Goal breakdown: Just not their night, Rangers fall to Panthers

March 21, 2013, by
(Photo by Scott Levy/NHLI via Getty Images)

(Photo by Scott Levy/NHLI via Getty Images)

As I sat on my couch watching the game tonight, I found myself repeating the same phrase over and over throughout the tilt: “it’s not their night”.  I mean, this was a trap game, anyway.  I watched as pucks bounced around Jacob Markstrom’s crease, deflected off defenders, and bounced into the Ranger net.  The Blueshirts pummeled the young Swede and aside from a nifty move from Marian Gaborik, came up completely empty.  They dominated play for most of the night, but nothing went right this evening.

The top three lines showed flashes of brilliance, Hank looked very sharp, and the cycle/puck possession game looked fairly strong.  They created chances, but Markstrom played a tremendous game.  Hopefully they came build off some of the positives against the Caps.  Onto the goals…

First period

Panthers 1, Rangers 0

After Roman Hamrlik took a high sticking penalty around the 8:00 mark, the Panther powerplay went to work.  Dan Girardi misplayed a clearing attempt, allowing the cats to retain possession.  The puck was worked around to Brian Campbell, who blasted an absolute beauty over the left shoulder of Lundqvist. 

Panthers 2, Rangers 0

This goal was one of the aforementioned bad bounces.  Jack Skille made a strong cut move to the front of the net, which Hank made a tough save on.  The rebound caromed into the slot, where a serious scrum ensued.  Scottie Upshall was able to get a stick to it, after which is bounced off Lundvist’s blocker and into the back of the net.  Brutal break.

Second period- No scoring

Third Period

Panthers 2, Rangers 1

The Rangers regrouped after winning an offensive zone faceoff back to the neutral zone.  Del Zotto worked the puck over to Nash, who found Gaborik streaking in behind the defense on the far side.  Gabby broke in alone on Markstrom and put a beautiful backhand upstairs.

Panthers 3, Rangers 1

Empty net from the Panthers zone.  Just icing on the cake in this one.

The loss snapped a two game winning streak for New York, and I know there are a lot of frustrated fans out there.  However, that game could have easily been won 5-2 had Markstrom not been a beast.  (If he’s not an argument for smaller equipment, I don’t know who is.)  There were definitely periods where they seemed to go through the motions and overall the effort still has to be better.  They did, however, put 45 shots on goal.  Including 8 from Marian Gaborik, who looked much improved tonight.

Time to turn it around Sunday evening against the Caps.  With the trade deadline approaching, and the games winding down, it’s time for this team to get on a roll.

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  1. Spozo says:

    I couldn’t watch the game and only was able to listen to the radio in spurts. How did Kreider look?

    • Colin says:

      Looked goods, working really hard and combined well with Miller.

      • rickyrants13 says:

        No shots on goal Ide say He was missing. ow des he have no shots on goal when the team get 45 of them????

        • Spozo says:

          As I said I didn’t watch the game but I don’t think you can define a player by shots on goal. I was more concerned as to how he looked. Such as was he tentative; did he play well defensively; did he forecheck/back check. He was sent to the AHL to work on his game away from the puck and his game as a whole so I was curious as to how he played.

          • The Suit says:

            I thought Kreider had some good shifts. They had some good looks on the forecheck, didn’t get pinned in their own zone. Not sure I like Boyle between CK and Miller. Seems a step behind.

            • Dave says:

              So what you’re saying is Boyle can’t keep up with Kreider and Miller? Shocking.

  2. Mr. Snrub says:

    Any thoughts on Nash’s hit on Kopecky?

    • Evan says:

      Dirty. If that hit happened to one of our guys, we’d be livid and call for a suspension. He aimed high and clearly left the ice. I like Nash, but that was dirty.

      • Mikeyyy says:

        You must be smoking crack. Nash went for the hit and kopecks slipped. Dropped his head a bit and the check on the back became a check in the neck. Once he realized it he pulled back. He could have hurt him bad. If it was a dirty au

        • Evan says:

          I’m just saying that he was air borne on that hit and aiming high. If we saw that happen to one of our players, we’d call for a suspension. Crack, no. Rational, yes.

  3. Colin says:

    1st goal: Hamrlik
    2nd goal: Why didn’t anyone close to an onrushing panther just get physical and lay a solid shoulder on, or else just take the penalty for interference.
    Disappointing game and terrible result

  4. rickyrants13 says:

    Okay how many of you re willing o admit it this time Our goalie DID NOT get the job DONE. Yes our team not scoring on 45 shots meens that the other teams goalie OUT PLAYED OURS.

    Something is not right with this team. When you completly out shoot the other team and you have an ALLSTAR in Nets you should win that game. And we didnt.

    The FIRE TORTS CHANTS must come out of the blues…

    • jb says:

      What is this goalie bitching you’ve got going on? It doesn’t even make any sense…

      • Spozo says:

        He sound like a baseball fan who says one pitcher has to “out duel” the opposing pitcher. In reality that is horse shit. One goalie has to with stand the other teams offence. In fact one goalie has absolutely no impact on the other.

        • Evan says:

          Why does anyone on this site acknowledge an individual who’s just looking to rile others up? Ignore him. He’s not worth the effort.

          I thought Lundqvist looked fairly uncomfortable during the first last night, but settled in. And Gaborik showed up for the game in great form. Possibly the most visible last night.

          • VinceR says:

            Thanks all, I’m gonna take the day off and sit this one out, clearly not worth a reply.

            • rickyrants13 says:

              Yea thats it all ignore the only one in here that tells it like it is Not how he wants it to be. Thats why forums like this are lucky to last. You either kiss ass and fall in line or your ignored.

              Thats okay I went thru this before only to be dead on with the Gomez trade. and the Firing of Renney. O by the way hows that Torts guy working out for us again???

              • The Suit says:

                Who is kissing who’s ass? Please specify.

              • rickyrants13 says:

                Hey suit I have told you this over and over. I call it kissing ass when One is only willing to talk about the good and not the bad.

                There are atleast 4 people on this board that are un willing to see the truth about this Rangers team They only want things to be rah rah rah.

                Its been 19 years since things were rah rah rah in MSG. And there are plenty of Ranger fans that want to see it that way sooner rather then later. And with this coach WE JUST DONT SEE IT coming anytime soon.

              • Dave says:

                When we talk about the bad, we do it in a mature manner that doesn’t involve finger pointing.

                Ricky, I gave you your first and only warning about questioning our integrity. We write how we see it, and we present facts and stats to back up our points of view, positive or negative.

                You had your warning. Consider yourself banned.

  5. rickyrants13 says:

    For your info We are now 2-5 in our last seven It really sucks watching a relic score goals in net for the Devils and get the win. And we cant beat Florida???

  6. Bloomer says:

    The Rangers’ top line once again got out played by the oppositions 3rd line. I do like how the Stephan and Boyle lines played. If the first line could just hold their own and not consistently get out scored and outplayed the Rangers could have a chance to make the playoffs.

  7. TxRanger says:

    Gaborik’s goal was sick. Other than that, Markstrom killed us tonight.

  8. Mikeyyy says:

    Things I liked.

    Nash richie and gabby talki g all game to each other. Nash is trying to learn them and chatter helps

    Gabby got no pat on the back from the coach for the goal. You know why. He left his post along the wall to take a pass from nash. That’s not ranger hockey. The forwards almost always play against the boards. Gabby left his spot because be and nash both saw the hole.

    Kreider was trying to hit everything that moved. Boyle was doing everything he could.

    While it was a loss, I could see the effort they were making.

    Gotta adapt and change. I do t see it under this coach. I see improvements but it has plateaued.

    Remember 2-7-3. That record got renney fired with half the skill on the roster that torts has.

    • The Suit says:

      Agree with some of your points, but being the systems guy I have to say what in gods name are you talking about with regard to leaving the wall? I know you hate Torts, but now you are just making stuff up.

      Players are supposed to find openings in defensive coverage regardless of systems or tactics. That’s hockey 101 and has nothing to do with JT. Bit of a stretch there bud…

      • Mikeyyy says:

        I know I am not explaining it right.

        But I never see the rangers go for holes because they don’t want to be out of position if something goes wrong.

        It’s like the system only allows you so much leeway to go for those. Like we are afraid of 2 on 1 rushes.

      • Spozo says:

        C’mon suit stop kissing ass. Did you also know that Tortorella is partially responsible for the meteor that exploded over Russia last month and injured thousands? The guy’s days are clearly numbered.

        • The Suit says:


          • rickyrants13 says:

            You know what sucks. Sitting here waiting for the day He gets canned so we can all say we told you so. Just becauseyou guys are not able to see it doesnt mean the rest of us arent Its a shame that you guys would rather argue with fellow Ranger fans that are able to think for themselves It really is.

            • The Suit says:

              You know what sucks? Spending hours detailing hockey systems using video, photos, & chalkboards as actual proof showing how Rangers hockey is actually played, only to have people who’ve never played the game come on here and accuse us of being some know nothing kiss asses.

              • rickyrants13 says:

                Part of your problem is thinking you know what others have done with their lives YOU are not a fortune teller…

                And you are not anywhere near the know all of Hockey just because you detail hockey systems that at this courent time ARE FAILING…

                Thats right failing. Failing ALLSTAR FORWARDS. and An allstar goalie.

                Its a Hockey game not the dam bible son. Just because you can read the system doesnt mean its the right one.

                Right now this team is only 2 games above 500. With an ALLSTAR GOALIE who is only 1 game above 500. And are on the outside looking in.

                Yes there are new faces. And yes we have had injuries. And yes its a short season. But every dam team in the NHL has put up with the same things.

                We saw this coming last year. We saw the flaws You didnt want to hear it then either. What is it gonna take for you all to talk about the flaws and the things that are wrong NO PLAYOFFS? First round and out? Second round and out? WHEN???

                Last year we barely made it to the ECF. This year we will be lucky to make the playoffs. When we bitch about the goalie YOU ALL say its not him, When we Bitch about Gabs not scoring YOU ALL say its not him, When we bitch about Torts YOU ALLLLLLLLLL say its not HIM….

                So who the hell is it????

              • The Suit says:

                So you want blame? We give that to you all the time. Hell we do that in every goal recap LOL. Now, I wouldn’t call what we do bitching, because we’re grown ups and we support our opinions with actual analysis (including photos, videos, advanced stats, systems, etc).

                You don’t ever agree with what we write, which is fine, but the problem is you take the extra step of antagonizing other readers and accusing us of being ass kissing cheerleaders. You’re questioning our integrity sonny boy and that’s an issue I believe you’ve already been warned about.

                Clearly, there’s absolutely nothing we can do to appease you. You obviously ignore our points and the supporting analysis we lay out in front of you, so I’m just going to take a page out of your book and ignore you. C’ ya.

              • Dave says:

                He has been warned.

                Ricky, no one here cares if you disagree with us. No one here cares if you finger point all the time. What we care about are the baseless accusations and continual questioning of our integrity.

                I warned you last week. You’re done here.

  9. SalMerc says:

    In the end, when you look at the schedule, these were two points you expected to collect. Didn’t even get one. Hovering in eighth makes you think about these “should have” games.

  10. Ben says:

    Granted, didn’t watch, but all the shots in the “highlights” were into Markstrom’s chest. We gotta not give him easy saves. 45 shots means shit if they’re all right into him.

    • Justin says:

      In fairness Ben, his chest is bigger than most entire goalies.

    • HARLEMBLUES says:

      I did Ben and Markstrom didn’t stand on his head.Henrik made many more tough saves.A HOME loss to the PANTHERS. This team again was not ready to play when the puck dropped, at HOME AGAINST THE PANTHERS. Trap game my ass.This team isn’t good enough to call any game a trap game.Crap game yes trap no.But for Gabbys strong goal it’s a shutout at HOME against the PANTHERS.

  11. Walt says:

    The only remark I will make about the game is that we came out flat again, and I’ll rename this group of players IHOP !!!

    I can’t believe that all we could score was one goal, on 40 shots. Their goalie, Markstrom was just too good for us last night. That is one big dude.