Del Zotto becomes third Ranger to have offseason surgery

June 13, 2013, by

According to his Twitter account, Michael Del Zotto became the third Ranger to have surgery this offseason. It does not sound like his injury was as serious as the torn labrums suffered by Ryan Callahan and Carl Hagelin though. Since the type of surgery is unknown, and the team has not formally announced anything, a timetable for a return has not been provided.

Update: The Rangers have announced that Del Zotto had surgery to repair a sports hernia.

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  1. Walt says:

    Maybe he had a pair of gonads added????

  2. Walt says:


    On a different note, Igor Malkin just signed an 8 year, $71 million contract extention!

    Listening to the NHL channel, hockey insider Darren Dregger said that he wouldn’t be suprised to see Chris Latang be moved, even before the draft, because he will want a major raise. At the rate the Pens are signing, and paying their stars, they won’t be able to afford him? Your thoughts?

    Also he mentioned that AV may fit better in Dallas, because of the possibily of Mess being in the equation. Sure would hate to lose the coach, I think he is the best out there, over Ruff, no more Bylsma, what next??

    • Walt says:

      correction, should have been $76 million, equals $9.5 a year.

    • Dave says:

      Pass on Letang, not a fan of guys that can’t actually play defense.

      I still don’t think Mess is the right choice here, and AV eventually gets the job.

      • @NYRFan says:

        I don’t think the Rangers are built for the kind of game he plays. Rangers need to win now. Is there enough time for him to fine tune the team to suit him after 5 years of Torts’ North/South hockey?
        Mess would be better. Probably play a similar style but most importantly he knows what it’s like to win in NY. Maybe he can get fire into the players. I think he will make a great motivator and get Leetch in there with him as an assistant. Between the two of them there’s more upside than down.

  3. amy says:

    vigneault was impressive with vancouver when he was there look who he had the Sedin twins, Ryan Kessler and others. here he has guys that block shots and play defense well but you need someone to get in front of the net and score goals we just didn’t have that. vigneault will instill that in them.