Kreider’s quick development more crucial than ever

February 6, 2013, by
Kreider's development into an offensive threat is needed... now

Kreider’s development into an offensive threat is needed… now

The Rangers have been up and down all season long and there has been absolutely no consistency from any unit, line, and from any one player. All that needs to change, but above all the Rangers need that much, much discussed issue of secondary offensive to be resolved quickly.

Chris Kreider’s shot that resulted in his goal against the Devils was a thing of beauty. Yes, perhaps Brodeur shouldn’t have been beaten from such an angle, but Kreider had almost nothing to aim at and still found a hole up high. It’s an example, isolated as it is so far this season, of Kreider’s undoubted ability.

The Rangers are suffering right now, without doubt. They are desperate for secondary scoring, desperate for Ryan Callahan to return, and getting pretty desperate for any kind of prolonged spark to ignite their season. It’s because of all these combined facts that Kreider’s development into a legitimate scoring option needs to happen quicker than ever.

Perhaps it’s not fair to expect too much from the young American winger t0o soon but the fact is he’s needed. Whether he’s ready for that pressure remains to be seen, but the pressure is there and it’s not going away anytime soon. Not on a team saddled with the expectancy that the Rangers have.

What would help is some consistent creativity from the Rangers, regardless who provides it. Brad Richards’ delayed pass to Kreider for his goal was a clever piece of play by the Rangers center, a kind of creativity that hasn’t been seen enough this season.

However, the Rangers top line have been creating even if they haven’t been finishing enough. It’s beyond that line where the improvement needs to come from. Carl Hagelin and Derek Stepan need to step up, but if Chris Kreider (or a J.T. Miller for that matter) could provide a scoring streak –a legitimate threat from another line– then the Rangers season would improve almost immediately.  It’s starting to become a critical issue.

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  1. Mikeyyy says:

    Soooo frustrating. A few years ago we started game strong bit couldn’t finish strong.

    Then we had depth but no top line talent.

    But we were able to beat other teams in the 3rd period.

    Now we kind of took a page from all those periods. We can’t start strong, can’t finish strong, have no depth, and a top scoring line that can’t finish.

    It’s driving me nuts.

  2. Chris.C says:

    Ive been saying its only game #9, Once that number hits 12. Im posting my thoughts.
    JT Miller Looked good last night. I might be wrong but I believe they played together in the WJ’s

  3. Walt says:

    I hate saying this, but break up the top line, and spread the potential for scoring around. Every teams top defensive players are assigned to the top line. Move Gabby down, and Kreider, Callie, or even the Miller kid up, to shake it up for the team.

    If Step can’t do the job on the second line as a center, replace him with Miller, see what happens. The time has come where we have to look at who is doing the job, and who isn’t, and sit the ones that don’t give 100%.

    I have been very supportive of the Rangers all season, and even before it started, but I have three strands of hair left on my head, please don’t make me pull them out as well!!!!!

  4. Tim B says:

    Imagine this:

    Now you have 3 lines capable of scoring

    • VinceR says:

      Cally may be back as soon as tomorrow night from reports today.

    • Pete says:

      Miller at 2nd line center? After one game? and Stepan on the 3rd line? Oh and btw, where does Cally play?

      • Jared says:

        I would like to see these lines until Cally comes back:

        Hags- Stepan- Miller
        Asham- Halpern-Powe

        I want Miller to get some good minutes so he can get acclimated to the pace of the NHL. Miller said it in his interview the pace is the biggest thing to get used to. Also putting him next to hags will show Miller how he should skate in the NHL. The only thing i dont like is putting pyatt on the 3rd line. He has been playing well but I think after he settles into who he actually is thats where he’ll slot.

        When Callahan does get back:

        Hags- Stepan- Callahan

        Boyle, sorry. That is my real question mark. I really think torts should mix him in with the third. When Callahan gets back I dont think they will actually run a 4th line but just shuffle that third line with all 6 of them.

      • Tim B says:

        See Jared’s line combos below. I would have to agree with them when Cally gets back.

  5. Gary says:

    I think cally is a great player on the first pp unit an is a stud on the pk, but he is a third line player at even strength and Boyle is a fourth line player.

  6. Bloomer says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how the superstars always seem to be given a free pass on this site. Richards make a good pass yes, but played like crap the rest of the game. The big money line was minus 2 for the outing and stunk on the PP.

  7. bernmeister says:

    chuck torts, sullivan behind bench w/sather dropping in to say hello.

    stop the insane shot blocking deplete our players approach, get some offense.

    Keep Miller, trade Stepan + for premium upgrade at D or C