Saturday open thread

November 2, 2013, by

Been kind of a crazy weekend around here at BSB, so unfortunately we won’t have a new post up until the game tonight.  Feel free to use this as your open thread for your Saturday meanderings.  The Jets and ‘Hawks are on at 3pm, and there is plenty of Premier League soccer over on NBCSN.  You can vent on the general classlessness of the Flyers organization or the absolutely disgraceful conduct of Ray Emery last night.  Just keep it civil.  Enjoy!

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  1. Brendan says:

    We all know the Rangers have been on an upswing lately, but the Hurricanes have lost 4 straight, scoring only 4 goals in that stretch.

    This has “trap game” written all over it.

    If the Rangers can stay out of the box like they did against the Sabers, I can see them putting a 3rd W in a row… which will be much needed with the Ducks and Penguins coming up next.

  2. Evan M says:

    That Flyers/Caps brawl shows why fighting should be removed from the game. Emery should be expelled from the NHL. That ref who stood there while Emery wailed away on Holtby should lose his job as well. A disgrace in playing, officiating, and being a damn human being.

    • Chris F says:

      Wow, talk about an overreaction. Yes, the Flyers went into full goon mode. Yes, it was surprising to see the ref let Emery go after a clearly unwilling participant. With that said, you know the possibilities every time you suit up. In fact, despite the Flyers initiating all the chaos, it was new aquired Downie who got a concussion in the brawl, and Lecalvier who got facial lacerations. Karma took care of business.

      • John says:

        Chris F: I take issue with your statement that “you know the possibilities every time you suit up.” First, this is hockey not MMA. While I don’t advocate a fighting ban, I don’t think every player should be expected to drop the gloves. Second, I don’t think your statement is at all relevant to goaltenders. I believe they know they could possibly be injured every time they skate to the crease but it’s unreasonable to expect them to be prepared to fight.
        Emery’s act was entirely uncalled for, classless and pathetic.

        • VinceR says:

          Added to that, anyone who has not instigated some sort of incident and who does not want to fight doesn’t deserve what Holtby got. I think almost anyone can agree on that.

          “My team is a dumpster fire and I let in 4 of 15 shots in a short period while you have been doing your job perfectly” is not a deserving incident in that case.

          Glad the Dumpster Fliers paid for their idiocy by losing Talbot for Downie who is in turn lost to concussion and also losing Lecalvier for at least one game as direct consequences of their goonery.

          • Spozo says:

            This reminds me of when Carkner went after Boyle in the playoffs a couple years ago. Carkner got the game misconduct but was still suspended another game for engaging and unwilling combatant. How is that different than what Emery did.

      • Evan M says:

        Overreaction, yes. Venting, yes.

    • Walt says:

      This is what is expected from the Filthadelphia Flyers organization. It starts from the top, Ed Snyder a pure scum bag, trapped in a time warp (73-74-75) time frame. Then it goes to their broadcast team, Steve Coats, saying this is what the team needed to wake them out of their collective funk.

      The fact that they lost Downie, and maybe Vinny is poetic justice. Now let’s see if the NHL goes and suspends that shit head Emery for a few games!!

  3. RyanK says:

    All I have to say on the situation is that Holmgren needs to go if the Flyers want to be taken seriously.

  4. TxRanger says:

    Ray Emery sucks, I didn’t see the game, but I saw the score. Ray Emery is the John Scott of goalies!

  5. Mikeyyy says:

    If the flyers are going down I would expect a firesale. Anyone worth taking a flyer on?

    • RyanK says:

      I would have said Talbot prior to his trade. Guy’s an ace penalty killer and can put up some points. Not that we really need to address the bottom 6 at the moment.

  6. The Suit says:

    Ray Emery told the press that Holtby said he didn’t want to fight and Ray responded that he didn’t have a choice. That doesn’t sound like a hockey fight with two willing combatants but more like a mugging. The NHL shouldn’t stand for that crap. It’s bush league.

    • John says:

      Yeah, exactly. I find what Emery said to be pretty damning as far as potential supplemental discipline. I also find it interesting that Adam Oates would come out so vocally about Hertl’s goal being disrespectful but essentially had “no comment” when his own goalie was attacked. Talk about having your priorities screwed up!