Projecting the penalty killing forwards

August 25, 2013, by
Derek Dorsett, penalty killing machine (Image Credit: Getty Images)

Derek Dorsett, penalty killing machine (Image Credit: Getty Images)

September is almost upon us, which means that we are getting closer and closer to hockey season. The Rangers didn’t make any major overhauls this offseason, so what you saw last year is pretty much the same team you will get this year. Some much-needed depth was added, which absolutely makes this team better, but the personnel essentially remained untouched. That said, those new additions had a bit of a ripple effect on the special teams, and we could see some new faces on the penalty kill.

Last season Ryan Callahan, Derek Stepan, Darroll Powe, and Brian Boyle received the majority of the penalty kill time, playing over 1.5 minutes/60 down a man (courtesy of BTN). That ripple effect mentioned above was in reference to Powe, who might not be dressing on a nightly basis. With one of their top-three PKers gone, Boyle will obviously move up to fill Powe’s role. There are two options for that fourth penalty killer: Carl Hagelin (the obvious choice), or Derek Dorsett (who played 1.78 minutes/60 on the PK with Columbus before his injury).

Naturally, the focus is going to be towards Hagelin, since he is the known quantity who can create turnovers and shorthanded chances. However, Dorsett’s TOI can’t be ignored. If there is one stat that you should be familiar with, it’s TOI. TOI represents trust in a player in a specific situation. Dorsett was the #3 PK forward for the Blue Jackets, behind Brandon Dubinsky and Mark Letestu. Also remember that the CBJ penalty kill (82.6%) was better than the NYR penalty kill (81.1%) last season.

This is a pretty fantastic problem to have. The Rangers will likely have one of their top-three penalty killers sitting in the press box a lot next season, but they won’t miss a beat while down a man. They have two viable replacements, meaning Rick Nash can get some rest as the #6 penalty killing forward. Depth is a wonderful thing.

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  1. Walt says:

    Nice to see that Dorsett can be a PKer, options, great!!

    We will see early enough with both Callie, and Hags out who will be a force to play against on the PK.

    On a side note, if anyone is interested, there is a 3:54 second video of Lindberg highlights on The New York Rangers Blog. This kid can skate, passes the puck well, and can close on his own. I can’t wait to see him in a Blueshirt!!!!!

    • amy herman says:

      i can see dorsett killing penalties but then again you have brassard and moore and boyle to compliement cally and hags. amy k herman

      • Walt says:


        Has Brassard ever been on the PK???

        I’m not aware that he ever did, but that would be another option!!!

  2. Walt says:

    Walt says:
    Aug 24, 2013 at 9:09 am

    To all who don’t agree with me, here is a list of some player reps involved during the lock out who still had good seasons, that BR didn’t:::::

    Biron & Step-Rangers

    To TxRanger, some are younger, plenty are older, Doan anyone. So let’s drop the bunk about he was involved with the strike, and couldn’t train for the season, that is an excuse.

    Also TxRanger don’t get personal, if you disagree, so be it, don’t go shooting your mouth off and telling people to shut up, you sound like a dim wit when you do!!!!!



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  3. asfjr says:

    Wouldn’t Dominic Moore be a potential PKer too?

  4. Bloomer says:

    I would like to see Dominic return to form and become a mainstay penalty killer too. He showed such great potential when he started his career in New York. Still boggles my mind why they traded him away for nothing.

    • Dave says:

      The trade line is kind of fun to follow:

      Moore for Adam Hall, Hall for Pascal Dupuis, Dupuis for Alex Bourret, Bourret for a 3rd (Tomas Kundratek), Kundratek for Francois Bouchard. Bouchard wasn’t tendered and is in the AHL.

  5. Centerman21 says:

    Hagelin is a wonderful defensive forward or 2 way forward as his top 6 mins should dictate. There is also Moore who’s a great Faceoff man who should play a big role on the PK just for a Faceoff win and then go off or not. Depends on AV. Dorsett will likely be a 4th line forward playing 5-10 mins a game. Those guys should get mins on the PK to give the Callahan’s and Stepans of the team a break. I’d like to see the forwards TOI a little more evenly distributed.