Staal update: Out indefinitely, expected to make full recovery

The Rangers released a statement today about the status of Marc Staal:

“Following an injury suffered in last night’s game vs. Philadelphia, Marc Staal was examined today in New York by Dr. Mark Fromer, ophthalmologist, and Dr. Mendel Markowitz, maxillofacial surgeon. ¬†The injury has improved significantly and both doctors are optimistic that Marc will make a full recovery. ¬†Staal will be sidelined indefinitely.”

Fans can exhale a bit, as it appears Staal did not suffer significant injuries after taking the puck to his eye last night. The words “out indefinitely” always scare folks, but this injury is not career threatening.

2 Responses to “Staal update: Out indefinitely, expected to make full recovery”

  1. Bloomer says:

    Thanks for the update on Marc Staal. A hockey game has little importance when you see a man get badly injured.

  2. barrybeck says:

    The delay in releasing Stalls status and the limited amount of info given was poorly handled. I do not think we need any details but the players well being and severity of injury should have been quicker and better described. I don’t know Stall but I’m still concerned and as a fan I want to know the teams status just as much as I want to watch the games.