Goal breakdown: Rangers score five as they dominate Flyers

March 26, 2013, by

If it wasn’t for two fortunate goals by the Flyers this game, on paper, would look like it did on the ice; a comprehensive victory for the Rangers. Led by the dominant top line the Rangers scored a few impressive goals and got solid performances all over the line up. Brad Richards had his best game in weeks, Lundqvist was solid, Kreider was energetic and dangerous all while Rick Nash and Derek Stepan manhandled the Flyers defense. Stepan in particular seems to grow with every additional game. On to the goal breakdown

First Period

Rangers 1-0; Rick Nash (14:54)

The Rangers opened the scoring with a Derek Stepan clinic. First of all, the Rangers center created a turnover behind the Flyers net with some great stick work (doing the basics right, stick on the ice) and eventually sent the puck up to the point where Girardi sent a shot glancing off the post. The puck came back to the Rangers and eventually to Stepan who, positioned to the right of Bryzgalov, sent a crisp pass over to Rick Nash who was moving toward goal and Nash put it top right on the Flyers goalie for the lead. A solid goal, forced by the Rangers desire to retrieve pucks.

Second Period

Rangers 2-0; Brad Richards PP goal (3:14)

The Rangers got a big second goal early in the middle period as they connected on the powerplay. After initially struggling to get into and set up in the Flyers zone the Rangers finally did and moved the puck around at the blue line when it finally comes to Richards to the left of Bryzgalov, up high. Using defenseman Andrej Meszaros as a screen Richards absolutely rifled one up high past the Flyers goalie. A great shot from Richards to double the lead.

Rangers 3-0; Derek Stepan (5:46)

The Rangers quickly added a third goal to pile on more misery for the Flyers. Derek Stepan, having a brilliant all-round game, was heavily involved again initially behind the net, as the Rangers outworked the Flyers along the boards. While the puck went up toward the blueline Stepan was making his way to the front of the net (more hockey basics being executed well by Stepan) where he would partially screen Bryzgalov, pick up the rebound from Rick Nash’s low shot and put it home past the scrambling Flyers goalie.

Rangers 3 -1 Flyers; Wayne Simmonds (17:53)

The Flyers got on the board late in the second with a powerplay tally but the goal was more down to the Rangers ineptitude than any particular piece of Flyers skill. Following a broken play in the middle of the zone Carl Hagelin had a chance to clear but instead tried to take the puck up ice (or at least doesn’t clear the zone immediately) and gets stripped of the puck. The puck is then put on net by a Flyer which Lundqvist was equal to but on the ensuing goal mouth scramble Rick Nash inadvertently re-directs the bouncing puck into his own goal as Simmonds was getting into position to force home the rebound.

Third Period

Rangers 3 – 2 Flyers; Jakub Voracek (6:28)

The Flyers scored their second freak goal of the game, a goal which came off a clean face off win by the Flyers. As the Flyers won the face off to the left of Lundqvist, Giroux then took a shot which was going high but came off Jakub Voracek who was battling in front of the net. Voracek knew nothing of the deflection, completely intentional as it was, but the deflection completely threw off Lundqvist who couldn’t stop the puck as it dropped into the net. Other than losing the face off the Rangers didn’t do a whole lot wrong on this goal as even Voracek was well guarded in front.

Rangers 4 -2 Flyers; Rick Nash (7:42)

The Rangers rebounded in style to the Flyers getting within one as the Rangers dominant top line struck again. Following a Stepan face off win the Rangers cycled the puck really well along the boards; first Stepan and then Hagelin before the puck came to Nash who carried it from behind the net, to the right of Bryzgalov and scored on the wrap around sliding the puck under the Flyers goalie banking it in bottom right hand side. The goal was more evidence of the chemistry enjoyed between Hagelin – Stepan – Nash and was the product of great puck retention by the Rangers against the Flyers fourth line.

Rangers 5 – Flyers 2; Chris Kreider (12:13)

Chris Kreider was rewarded for his energetic display all game with the Rangers fifth midway through the third. The goal was the product of a beautiful passing play by the Rangers. Brad Richards carried the puck into the Flyers zone, deliberately slowed up the play then found Kreider up the middle. The winger then played a gorgeous give and go with Michael Del Zotto on the left which drew Bryzgalov out of positioning and allowed Kreider – skating hard to the net – to put the puck into the unmanned net. Every aspect of this goal was well executed by the Rangers and evidence of their growing confidence throughout the game. Goals breed confidence.

Offensively this may have been the best game of the season for the Rangers, as beside the five goals they created plenty more chances and out-skilled a talented (if underachieving) Flyers team. A follow up win on Thursday in Ottawa would be huge. 


  1. Bloomer says:

    Great win, the squad appears to be pulling together.

  2. Evan says:

    We took care of an awful team. Now the real tests come with ottawa, montreal and double vs pitt. Lets hope this game is a true jump start to out offense that we have been waiting for all year

    • HARLEMBLUES says:

      I agreed.Philly really sucks.

    • Joe says:

      Philly has an absolutely terrible defense, thus the five goals. However, goals breed confidence, maybe the Rangers will get going…..we’ll see…I hope. Heading up to Montreal this weekend for the game, should be fun, hoping to help them break the streak.

  3. Mr. Snrub says:

    Good writeup. Excellent win, have to grab two points in Ottawa on Holy Thursday.

    Think Boyle should get a shout out on the Kreider goal. Drove to the net and cleared space in front of Kreider and DZ when they were doing their thing.

  4. Mikeyyy says:

    Good game. Nice write up.

    Goal 2 for the rangers was scored off a shot by Richards through a Callahan screen.

  5. Walt says:

    Nice job with the write up!

    The key to this game was the first goal, and then the fact that when the Flyers came back to 3-2 score, Nash’s wrap around put the dagger in the beast’s heart. I hate those basta*ds so much, and I would have liked the score to be 15-2, but we have to save some goals for the Sens.

    I have to admit, Torts tinkering last night, Boyle on the first line, Gabby with Callie on the third line, and Pyatt on the fourth worked very well. Now lets see if he doesn’t change them around again. I hope not!!!

    Hank play his heart out, those 2 goals were flukes, he deserved a shut-out.

    • Sally says:


      I believe Boyle was on the third line with Richards and Kreider. The first line was Nash, Hags and Stephan.

  6. ranger17 says:

    Best game of the year for the entire 3rd line BR CK BB CK did have a great game and used his legs alla Hags . BR finally had a fair game and Boyle also looks better on the wing .But it was against Phila and it was against their 3rd line also , next 4 games will make or break the season . We need to get up to the 6 th seed , if we are going to go anywhere it wont be easy TO is still looking good and playing well LGR

  7. Chris F says:

    Interesting night: Tort’s 400th win; Nash’s 300th goal; Richards’ 250th goal and 550th assist. I think Hank moved into 2nd in all-time wins.

    • Walt says:

      Interesting numbers! Sam mentioned the 300th goal for Nash, but I wasn’t aware of the rest. Good post!!

  8. HARLEMBLUES says:

    Next 4 then we talk.

  9. Mikeyyy says:

    Thank you torts for taking the leash off a bit. Haven’t seen tic tax goals and passing since the czechmates.

    • VinceR says:

      Still playing the same system…just actually executing. Just because they score goals doesn’t mean it’s different!

      • Spozos says:

        Completely agree on the execution. Of course it means crap if they can’t follow it up and play well in Ottowa(how many times have we said that this year?) the next week will be tough since Ottowa always gives us a fit then back to back with the Pens. Two out of three would be great.

        • VinceR says:

          Aside from the Jets game in between Ottawa and Pens (which they should win, winning strong would show something), don’t forget the game IN MONTREAL!!! That will be a big test, playing in that building.

      • mikeyyy says:

        Sorry the game plan changed.

        We weren’t trying one touch passes AT ALL.

        There was no give and go. And while we were playing on the wall…the third forward was driving the net or going to the high slot vs going to the wall to back up the other forwards.

        This game was different. Less dump and chase. More looking for guys not on the wall.

        Plus we were trying to make cross ice passes…Playing North South into the zone and then going east west on the passes. crisp , tape to tape.

        Something changed…and its not execution.

        • VinceR says:

          That is the plan…they weren’t executing. You really think Torts said “don’t you dare drive to the net or try to score on a give and go”. The system is meant to set those plays up…good defense leads to rushes up ice. Guys are supposed to be driving to the net, which is why Torts and Henke have been mentioning the need to play tougher in front.

          They have been trying to make cross ice passes…they are usually intercepted due to impatience, passed into the skates or behind the skater, or those receiving the passes flubbing them, or missing nets when they get the pass.

          The first tic tac toe was set up by getting the puck deep, then back to the point, shot by G, wide, which went back to the opposite point, back to G, to step, to Nash.

          The second goal was on an umbrella power play, movement and quick passing (as Torts had been stressing) setting up a shot from the point.

          Third goal was McD going deep, Nash covering back, hard work down low causing a bad clearing attempt stopped by Nash who was back at the blue line, shot on net, deflection, pick up, score step.

          4th goal was win the face, get the puck deep, cycle, Nash wrap around (didn’t hurt that Bryz half-assed the wrap around coverage)

          5th goal, Kredier skating back on D, puck comes up inside own blue line, chips it Richie, he pulls up and holds it while waiting for help, DZ joins the rush (Richie stays at blue line), Boyle gets to the net, give and go Kreids and DZ.

          Torts doesn’t want them not to make pretty plays..the system is meant to set up goals, both garbage and pretty..the forecheck is agressive, the D joins the play. Backchecking solid D leads to rushes the other way, players down low allow the D to join the offense.

          I don’t think Torts just said, “screw it, just play”. Does that really sound like him? I was waiting for this post honestly…an out-pouring of offense was guaranteed for someone to say “oh he must have changed the system”.

          If they keep it up, I would love to see a comparative post by Suit.

          • The Suit says:

            Stole the words from my mouth Vince.

            Taking time off from the systems stuff, at least in the comments section. Time for everyone else to step up and spread the knowledge.