BSB Fantasy Hockey: One league made, need another commissioner

September 8, 2013, by

It’s time to get back at it with the BSB Fantasy Hockey League. We are doing something a little different this year. Last year, we had one commissioner (moi) and when the league filled up, we had someone else create another league. I will assume interest is that high again, so we will again be creating two leagues (at a minimum).

I have already created one league on Yahoo (my team name is #BlameTorts), and you can join the league by clicking here. The draft is already set for Monday September 30 at 9pm EST. This draft time will not change, so you will need to be cognizant of this fact. If you cannot make the draft, you join at the risk of autodrafting. This is where the second league comes in.

I need a volunteer to create a second league. Please post the league information in the comments so that others can join. If that fills up, then you guys can continue making leagues until everyone has joined in.

Good luck to everyone who participates.

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