Eminger loaned to AHL on conditioning stint

February 13, 2013, by

Per Andrew Gross, citing the AHL transaction website, the Rangers have loaned defenseman Steve Eminger to the Connecticut Whale on a two-week conditioning stint. Eminger has played just four games this year for the Rangers, which includes just one game in February. In each of those games, Eminger was used for less than ten minutes per game in each of those contests.

The Whale play six games in the next two weeks, which will give Eminger plenty of game situations. This is not a demotion to the AHL, this is a conditioning stint.

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  1. supermaz says:

    I feel Eminger did a fine job last season and see no reason why he shouldn’t get more ice time with the parent club.
    He is st least as good as the very overrated Del Zotto .

    • Tim B says:

      He was very good for the Rangers UNTIL he was injured. I think it was a seperated shoulder. Didnt play for a long time. Came back and was never the same. To be honest, Wouwitka was also very good until they scratched him and played Bickel every game. I’d rather have Woywitka than the younger Eminger.

      • Dave says:

        Yea, that shoulder really affected his play.

      • Zen says:

        Folks… the Eminger hype has to stop. There is a reason why he can’t get in the lineup… he is not good. And the Woywitka love? My head is going to explode. These guys are fringe NHLers at best right now and nowhere near as good as what we have playing.

        Better than MDZ? LMAO!

    • Dave says:

      Don’t bring that Scotty MDZ crap here.

      MDZ is what he is: An offensive defenseman who is ok in his own end. Once people realize this, and that he’s barely 23 (note: streaky, inconsistent), everyone will be happy.

      As long as he improves from year to year, there’s no issue with him.

  2. Walt says:

    Better being sent down to play for a while, one can get rusty sitting on the pine too long.