List gets shorter: Dallas Eakins to take coaching vacancy in Edmonton

June 9, 2013, by

The Edmonton Oilers surprised a few people yesterday when they fired head coach Ralph Krueger after just one lockout shortened season. While the Oilers organization was a bit cryptic about the firing, the reason became clear a few hours after the firing. The Oilers will actually be hiring Toronto Marlies head coach Dallas Eakins, with a press conference slated for tomorrow.

Eakins was a top coaching candidate for a lot of teams with coaching vacancies, including the Rangers. It is rumored that Alain Vigneault is still the front runner for the job in New York, with names like Ken Gernander, Mark Messier, and Lindy Ruff still in the mix.


  1. Walt says:

    Let’s hope that Slats makes the right choice, using his barin. He is very close to Mess, whom I admire very much as a player, and leader, but not as a head coach, who has zero experience. Time will tel, we will know soon enough!

  2. Rangers407 says:

    Much of coaching is developing a team chemistry. Messier should be great at that. Get him an experienced assistant coach and he’s ready to go.

  3. bernmeister says:

    Feel free to run with this idea, just provide me with the credit:

    Ryan Callahan, player coach.

    He needs full corps of assistants, including as to running shifts, but not a problem.

    Would totally command respect, unify, force all players to bust butt and put out!

    You’re welcome in advance.

  4. Todd says:

    How is it that Jason Kidd gets the HC job for the Nets and most people frown on Mess getting the HC job for the Rangers?
    I am not a basketball fan but you can’t tell me that being a HC for a basketball team is less complcated that being a HC for a hockey team…. thoughts?