Powerplay comes through in come from behind win over Islanders

October 29, 2013, by
AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

The Rangers powerplay came through tonight, scoring twice en route to a 3-2 win over the Islanders. Chris Kreider scored the first powerplay goal and provided a screen on the second goal, adding to his great contributions since being recalled this week. In addition to a solid powerplay, the Rangers also played a solid overall game, with both Islanders goals the result of some lucky bounces.

After a 3-7 start to the year, New York really needed to win this game in regulation, and they did just that. The four point swing in the standings may not mean much now, but could play a big role in March and April when both the Islanders and Rangers are jockeying for a playoff spot.

On to the goals:

Rangers 1, Islanders 0

Head to the front, good things happen.

Head to the front, good things happen.

This powerplay goal came right off a face off win. Kreider went straight to the boards off the draw to get the puck back to Brad Richards, and then bee-lined for the front of the net. Neither Travis Hamonic nor Andy MacDonald picked up Kreider heading to the front, and when Richards’ shot got through, Kreider had the easy rebound goal.

Islanders 1, Rangers 1

Bouncing pucks are rough, round one.

Bouncing pucks are rough, round one.

Marc Staal simply misplayed a bouncing Matt Carkner clear. Once the puck bounces over his stick, Cal Clutterbuck took a better angle to the puck, and beat Cam Talbot on a great shot on the breakaway.

Islanders 2, Rangers 1

Unlucky bounces are rough, round two.

Unlucky bounces are rough, round two.

Another bouncing puck that didn’t go in the Rangers favor. Talbot couldn’t handle the Peter Regin shot completely, but got a piece of it. The resulting bounce went off Girardi and into the net.

Rangers 2, Islanders 2

That's a whole lotta space to shoot.

That’s a whole lotta space to shoot.

Another powerplay goal for the Rangers, and one where a bouncing puck may have benefited the Rangers. Derek Stepan mishandled a Richards pass, as the puck hopped over his stick, costing him a prime scoring opportunity. He managed to get the puck back to Ryan McDonagh, who blasted a shot through a Kreider screen and past Evgeni Nabokov.

Rangers 3, Islanders 2

Martinek out of position, lots of ice for Pouliot.

Martinek out of position, lots of ice for Pouliot.

The icing on the cake came when Michael Del Zotto finally used the glass to get the puck out of the zone to Benoit Pouliot. Pouliot got the puck to Carl Hagelin as Radek Martinek went to deliver a check on Pouliot. Martinek’s check didn’t fully connect, and Pouliot –although spun around– wound up in the high slot wide open. Hagelin fed him the puck and Pouliot beat Nabokov with the wrister for the game winner.

With a few winnable games coming up, this win against a division rival was critical for the Rangers. A win today can be the building block to a nice streak if they continue to play solid hockey. Carl Hagelin’s return will help them immensely with playing strong hockey. This is a good confidence builder. Then again, we said that about the win in Detroit as well.

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  1. Seahorse says:

    when this team plays well they are amazing at recovering pucks in the offensive zone, something that seems different with this team then in the past

  2. SteveM says:

    Liking Talbot’s game. Looks pretty calm out there . Kreids was a beast

    • Dave says:

      Talbot is the surprise of the season so far. Kid is definitely solid. Let’s see if he can keep it up.

      • Hatrick Swayze says:

        He’s been fun to watch. Is 3 games enough for Justin to give us a write up on what he’s noticed so far? Small sample size but some comments on his style of play, strong suits and shortcomings would be a good read.

        If I was going to be critical of one aspect of his game I would say rebound control might be something to work on. I am no Benoit Allaire, mind you.

      • RangerSmurf says:

        Talbot’s been good, but his rebound control was spotty last night. The defense did a good job clearing them, so it didn’t hurt on the scoreboard. He can’t be leaving pucks in the slot like he was; it will burn him at some point.

  3. Chris F says:

    Was fortunate enough to be at the game tonight! Great atmosphere. Great win. Kreider has been awesome these past few games. Glad to see Richards get fired up at the end, he was swinging like a madman!

  4. TxRanger says:

    good to see pouliot getting some clutch goals. i’ve been a fan of his for a while. i think he has a lot of upside. he’s far from a good player, but i think if used right, he can be tremendous.

  5. Bloomer says:

    Fishsticks blew their brains out in that Vanek trade. These GMs are their own worst enemies. Rangers are playing better hockey now that they abandoned the pond hockey and gone back to the basics.

    • Dave says:

      They took a gamble. Vanek didn’t play poorly last night.

      • John says:

        yes but it wasn’t just Moulson, it was a 1st and 2nd round pick. and all Moulson did in Buffalo was score two goals!

  6. Gary says:

    Kreider is growing game to game and it is awesome to watch. When that package understands what he can be he should unfold right before our eyes.

    I loved seeing the in-shape Richards on full commit. A leader.

    Hags is a breath of fresh air hounding around up on the forecheck.

    Solid tending again… Marty who?

    Think about getting Cally back; about John Moore when he reaches his potential; about the system gelling; about Nas… ah forget that one. Consider it a bonus if he comes back.

    Rangers were fairly solid in losses to Philly and Montreal. They are starting to get it and that is good to see. The heaping helping of adversity to start the season could pay off for the kids and a home intensive schedule can’t hurt either.

  7. Mikeyyy says:

    Whatever the coaching staff did with Kreider during his stint in the A worked.

    • Dave says:

      Sometimes players just need minutes and reps.

      • zubov says:

        Yea tell that to torts. He would put young guys in the dog house immediately. AV clearly has shown to be more trusting of guys. He even gave fasth 10 minutes a game and proved he is not ready. Playing a young kid 3 minutes a game proves nothing.

        • VinceR says:

          …needing minutes and reps in the AHL so they have a chance to develop instead of just being frustrated, confused, and over-matched in the NHL.

          Kreider showed many times before, including this pre-season that he was previously not quite ready.

          • zubov says:

            Yea but you are totally ignoring the fact he was playing on lines with like Asham, Bickel and other meat heads last year. I would love to see any rookie shine playing with terrible players and playing 3.5 minutes per game.

            Torts never trusted him plain and simple when he came up to the NHL and it stunted his growth. Kreider looks far more confident and sure of himself. I highly doubt that 3 extra weeks in the AHL changed his entire playing style. Clearly the coaching staff in the AHL and up with AV gave him a jolt of confidence he has not had since he played in the playoffs for the Rangers.

            • VinceR says:

              What you are doing away from the puck doesn’t have as much to do with who you are on a line with. He didn’t always have very few minutes…granted, you are right, he was on a very, very short leash.

              Torts probably didn’t handle him that great, but saying if we put him on a top line against the best talent he would have succeeded is a bit of a stretch. He just didn’t play well, I’m not talking about goals and assists, I’m talking about defensively and what he was doing away from the puck on both sides of the ice. He just seemed confused.

              He had the athletic/hockey ability, but didn’t quite have the speed of the decision making down for the NHL level. The beginning of this season he was probably more ready, but he just didn’t perform in pre-season. Now he has another chance and he’s killing it.

            • Spozo says:

              There are two trains of thought here. Kreider is excelling because he is finally given top lines minutes and the opportunity to succeed. Or he earned those minutes and that’s why he is having success. People are going to support whichever one agrees with their view on coaching/player development and there really is no right answer.

  8. MBN says:

    Went to the Coliseum for the first time ever. Why was Hank sitting/standing in a runway off the Rangers bench area? No room on the bench for the backup goalie? Seems like he was having a conversation with a couple of folks in Rangers jerseys the whole game.

    • Chris F says:

      Yes. Visiting bench doesnt have room for backup goalie at the coliseum.

      Hank was just hanging with fans, security and the occasional ice girl 😉

    • Dave says:

      No room on the away bench for the backup. I’d like to sit over there one day and chat with the goalie. Would be fun.

  9. Dave says:

    A lot of people talking about dominating puck possession. Rangers got out Corsi’d by a wide margin last night.

    • RangerSmurf says:

      Felt dominant because the PP was spending 30+ seconds at a time in the offensive zone. 9 Shots and 15 Corsi events in a little over 5 minutes of PP time will create that illusion.

  10. Walt says:

    To all the nay sayers who went on, and on about how the Kreider kid wasn’t ready for the show, how is he looking?????

    Thought that Hags, skating around, with his speed, opened the ice up for Pouliot’s shot, and goal. Can’t wait to get Callie back, and having a more balanced attack. Now we have to get the Miller kid going, then we can really have some fun!!!!!

    Any word on Dom Moore, and his injury??

    • Chris F says:

      I was at the game, so didn’t get any commentary or replays, and didn’t see anything happen to Moore, but now I see he only played 4 minutes last night. What happened to him?

    • VinceR says:

      He is looking great. And previously he wasn’t quite ready for the show. These are two completely different observations.

      Are you saying that last year and this pre-season you thought he was ready? He got ready by developing/tweaking his game in the AHL. As is a reasonable expectation.

      • VinceR says:

        As saying he is a bust, that is ludicrous. As is saying during last season that he is done and Torts ruined him. There is a difference between declaring an outcome before it’s finished and making an observation on the current situation.

      • Walt says:

        I’m just saying when you play scared, like he did under Torts. you play up tight, and it shows on the ice. He was NEVER really given a shot to prove himself under Torts!!!!!

        He is playing much more relaxed, and is proving he belongs.

        • VinceR says:

          I will disagree with the “never”, but while I don’t quite think that he played scared because of Torts, I could see how that could be valid (in the end neither of us could “prove” our opinions).

          I think he just needed to get used to the thinking speed at the NHL level. Either way, happy to see him start to bloom with the big club.

  11. AD says:

    I think I’ve been enjoying Miller’s development the most! He has been a force on the ice and seems like a leader; two years younger than the very young Chris Kreider – me thinks we’ve got a winner!

  12. Todd says:

    This team is getting it together. I was amazed at the rush Richards had during the 2nd period? He looked like he was a kid. Carried the puck with speed and confidence. When I saw that I had a shit eating grin on my face….. thinking we are turning this thing around.

    Hags increased the speed of the team and Cally will add the edge we want.

    Feeling much better about this club compared to last week.