Better effort, same result in St. Louis as Rangers fall to Blues

October 13, 2013, by
(AP Photo/Bill Boyce)

(AP Photo/Bill Boyce)

The Rangers lost their third straight last night, falling to the unbeaten St. Louis Blues by a score of 5-3. This game, unlike the two in San Jose and Anaheim, was not an unmitigated disaster. New York was not completely dominated by the Blues, and managed to put control the puck a lot more. There were some defensive miscues, but there weren’t nearly as many as in the prior two games. Plus, it looked like the team remembered how to pass the puck.

The Blueshirts got a pair of goals on the powerplay, continuing to show that this is a vastly improved unit from last year. Brad Richards had another strong game, as did Ryan Callahan and Derick Brassard. However, Marc Staal had a rough night with a pair of coverage fails, and Derek Stepan is showing that he really needed training camp, despite his assist tally this season (two tonight, five total).

On to the goals:

Blues 1, Rangers 0

Cover the back door.

Cover the back door.

This one was pretty easy to spot: Marc Staal simply didn’t continue to cover Alex Steen as he broke down the weak side. Once the shot from T.J. Oshie went through (low and hard, forcing a rebound), Steen was able to bang home the rebound.

Rangers 1, Blues 1

Another powerplay goal.

Another powerplay goal.

There was no real miscue by the Blues on this goal. The Rangers were on a 5-on-3 and had some solid puck movement. Derek Stepan made a nice pass through the crase to Derick Brassard, who either whiffed on the shot or passed it to Ryan Callahan on the doorstep. I am unsure which one it was, but Cally had a wide open net for the goal.

Blues 2, Rangers 1

No coverage fails on this one, just a bad turnover.

No coverage fails on this one, just a bad turnover.

This one began in the offensive zone when Stepan made an ill-advised pass to Anton Stralman that got picked off by David Backes. Backes got the puck to Steen for a 2-on-2 rush, but Steen was able to feed a charging Backes on the weak side, who wristed it through Martin Biron’s legs. Stepan was backchecking hard to get to Backes, but he just couldn’t catch him.

Blues 3, Rangers 1

Gotta stop this.

Gotta stop this.

The picture says it all. Biron should have stopped this.

Rangers 2, Blues 3

Roy clearly watching the play, not his man.

Roy clearly watching the play, not his man.

The strong start for Brad Richards continued, as he caused Derek Roy to turn the puck over in the offensive zone. The puck got to Brassard, who put a nice, low backhander on net that Jaroslav Halak couldn’t control. The rebound went right to Richards, who was cutting to the net, and he roofed it. Roy, who turned the puck over to begin with, was caught watching the play instead of seeing Richards cutting to the back door.

Blues 4, Rangers 2

Miscommunication will always lead to a goal.

Miscommunication will always lead to a goal.

There’s a lot going on with this goal. The red arrows are the coverage routes that did happen, and the green ones are the ones that should have happened. There was clearly confusion between Staal and Jesper Fast, as Fast had his arms up at one point asking who to cover. Staal should have covered Backes, the goal scorer, since he was the defender and Backes was charging to the net. Fast should have covered the trailer, so he released on Backes and went to the trailer. Staal never came over on Backes.

Rangers 3, Blues 4

Another powerplay goal for the Rangers and Ryan Callahan, as they got very lucky on this one. The powerplay had some great puck movement, and the puck worked itself to Richards on the off-wing. His shot was blocked by Roman Polak, and the puck wound up going straight up in the air and bouncing in once it landed, hitting Cally on the way down. No picture for this one, since I couldn’t get a clear one.

Blues 5, Rangers 3

Screen in front, doubt Hank saw this.

Screen in front, doubt Hank saw this.

The Rangers lost a face off in the defensive zone while down a man, and the ensuing wrist shot from Vladimir Tarasenko just evaded Henrik Lundqvist (who had replaced Biron to start the third). Chris Stewart was in front of the net providing the screen.

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  1. Walt says:

    For a little time in the second, they looked like they had some life. Same carp, different game!!!

  2. bloomer says:

    Rangers pp. better but pk stil poor. Dorsett can’t keep taking dumb penalties coach has to make him accountable. Rangers still have plenty of work to do.

  3. AD says:

    The fact Dorsett was on the ice with 2 minutes remaining is one of the bigger concerns of the evening. How could AV give critical minutes to the player after such a blunder? Where is the accountability message from AV?

    So far, in terms of a coach’s grade on the season, he is no better than a C+. Aside from personnel decisions, he is at least partly responsible for the ugly transition taking place.

  4. Gary says:

    At least Dorsett was making crimes of commission, not omission. He was showing confidence, jam, which are the main things the team needs in trying to implement the system.

    This #$*@’n Biron sucked out loud. I am going to say it out loud… the Rangers have the most over rated pair of goalies in the league. Not to say Hank is not good, he is very good. But over rated. Biron has been a Cigar Store Indian in that net for quite some time now. I don’t care about his stats, he is NOT reliable.

    The team showed a lot to me last night given the pressure to figure out WTF they are doing on the fly, in St. Louis. I don’t care about the loss, I care that they played more like a team.

    Richards was really good and was trying to be a leader out there. Most of the team was on the right page. Staal, Stepan, etc. will come along.

    I can’t believe nobody is mentioning the guy that harpooned the whole effort last night; Biron. Totally lost.

    • Jerry says:

      To say hank is overrated is a bit of a stretch.the guy has been a top goaltender in this league for years.for years he was mostly responsible for winning games for us by himself.struggling this year but overrated your off on that one.everyone almost killed me for ripping on Boyle so I think your in for a long day way this statement.lol

    • Justin says:

      Yikes Gary, that rant reeks of frustration. Did Biron play well last night? Absolutely not. But let’s be fair here.

      Hank is without question one of the top 3 goaltenders in the NHL. If his career trajectory continues, he will not only be a Hall of Famer, but own most, if not all, of the NYR statistical records and will likely see his #30 hanging in the MSG rafters. How exactly do you overrate that?

      Biron is a very capable backup. He plays a much more stoic style than Hank, using his angles and vision to minimize excess movement and to hedge against the fact that he’s not as athletic as Hank. But aside from entering into a Hank v. Top prospect situation, Biron is about as good as you can ask for in a backup.

      • Gary says:

        Yes Justin, it is definitely of frustration. The frustration of watching a backup fail to pick up the team in any way what so ever. Sorry, I can’t buy your Biron view. He has been ultra soft for a year+ now.

        Justin/Jerry, yeh, I may have been off base on Henrik. But it seems half the league has top tier goaltending and in light of Hank’s upcoming mega contract I want him to start earning it… not next week or next month. Right now.

  5. Craig says:

    Dorsett can’t fight, can’t score, dumb penalties (hurting the team)
    Pyatt to slow, can’t score (hurting the team)
    Boyle can’t score and I don’t care about how big he is (hurting the team)
    We need Mashinter to mash a few heads, and bring up Lindberg and Kristo or anybody that has skill to score!
    We also need to trade for a TOUGH defenseman.
    I know Bickel stinks but at least he is tough and hits

  6. Chris F says:

    I think we all saw a pretty significant improvement last night in terms of chemistry, execution, and pressure.

    The Rangers PP was solid, Richards continued his surprising play, Brassard was making plays and the team had a high level of success passing and gaining entry to the zone and, most importantly, cycling and sustaining pressure.

    There still seems to be some troubling lack of communication/execution of the defensive system however.

    And the real black eye for the team is goaltending. Yes, Hank was reall good in the third, but Biron was miserable…again.

    And Dorsett is really starting to annoy me. Way too many unnecessary penalties.

    And as someone pointed out, AV’s unwillingness to hold players accountable is not a good sign. Dorsett would have been sitting on the bench under Torts in the last fee minutes and possibly even before he committed his 3rd penalty which resulted in the fifth and clinching goal.

    Still need some work, and at this point the pressure is mounting on AV to right the ship.

    But, overall, the team seems to be coming together a little better. Lets hope a familiar foe -Capitals- wakes this team up.

  7. Bob says:

    3 bad penalties by Dorsett. Bench Dorsett, play Asham.

  8. Lou says:

    Needs…..tough dman, presence in front of net, tough hombre.

    Answers…..(1) trade del zotto and whoever for Byfulien
    (2) get rid of pyatt and bring up Powe
    (3) get rid of asham and bring up Mashinter
    (4) pray that McIllrath tears up the minors and forces his way onto team
    (5) get Clutterbuck from Calgary

    Need hitting, character and balls……these guys will maKE IT VERY TOUGH to play against us.

    If cant outscore opposition then need to outhit opposition into submission…..this squad does neither (and they DONT stand uo for each other)