Goal Breakdown: Rangers at Devils

February 5, 2013, by

In the first meeting between these two playoff bound teams, Martin Brodeur was the difference. He wasn’t called upon often, but he made some great saves when he needed to. The Rangers defense also fell asleep a few too many times this game, as their defensive miscues on goals one and three by the Devils turned out to be the difference in this game.

On a positive note, both Chris Kreider and J.T. Miller looked solid in this game. Kreider looked like the Kreider of old, and Miller looked like he fits in with the Rangers just fine. If you’re going to take a positive from this game, take that.

On to the goals:

Coverage fail. Again.

Coverage fail. Again.

Devils 1, Rangers 0

This goal is just a whole big mess all around. First, the Rangers lose the puck along the half boards, and the Devils cycle the puck behind the net. Michael Del Zotto chases David Clarkson behind the net, where Marc Staal is tied up already with Patrick Elias. So with both defensemen behind the net, Adam Henrique just sits wide open in the slot. Marian Gaborik, is the weak side winger and the weak side winger has to cover the high slot. This is a mental gaffe on Gabby’s part and probably why he was sent down to play with Halpern. It also helps that Staal didn’t realize Henrique was there, even though he was nowhere near Elias at the time of the pass.

It's right there!

It’s right there!

Devils 2, Rangers 0

This one is just relatively awful luck. Henrik Lundqvist makes the right play to move the puck from behind the net, and MDZ makes the right play to cut over to attempt to move the puck up. Problem is that Clarkson beat him to it, and kicked the puck up to Elias with his skate. Elias hits Stephen Gionta with a pass, and both Ryan McDonagh and Rick Nash converge on him. The puck winds up in Nash’s skates, and he just can’t locate it in time. Clarkson, who was on the ice already, challenges Nash while MDZ and McDonagh are busy with Gionta. Clarkson just beats Nash to it and fires one past a surprised Lundqvist.

Clarkson. He's kind of open.

Clarkson. He’s kind of open.

Devils 3, Rangers 0

This one is all on MDZ. Arron Asham took a penalty that may have prevented a goal, and on the ensuing powerplay, the Devils went to work. After the Rangers won the face off, the Devils gained control, and worked the puck to the point. This is where MDZ failed to cover Clarkson (above).

Too late.

Too late.

Once the shot made it through to Hank, the rest was easy for Clarkson, who beat MDZ to the puck. Beating MDZ was easy considering he had a big head start on him. Del Zotto had a brain fart on this one.

Folks, there's more than 1 Ranger on the ice.

Folks, there’s more than 1 Ranger on the ice.

Rangers 1, Devils 3

After a neutral zone turnover by the Devils, Brad Richards scoops up the puck and gains the zone. Richards eventually draws the attention of all five Devils, as at that point they were playing the lead based trap I talked about in my game preview, and part of the trap is to collapse around center-ice puck carriers. Once Richards dishes to Chris Kreider, all he needs to do is hit the open spot. Marty probably wants this one back, as that’s a sharp angle shot. Though, let’s also remember that Kreider ripped a great shot on this goal.

The Rangers are 4-5-0 at this point. We’ve been saying that 12 games is the panic point for the Rangers. That’s still three games away. Let’s not over-analyze this until we hit that mark. I trust Suit has a 12 game panic post brewing if we get there.

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  1. Bloomer says:

    Where was Richards on the first goal? The centerman should be covering the shooter in the slot. I think the team was much better tonight when Torts broke up the first line. Kreider with Richards and Gabs, Nash paired with Stephen would create 2 lines that pose a scoring threat thus make it much harder to defend against. The Ranger coach is getting away from the team concept that led to past success. Big names don’t win hockey games, great teams do

    • Dave says:

      See that first picture, there’s a skater off on the right that’s cut off by the screen? That’s him.

  2. Spozo says:

    Man is this team frustrating to watch right now.

  3. Sally says:

    The pp has never been anything to write home about, but what the heck happen to the pk?

    • Bobby G says:

      Seriously this is ridiculous! I know you guy always say the PP is a personnel issue and not a coaching issue, but there is no way you can still believe that. I know it’s a relatively small sample size, but we have the worst PP in the league even though we have two of the leagues elite goal scorers. What’s the deal? We have the personnel and they STILL aren’t getting it done.

      • Walt says:

        Agree 100%, 3 for 35 on the season??????

        The good thing to come of this game was Miller, who played hard, and Powe, who was on the PK. Both played well, but where was the “D” on the Devils PP, goodness sake, the special teams are killing us.

        Torts system may we wearing thin on the team, it’s just something wrong!!

        I can see where maybe Richards-Kreider-Nash, Step-Gabby-Miller, could be the top two lines if the guys don’t get their collective acts in order.

        • Bobby G says:

          Also I think the PK can partially fall on Hanks early struggles. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Hank has been okay but not great, and our PK has only been okay (if you can call it that).

  4. TxRanger says:

    I like Torts a lot, but is there a point in this season where management looks into a possible change?

  5. Jeff P says:

    A couple of notes:
    1. Breakout. Rangers swing lazy backhand passes around the cage way too much. It should be one pass and out of the zone. Don’t have a passing lane – flip it. All that throwing the puck around allows forecheckers to come in and steal it. That was goal #1.

    2. Hagelin – I am getting really frustrated watching him play. He’s fast and he hustles, but he has absolutely no idea what to do with the puck . I don’t expect him to be Richards, but man, hit a teammate with a pass once in a while.

  6. rickyrants13 says:

    I have one thing to say. Torts has won in the past. So he is getting a pass.

    If this was Renney they would be screeming FIRE RENNEY from the rafters.

  7. rocketroy says:

    COACHING…..At Some Point you Have to look At the Coaches….I was more than willing to give these Coaches a little wiggle room, even after horrible start..BUT…I for one have seen enough, this team has not improved in.. ONE SINGLE AREA…PP, PK, Goal, Scoring, Def..Entering this year I said that Torts needed to swallow his pride, and bring in a Special Teams Coach, as I was convinced that he or Sully had a clue how to put a PP together….Glen you need to take a HARD LOOK at making a coaching change…Sooner than Later.

  8. SalMerc says:

    While some will say we have not even played 20% of the season, there are very ominous signs. While the record bugs me the least, the PP% (<9%) and the PK (78%) are tell-tale signs. I think our players are in game-shape now, so no more lock-out excuses.

  9. rickyrants13 says:

    Listen Im not one for firing anyone after 9 games. And yes we got off to a slow start last year as well. BUT WHY.

    Why is that this team gets off to a slow start. And why do we face the same ??? as last year? Why is it that we bring in new guys year after year and they just forget how to play?

    Players who have scored elsewhere and cant here. D men that were known for their shot from the Blue line. And cant seem to know what to do with the puck here?

    Players who were known for their grit or skating. Cant do it here?

    WHY WHY WHY???? I think that something is wrong in Ranger land. I dont have all of the answers. But I do have some. And so do some of you. This team needs a coach that uses the players that he has. Not makes them into what he wants. I said the same thing last year. THIS TEAM needs a coach that can win with what he has.

    So with that said. He needs to change the style this team plays to fit his players. What good is having all of this speed if the players arent allowed to use it?

    Put lines together that uses its speed to creat matchups that are hard to match. Followed by another line that grinds you into the ground. Followed by an energy line.

    This is what made Renney teams hard to play against. And what made players like Orts and Betts as well as the Hollwegs and Averys so usefull.

    I know Cally and Kreider being out. And some changes in personel dont help. But every team in the NHL goes thru that and they arent all having the same isues we are.

  10. rocketroy says:

    DRESSING ROOM & BENCH VOICE…..We all know that all pro sports teams, sometimes the players just quit listening to the coaches message, especially if the perception is that our TEAM is going backwards, and we all know every aspect of the Rangers this season has regressed or is underperforming, then everyone just shuts the message out….I said earlier that unfortunately for Ranger Fans, that is what is gpoing on, and Glen has a very tough decision that needs to be made…Sooner than Later….!!!!!!

    • rickyrants13 says:

      There has to be something to that. The players allready know that some of the teams and this bruttle schead arent going to be easy as it is. Then you add in this system that does not make it any easyer. And you really have to wonder how many players DO NOT look forward to playing?

      Think about it. This team comes out way to slow. Or not engaged way too many times. Why is that. Is it because they dont have a Ray Lewis type getting them all pumped up? Or is it because they dont like playing this style Hockey???