Around the Farm: Kreider notches a pair of goals in Whale loss

March 6, 2013, by

Chris Kreider sure seems motivated to get back to the NHL level, and he is proving it on the scoreboard. Kreider netted two more goals last night, giving him four goals in three games since his demotion. Kreider first goal of the contest was another powerplay goal, giving him three tallies with the man advantage in that same time frame. It appears something has clicked with the young winger, and it will be fun to see if he can keep this pace up.

Be sure to check after the jump for the full scoring lines for the games. Also check out our Prospect Stats page for season long scoring lines.

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  1. Chris F says:

    Good news, but we all know about Kreider’s offensive upside. We need to see how he plays away from the puck before he gets brought back to the NHL.

  2. ranger17 says:

    but it is a start . If and when he comes back up this tyear he needs to play on a scoring line . would love to see him with JT Miller and Hags . It could be a line for the futer years to come

  3. Jess says:

    The away from the puck excuse with Kreider is weak at best. It is called your coach doesn’t know how to develop a key prospect and sends him to the AHL coach to do what he can’t.

    FYI add Josh Nicholls to list of Ranger prospects. He signed a UFA ELC this past weekend. Plays with McColgan on same line in Saskatoon.
    Was 1-1-2 -2 last night goal was his 42nd

    • RyanK says:

      Yeah, sorry Jess, but no. Kreider’s been a defensive liability. You can’t put a liability on the ice when you’re in desperate need of wins. Sending Kreider to the AHL was the right move. It’s not that Tortorella can’t teach Kreider how to play away from the puck, it’s that he can’t afford to during a shortened season.

    • VinceR says:

      Again, the kid was having a rough go of during the lockout it in the AHL BEFORE the NHL season started. Not sure how we blame Torts for that.

  4. Jess says:

    So how come nobody was complaining about Kreider in any way while he was playing for the Rangers during the playoffs?

    Sorry Ryan but it was John Tortorella who was being so vocal about getting Kreider onto the team for the last 2 years.

    How did it escape that Kreider was “weak away from the puck” or a liability on defense as the Ranger’s played their way to the Eastern Conference finals?

    I mean no disrespect to either Ryan or Vince but one would think that the playoffs are way more important than the regular season.

    Last year Ranger fans were just as guilty as the coach wanting Kreider to leave school but man if a prospect isn’t perfect from day 1…………….

    • RyanK says:

      The Rangers didn’t have any other options during the playoffs. Boyle sat with a concussion and Hagelin was suspended. When they brought Kreider up, he was scoring goals, so his lack of defensive awareness wasn’t nearly the issue it’s been this season.

    • Scully says:

      He’s 19/20, let him hone is craft in the AHL (a place where he’s never even played before this season) not during a lockout shortened season. Torts said it himself he won’t play him more than 8 minutes a game until his game is at the level it needs to be, and sending him down so he could play major minutes is the best way to make that happen. No one cares if the Whale lose every game for the rest of the season (not really but exaggerating for a point) as long as the prospects continue to develop. Shoney knows what he’s doing and the Whale run the same system the Rangers do. When Kreider is ready he’ll be back and will get key minutes.