Apologies for BSB down time

March 21, 2013, by

Over the past few days, we’ve had some server issues that prevented the site from loading for a lot of people. After several phone calls and tweets, it appears we are all set, and shouldn’t have this issue. I apologize for the down time.

There were some very good posts from the guys, so if you have some spare time, you should go back and read them. Great stuff. Again, sorry for the blog being down.


  1. Hatrick Swayze says:

    Could you guys throw up some more analysis on the Kreider recall? I’m find it kind of curious and wanted to know what you guys thought collectively.

    While I do want Kreider up with the club, I want it at the right time. If it is a long term call up, and he gets solid 3rd line minutes (15/gm) then it may be warranted. He needs leeway, like Miller got, to play through some mistakes.

    With Haley being sent down, who drops the gloves for us? Is that a concern. Maybe Bickel slots in for Eminger? Not so sure I like that idea since Emmys playing well of late. Maybe Asham is close to returning, which I think would be our best bet to fill that role.

    If that’s the case, then who sits for Asham? Halpern or Boyle maybe?

    I just find it curious what prompted the Kreider call up. Why shake things up now that we’ve played 105 consecutive minutes of good hockey. It would have made more sense, to me at least, to make this move after a loss or poor effort.

    Lastly, what are lines going to look like?

    Nash – Richie – Gabby
    Hags – Stepan – Cally
    Pyatt – Miller – Kreider
    Halpern – Boyle – Powe

    (Asham in for Halpern when he returns)

    Perhaps what helped Kreider’s cause is Miller’s development on the defensive side of the puck? Maybe torts feels comfortable rolling that 3rd line with the comfort level he has with JT & Pyatt out there to play with Kreider.

    I do like the fact that now 1) Boyle may be a true 4th line guy and 2) we have 3 lines that should be able to put the puck in on any given night.


    • Sally says:

      I’m so glad you wrote this as I have questions too. With Kreider coming up, does this mean there is a trade in the works?

  2. The Suit says:

    Not sure where Chris, Dave, and the rest of the boys stand, but my belief is that if Kreider plays well on both sides of the puck, meaning he can score and isn’t a liability on defense, then Gabby’s days could be numbered.

    We’re tight against the cap next year, so removing Gabby’s $7.5M hit makes sense, but only if we think we can replace some of those goals.

    Pending Kreider’s play, my bet is that Gabby could be traded for either a puck over on defense or scoring depth at forward. I’ll get into more depth in a post later tonight when I get home from work.

    • Spozo says:

      I’m still on the fence on trading Gabby. I just don’t like the idea of trading our best pure goal scorer in a season that Rangers were built to win the cup. Yes he has played like crap this year and hasn’t put up the numbers to support salary but let’s be honest, when this guy is on his game he puts the puck in the net more than Nash. With that said I do agree that an unproductive Gaborik doesn’t do anything for us. If he does get moved we better get alot in return.

      Why the hell can’t he just play like last year and we wouldn’t be having this discussion!!

      • Walt says:

        Better yet Spozo, why the hell is Gabby playing on the left wing, where he played his entire career on the right???? I think the man is playing like a fish out of water!!

  3. Rob says:

    Wow..Lotta trade rumors going around this morning. Involving anyone from Ritchie, Gabby and Kreids to Scuderi, M. Richards to Dan Boyle, Pavelski and big Joe. I swear, we trade Richie I’m gonna freak.