Around the Farm: Fasth’s season ends, becomes option for Rangers

March 22, 2013, by

Jesper Fasth’s season in the SEL came to an end yesterday, dropping Game Five of their first round series to Linkopings by a score of 6-1. Linkopings, the 7th seed in the playoffs, won the series 4-1 over Fasth’s 2nd seeded HV71. In the previous ATF, we noted that Fasth would become an option for the  Rangers if HV71 were to lose. Fasth is already signed to an ELC, and it is no secret that the Rangers are trying to get their two Swedes (Fasth and Oscar Lindberg) over to the US. I believe Fasth still has one year left on his deal with HV71, so that might be a minor hiccup.

Be sure to check after the jump for the full scoring lines for the games. Also check out our Prospect Stats page for season long scoring lines.

  • SEL
    • Jesper Fasth (HV71, L 6-1, lose series 4-1): 0 G, 0 A, 0 PIM, Even
  • WHL
    • Shane McColgan (Saskatoon, L 4-1, trail series 1-0): 01 G, 0 A, 0 PIM, -2
    • Josh Nicholls (Saskatoon, L 4-1, trail series 1-0): 0 G, 1 A, 0 PIM, -2
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  1. RangerTex says:

    It sounds like he is coming over.
    Rough translation of an interview he had after his playoff exit

    Jesper Fasth heading to Rangers

    The HV71 has season come to an end but Jesper Fasth may continue to play. Jesper Fasth now awaits a call from the New York Rangers.

    The HV71 has season come to an end but Jesper Fasth may continue to play. Jesper Fasth now awaits a call from the New York Rangers.
    – Of course I am excited, says Jesper Fasth.

    But first and foremost he mourned HV71’s loss after a total of 4-1 in the quarterfinal series against Linkoping.
    – You feel empty, feel like you just want to lie down and scream. It’s really tough. It will take a while to get over this, says Jesper Fasth disappointment, sighs deeply and continues:
    – It could have been us leading this series 3-1 in games instead but unfortunately hockey is not always fair. I think we should have won a couple of the games played

    “The dream is to play in the NHL ‘
    Now it seems instead to become the NHL and the New York Rangers. Fasth has been throughout the season played on loan in Jönköping club and Rangers would certainly want him to join them.
    – Of course I am excited, the dream’s to play in the NHL. But first and foremost I need to take it easy for a while and rehab so we’ll see what happens.

    Jesper Fasth and Rangers scout Anders Hedberg had sms-contact during the playoffs and the quarterfinals four, Hedberg and Rangers manager Gordie Clark was in Cloetta Center to follow Jesper.
    – They have been keeping up with me, otherwise, they have not disturbed me during the playoffs. So far I have not heard anything concrete.
    If they want you to go over now?
    – Yes, the dream has always been the NHL. But I have not had time to think about it yet, you feel only emptiness.
    How does it feel to finish his career in HV in this way?
    – Terribly heavy. I have had three fantastic years here but not got us any results. Going out three quarters in a row is terribly boring.

  2. Walt says:

    I believe that Fasth does indeed have another year to go before he can come over, unless the Rangers buy out his contract.

    On a side note, this kid is so quick that he was trying to legally change his last name to Fast!!!

    Personally I believe of the two, Lindberg is the jem, although this kid is no slouch. Oscar would be able to come to the US after his team wins it all, or is eliminated from the play-offs.

    • RangerTex says:

      Don’t underestimate Fasth though. He has a little grit. Dubi light with better speed and hands.

      • Dave says:

        Alex Nunn ( compared him to Hagelin in terms of skill set.

      • Walt says:

        A little grit, and plenty of talent, with Hags skill set, blazing speed, we have a winner. I wasn’t putting Fasth down, all I was trying to say that as good as he is, it appears that Lindberg is the better of the two, or so they say!!!!

  3. Jess says:

    Fast is a slower version of Hagelin (not many are as fast as Hagelin) but he has a little better overall package than Hagelin.

    He doesn’t mind going into traffic or taking a hit in order to make a play. He works hard at both ends of the ice but his game is more geared for offense.

    Typical of today’s Swedish player, he brings a solid set of fundamental skills.

    All that being said; it is doubtful that the Rangers would buyout his contract from HV71 and bring him directly to the Rangers. He is going to need some time in the AHL adapting to the North American game.

    I could see the NYR bringing him over in July to gauge where he is at and then making the call to either buy out his contract with HV71

  4. Bloomer says:

    Sound like Jesper Fasth has a bit of talent, but does he have enough skeep to play with the big boys?

  5. Jess says:


    Yes he does as I have watched a lot of tape of Fast and he is willing to go into corners to fight for the puck or in the slot so other than needing to put some meat on his body he will be OK.