes. The drawback is these performances have come against weak opponents — I may have overlooked it but I don’t believe the article highlighted the Pens were without their top 4 dmen; Malkin and Neal. Calgary is also a team struggling mightily right now.

    I am satisfied with the recent 3 points and anxious to see if the team shows improvement immediately the next few games; that would solidify a developing view of the team having hit bottom already, and about to improve. Otherwise, it’s more of the same; mediocrity and a team, for some reason, that sees no urgency to lay it on the line for this new coach with a 5yr contract.

    • Walt says:

      Last night I posted we lost to the Wilkes-Barre Pens, just shows everyone that the point I was trying to make about Slats. The Pens have been drafting near the bottom since Cindy came into the NHL, yet they have quality players that they drafted. Where are our?

      • AD says:

        Are we really below average drafting the past 5 years?

        Stepan, Hagelin, Del Zotto, Kreider, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Korpokoski, Staal, Talbot.

        Some of these guys started playing in the NHL sooner than most prospects as well.

        I admittedly don’t know a lot about where we grade versus the league but it seems at least ok to me.

        • Walt says:

          As demonstrated last night, the W-B Pens beat us in our own yard, and as pointed out by another post, someone brought it to my attention, they have been 10 for 11 in wins with these kids.

          What would we be like if we had 4 defensmen, and several top notch forwards out of our line up? Would we win 10 of 11, or would we loose 10 of 11, that’s the difference between the two teams. It all falls back on Slats, his inability to draft quality guys, and develope them properly.

          When they come up, they get traded, Dubi, AA, Korpikowski, see what I mean!!!

          • Dave says:

            Your thought process here is very short sighted. Yes they traded Dubi ($4.2m for 10 goals) and AA (spare part on this team). But they kept Hank, Staal, Girardi, McDonagh, MDZ, Cally, Hagelin, Kreider, Stepan, etc (all home grown).

            I outlined why the Rangers don’t have the callups like the Pens do below. It’s because guys developed too quickly. It’s not a negative.

      • Dave says:

        The problem the Rangers have had in the minors is the exact opposite. They developed some guys too well, and they hit the NHL sooner than expected. Guys like Step, Hags, and McD were expected to take longer, but they all made significant impacts in their first pro years.

        In doing so, it left the farm system barren, not because of a lack of prospects, but because there was a gap between the guys who developed fast and the most recent picks that were still in juniors.

        Guys like McIlrath, Miller, Lindberg, and Fast are solid prospects, but they aren’t NHL ready. If everything went as expected, then they would have had 1-2 prospects a year make the team. Over the past 2-3 seasons they’ve had 2-3 make the team, which depletes the system.

        Kreider made the team this year. Expect 1-2 of Mc/Miller/Lindberg/Fast to make it next year. It’s rolling development. But again, if kids develop faster than expected, it leaves a gap in the system. It’s a good problem to have.

        • AD says:

          McDonagh wasn’t drafted, but is a good example of the point being made.

          Curious: do you not think Hrivik is in the mix with those other prospects? I don’t know, just asking.

          • Walt says:


            Do you really think that Sather knew what he was getting with Mac Truck when he traded Gomez, or was he lucky that another dip stick GM would take Gomez off of our hands, and give us an all star defenseman in return??

            He got lucky on this one, no dought here my friend!! Even a pitcher will on occasion get a base hit, Sather got his hit here, and is batting 110!!

            • Dave says:

              Are you really saying that asking for McDonagh was dumb luck?

              He was a #12 overall and was highly touted. Don’t know why the Habs scouts weren’t big on him. He was a force at UW.

            • AD says:

              Oh it was pure luck. I think Sather thought he could be a solid bottom pair d-man.

          • Dave says:

            I don’t know what’s going on with Hrivik. I thought he had a great camp. Considering the performances of Pouliot and Pyatt, I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten a chance.

        • Sally says:

          Thank you. That is a great explanation for what is going on in Hartford and I’ve not heard it before.

          • Dave says:

            I’ve gone into more detail on this in a post before. I can’t find it though. I wrote on it last season.

      • Tyler says:

        Take a look at how the pack has played this year. When Talbot was manning the crease they were one of the best teams in the league, and won a bunch in a row. Now that Talbot is gone, (and the injury bug has seemed to hit the team)they have been struggling. Without much firsthand knowledge, I would say that there is probably a pretty good correlation. The only thing I think this shows is that the team is not strong in goalie prospects, which everyone knows. The only goaltender that played for the pack with a save percentage above 92 is Talbot. The team average is 88.6% and drops to 87.5% if Talbot isn’t included. That will not win you too many games.

        • Dave says:

          Goalies are certainly an issue in the AHL. They need one badly. They were a stacked team and were Calder Cup favorites until Talbot was called up.

      • Chris F says:

        Walt, your draft analysis is completely off-base. I’ll repost my response to you from an earlier thread:

        2000: No 1st Rd selection, yet Rangers steal entire draft by grabbing Henrik Lundqvist in the final round.

        2001: Rangers picked 10th overall (Blackburn); only players of note to come later in 1st Rd were Ales Hemsky and RJ Umberger.

        2002: No 1st Rd selection.

        2003: Rangers picked 12th (Hugh Jessiman); Rangers passed on Dustin Brown, Zach Parise, Ryan Getzlaf, Ryan Kesler, Mike Richards, Corey Perry. This is a major oversight in a deep draft, for sure.

        2004: Rangers select Montoya 6th overall, and then Lauri Korpikoski in the 19th. They missed two chances to snag Cory Scheider. But then again, Cam Barker went third overall behind Ovechkin and Malkin. Obviously there were bigger swings and misses than Sather’s that year. And Callahan gets selected late, as the 127th pick to make it all good.

        2005: Rangers take Staal as the 12th selection rather than Tuuka Rask or TJ Oshie. That’s a pick you take any time. They also offer Dan Girardi an AHL contract this summer after he was passed over in the 2003 draft. These acquisitions are huge for rebuilding the Rangers blueline.

        2006: With the 21st pick, Rangers selected highly touted Bobby Sanguinetti, though they passed on Claude Giroux. Tough call here as Sanguinetti was really supposed to be someone.

        2007: Rangers score huge by selecting Alexei Cherepanov 17th overall; he would tragically collapse dead several years later while playing in the KHL. The Rangers also snagged 12th overall Ryan McDonagh in a trade several years later. Additionally, the compensation pick the Rangers were awarded after Cherepanov’s death landed Ethan Werek who NY traded for Oscar Lindberg. Hagelin gets grabbed 127th overall.

        2008: Rangers take Michael Del Zotto 20th overall. They also get Derick Stepan in the 2nd Rd.

        2009: Rangers take Chris Kreider 19th overall.

        2010: Rangers take Dylan McIlrath 10th overall.

        2011: Rangers take JT Miller 15th overall.

        2012: Rangers take Brady Skeij 28th overall.

        2013: No 1st Rd selection.

        The point is, the Rangers scouting record these last 13 years is nuanced. They haven’t selected any blow-out 1st rounders, but then again they’ve only got three top 10 picks in the last 13 drafts. They’ve made some mistakes, but they also found integral pieces of this team -Lundqvist, Hagelin, Callahan- late in drafts, while offering Girardi a deal even though no one took him in the draft at all, while stealing McDonagh out from beneath Montreal’s nose before they knew what they had. Sather also has landed 1st Rd picks Staal, Del Zotto, Kreider, McIlrath and Miller in recent years and turned the terrible death of Cherepanov into the acquisition of Lindberg.

        It would be nice to be the Capitals, Pengiuns, or Oilers with their perennial 1st and 2nd overall draft selections but you work with what you have. Every team has busts in draft selections, its all a gamble. With the exception of 2003, I think the record shows Sather has done a fairly good job in this regard.

        UPDATE: The Rangers haven’t had high first round draft picks in well over a decade. The Malkins, Crosbys, and Ovechkins were never available by the time the Rangers selected.

        If you look at the draftees for each year as I have, you’ll see that with the exception of 2003, there was never really an abundance of elite talent that Sather overlooked. That’s just a fact, look at the names that came AFTER the Rangers 1st round selections. Not many NHLers.

        It’s amazing how many absolute no-names are littered throughout the last 13 first rounds. I’ll tell you, there are more busts than stars.

        Somehow I don’t think Sather is the only GM who hasn’t struck 1st round gold.

        • Kevin says:

          Passing over Tarasenko in 2010 is the biggest draft misstep for this team in a decade.

          • Dave says:

            Yea that was one that kind of got to me. Everyone is so angry about Fowler (which would have been a stupid pick considering MDZ). The guy I wanted was Tarasenko.

            But McIlrath will be an NHL player. That I am almost certain of.

  10. Leatherneckinlv says:

    They battled back?? This was an opportunity to beat a depleted team in the Penguins by dominating them, and lost. Let’s give credit where it is due. They got a point and lost a point to the Pens, where as it should have been 2 point game for the Rangers.

    • Chris F says:

      The Penguins have won 11 of their last 12 (including last night). Doesn’t seem to me that any other team in the League has been capitalizing on their depletion and dominating them. Quite the contrary, in fact. Not sure why you are so adamant that the Rangers should have come away with 2, when no one else seems to be able to.

  11. Bayman says:

    Hags scores a beautiful breakaway goal in regulation, yet is nowhere to be found in the shootout. Makes no sense.

  12. Andres says:

    Is Nash out of shape because of his time out due to his concussion or does he have a nagging injury? He seems to be a step slow and has been becoming to be invisible like gabby was! In the shoot out it expected him to make a move and use his long reach an hand skills

    • Dave says:

      Carp at Rangers Report brought up a very good point: He is either hesitant because of lingering symptoms of concussions, or he is hesitant because of concussions faced. Either way, it’s bad.

  13. RangersFan4Life says:

    Personally, I don’t think anyone should be talking about playoffs when the team is still trying to figure out how to play with this system. It’s going to take a while. We can’t expect them to win every game. There’s nothing wrong with the roster the Rangers have, it’s just a matter of putting all of the pieces together. Granted its taking longer than expected. But I loved the effort I saw last night. It seemed like everyone was actually “trying”. I haven’t seen that in quite a few games. Patience.

  14. paulronty says:

    Got a pt? So what. This homestand is an unmitigated disaster. This team should be much much better than it is and so far I give all the coaches failing grades. Pitt doesn’t hesitate to bring up guys from the AHL but NYR can’t. FREE J.T. Miller!

    • Dave says:

      Have you watched J.T. Miller play without the puck?

      • paulronty says:

        Isn’t that a coaching issue? Surely, J.T. isn’t stupid. Remember last year when Brassard & Clowe had their first game, tore it up & Torts said, maybe I’m overcoaching. Sometimes, coaches make players think too much & they don’t play relaxed.

        • Dave says:

          It’s a coaching and a player issue. The coaches are preaching 3 zone play, but Miller needs to learn it.

          Kid can’t legally buy a drink yet, let him work out his issues in the AHL.

        • Chris A says:

          Miller is a disaster right now. Some brief flashes of competence followed up with a ton of turnovers and missed D zone assignments.

          He’ll be a good one, but not right now.

          Not really sure where the fascination with Miller among some parts of the fanbase comes from.

          The guy I’d really like to see back once he’s healthy is Fast. He plays a simple game at high speed. Exactly what the Rangers need more of right now.