Injury update: Boyle out indefinitely

April 19, 2013, by

This news broke yesterday, but Brian Boyle is out indefinitely with a lower body injury. He did not play yesterday and won’t play tonight. The injury prompted the Rangers to recall Chris Kreider from the AHL. Kreider played 8 shifts for 7:02 of ice time during last night’s 6-1 win over Florida. It’s expected that Kreider will get the same amount of playing time as the Rangers comtinue to play must-win games.

A lot of people mocked Boyle’s injury. And while Boyle may not be the swiftest skater, he was able to eat minutes that Kreider is not ready to eat. The effect will be fatigue of other players. That’s big.

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  1. Chris F says:

    Boyle –finally– brought a level of physicality this team needs down the stretch. It’s a tough loss. However, with that said, I thought Kreider played physical along the boards last night. If he can sustain that, it’ll lessen the impact of the loss of Boyle, although the limited minutes will restrict the impact of Kreider.

    • Chris F says:

      That last sentence came out a little clunky. Essentially, if Kreider can continue to play physically, he can offset the loss of Boyle, but only if he can be trusted with enough minutes to actually fill that hole.

  2. Walt says:

    Let’s hope they play Chris on the 3rd line, give him some quality time, anything is better that Pyatt!!

    In fairness, Pyatt’s game is better suited for the play-offs, and he is so slow. You have to have the kid get his minutes in, then after replace him with Pyatt when we are shutting down for the close of he game!!

  3. Zen says:

    I believe that if Kreider was actually given a chance by his Napoleon coach, he would do fine.

    The only place where Boyle’s injury might hurt the team is on the PK. He had no business playing wing on that 3rd line, no matter how much better he has been playing.

  4. Vikki says:

    I think that Brian Boyle is amazing and brings alt to the team. He s aggressive and not afraid to put the hits on the opponent. He also is excellent on face offs

  5. tom says:

    mr. boyle is and was the worst thrd line player in the league.If you have any brains at all,just check the facts,they don”t lie.He ruined millers devel- opment and was in the process of doing the same to hagelin.