Rangers, Zuccarello avoid arbitration, agree to deal

Per Darren Dreger, he Rangers and Mats Zuccarello avoided their arbitration hearing, and have agreed on a one-year, $1.15 million contract. Zuccarello and the Rangers were set to go to arbitration tomorrow. The $1.15 million for Zuccarello represents a raise, but not as large of a raise as expected. Many, myself included, assumed he would get in the $1.5 million range. The extra money saved goes a long way to getting Derek Stepan under contract.

14 Responses to “Rangers, Zuccarello avoid arbitration, agree to deal”

  1. That’s considerably less than Brooks said Zucc asked for, and less than he said the Rangers offer. Again, rabble rouser.

    I’m glad the little guy is officially back.

      • I always thought he uses his opinions and puts his thoughts out as inside info. Could he be further off. Saying Zuccarello wanted 2 mil per. Not for a guy with his numbers and little sample we got last year. Lets see what he can do in 80 games.
        This just in. According to Brooks Stepan is seeking a max contract of 8 years and Lundqvist wants 40% of MSG included in his next contract extension. According to Brooks Lundqvist is holding firm in his demands. Whatta Maroon That Brooks.

  2. Just goes to show you how Brooks uses his name to put things like that out there. He had no better idea what Zuc was looking to get paid than any on us fans. He’s a fool.

  3. With the addition of Zuccs, Pouliot, Dorsett Rangers will be a “softer” team.

    Gone from the lineup are Asham, Bickel, and Crowe.

    Can’t believe our new coach won’t have at least one light heavy or heavyweight on the team.

    Did someone mention heavyweights McIlrath, Mashinter, or cruiserweight Haley?

      • Calling Dorsett soft is like calling Brendan Prust soft. apparently Mr. Frank Cerbone doesn’t know his hockey players.

    • Asham didn’t really do much last season besides show a sneaky wrister once in a while. Bickel never helped and Clowe was injured. I’d say this season’s team is looking a little faster and more skillful. I’ll take that.

    • What are you talking about. Dorsett led the NHL in fighting majors a year ago and Pyatt (230) and Boyle (245) are not small. They also still have Asham and Haley, McIlrath, and can still resign Mashinter if need be. No way they will be a soft team. Bad though. They have the guys they need to stick up for top players but gone are the days of needing to beat teams up until you score. We have a ton of skill now on the roster. The 4th line should have Moore and Dorsett on it. Those 2 alone are gritty players. Put Mashinter on LW and you have a tough shut down line.

    • Dorsett, soft? Zucc, who stared down The Mustache? Clowe who’s one injury away from retirement? Bickel who didn’t play much?

  4. The Rangers will still be over the cap when they sign Stepan. They’ll have to move somebody. What this does is make the goal easier to achieve AND make Zuccarello a keeper since he isn’t overpaid.

  5. Should have offered $3 million for 2 years or $4.8 million for 3 years, as his price will go way up after a full season and a “true” chance to show what he has to offer.

    • I don’t think you can commit more than a year until we see how he holds up and contributes for a full 80 game season. For all we know, he could play his way back to the AHL and a multi-year deal would be an albatross when we have a lot of other players to sign next offseason.