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Goal Breakdown: Rangers at Flyers

January 24, 2013, by
Source: NJ Star Ledger

Source: NJ Star Ledger

This game could have –and should have– been a blowout for the Flyers. But as usual, Henrik Lundqvist kept the Rangers in it and made it a game. Hank was the best Ranger on the ice n the first period, stopping a lot of quality chances for the Flyers. There was also nothing he could do on both of the Flyer goals in the second period.

Flyers 1, Rangers 0

It’s ironic that Joe was mentioning that Kimmo Timmonen and Luke Schenn were pinching a lot this game. It was something that they were doing all game, and it’s because of the way the Rangers play in the defensive zone. The Rangers play a collapsing box, and that leaves the point men with a wide berth. This gives them the opportunity to pinch more effectively. This goal was a product of the pinch. The Flyers were able to maintain possession, and it wound up on Nick Grossman’s stick. His shot, which appeared to be going wide, took a few bounces and wound up hitting Wayne Simmonds’ leg and in. Good luck will always find teams who maintain possession and get pucks to the net.

Flyers 2, Rangers 0

After Kris Newbury takes a penalty for a face wash prior to his fight with Tye McGinn, the Flyers went to work on the powerplay. The puck winds up at the goal line on Hank’s stick side, and Hank makes a nice save on Simmonds’ shot from the bad angle. However, both Ryan McDonagh and Brian Boyle went to take out Sean Couturier in front, and left Jakub Voracek wide open behind them for the easy poke-in.

Rangers 1, Flyers 2

This goal began with Rick Nash maintaining possession in the offensive zone and drawing multiple defenders to him. He eventually gets the puck to Marian Gaborik on a perfect backhand pass. Gaborik gets a shot off, but it gets blocked. Luckily for him, it ricocheted right back to him and left the defender out of position. While all this is going on, Pyatt was working the front of the net screening Ilya Bryzgalov. Once Gaborik regains puck possession, Pyatt shifts from screening Bryz to putting himself in position for a shot. Gaborik feeds Pyatt for the easy tap in.

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  1. Bloomer says:

    Nice to see Hank coming back into form. Too bad the Rangers squander away yet another 5 on 3 opportunity. Maybe rather then send out the all forward 5 man attack and risk getting scored on, Torts should just decline the penalty and punt.

  2. Matt Josephs says:

    Rangers left the point men wide open all night. Too many goals this year have been scored because of the Rangers leaving open point men. The other team either scores because it’s deflected from the point shot, or the point shot makes to the net and the Rangers can’t clear the man in the crease who gets an easy rebound.

  3. rickyrants13 says:

    Losng to teams like this that get beat the way they did to the Devils is getting old and pathetic. Having a goalie like Hank is suppose to win games like this not keep us in it. Once again we got beat by a goalie that isnt even suppose to be in the same game as Hank. What does that tell us?

  4. Mr. Snrub says:

    Couple of post-game thoughts:

    1. Wearing a mask during a fight should lead to a two minute power play for the other team. I mean, I’ve seen non-masked guys beat masked guys before (Prust vs. Bourdon last year) but McGinn had an unfair advantage on Newbury in that fight. It’s bush league stuff and it needs to stop.

    2. I know that it was a short preseason etc. but Torts really needs to reconsider the whole collapsing in front of the net thing. Makes it impossible to have any puck possession when every team in the league knows that their point men will have a day and a half with the puck before there’s even a modicum of pressure. New defensive zone coverage would be nice, and could make up for us losing some of our best puck possession forwards in Dubi, Mitchell, and Arty.

    3. Boy I can’t wait till the SEL season ends and we can get our hands on Lindberg and Fasth. Because our bottom six sucks.

    4. He’s obviously not going to maintain this type of pace, but Pyatt was a nice pickup. Still short a few forwards though.

    • Chris F says:

      Sorry, Snrub, but McGinn didn’t instigate that fight. He was wearing a visor, yes, but Newbury came flying in on him in the crease and punched him several times before McGinn even dropped his gloves. McGinn was defending himself. You can’t penalize a player who wears a a visor for protecting himself from what was, actually, a bush league move on the part of Newbury. Take your blinders off.

      • Mr. Snrub says:

        I watched the game at the bar last night and missed the facewash by Newbury. Just got around to watching the replay on hockeyfights.com.

        I’m willing to concede that you’re right about that.

  5. Mikeyyy says:

    No comment.

  6. MBN says:

    I am utterly appalled at how many shifts are spent in our D-Zone of the ice, and we don’t even touch the puck!!. Come-on, this current system is not working – change it, attack the point guys and make them make a quick decision.

  7. Walt says:

    We were as flat as pancakes last night.

    We played with no heart, and the PP was, is , and will continue to be a joke. Shoot the damn puck, shoot the damn puck, that was me all night last night, shoot the damn puck!!!!

    Our heart was sold out from under us when Prust left to go north, man do we really miss that guy!

  8. Gary says:

    Prust is bigger than the game, he left for the $! (Not that I blame him) what would prust dubi or AA be doing for the team that would change our record?

    • Jerry says:

      The problem is we messed with too much chemistry.we got older and slower.nash was a no brainer,prust got too much money ,but we coulda even just kept Feds and Mitchell .

  9. SalMerc says:

    I have said this before, but can we get a power-play coach? It is not rocket science. Quick passes, move without the puck, passes to the point and quick shots. We hold, then hold, then stand still and hold and the first 30 seconds are up without a shot. Maybe our top line isn’t our top power-play line. Just sayin that so far this year, they can’t figure out a way to score when we out-man the other team.

  10. Jerry says:

    I don’t care what anyone says .ill stand by my comments that we made too many changes to the roster from last year.we got halpern too win face offs and he’s losing them.torts is hardly playing the bottom six which is gonna wear down the top six.im telling you just too much change.

  11. Chris.C says:

    Dave will have to disargee with you the first goal.

    That whole sequence prior to the defenseman pinching. When everyone was chasing the puck for 30 seconds and the puck managed to clear the zone. Cally out of gas pick it up at close to center ice and instead of dumping it deep and having the whole line change. Cally just flipped a lazy back hand in the middle of the ice to a Flyer.

    Now lets talk Sullivan. I did have a problem with the PP before this year, but I could live with since we really only had 1 pure scorer in Gabby. Then came Richie still horrible but showed signs of goodness. But come on you have 3 elite scorers,
    two 5-3 pp with almost a full 4 minutes and produce nothing thats just sickening. Sullivan had since July knowing what type of PP he can have (I’d be salivating if I had all three of them) with Nash/Richie/Gabby and still he does the same BS. Release this guy already for god sakes.

    @Walt we do miss Prust – but give Asham a chance he will fill his shoes. And Pancakes is to thick they were flat as rice paper last night good thing I dont throw things when Im mad, cause I wouldnt have a 65″ after 3 mins of the game. Give them time to meld together.

    Guys lets all be Patience with the Team for a few more games before we hit the (as Suit put it Lastnight on Tweeter) Panic Button.

    • Walt says:


      I’m not down Asham, but Prust was great on the fore check, PK, and just gave us a spark that is lacking this year! Skating with Boyle, they were very good together.

  12. Kris says:

    The we lost 2 much chemistry talk really needs to stop. The Kings have the same roster they won the cup with and are 0-2-1. The team has played flat, that is the reasy they have the record they do not because of additions and subtractions to the roster. Its a cop out excuse. They havent played a full game yet.

    The PP sucks, I put it all on Sullivan. Set plays are nice but you cant rely on them all the time and they do. Nash and Gaborik, 2 top shooters in the league are positioned on the goal line. Get them on the hash marks and let them walk in and shoot. They get the puck and are in a position where there is no threat of scoring. Not having a defenseman on 5 on 3 PP could is mind blowing.

    I am not one of the fans who is ready to jump off the cliff, but its kinda funny to read on twitter the ones who are.

    Side note of last nights game, if MDZ was Mcdonagh on both goals against (not blaming the game or goals on him), people would be up in arms. Comments would have been made like, should have kept Erixon (the guy who couldnt crack the Flames or Blue Jackets) roster, over MDZ (208 gp 91 points) who is only 8 months older. Maybe on day I will understand why MDZ gets blasted the way he does.

  13. rickyrants13 says:

    Face it if Torts style is driving the fans nuts just think what its doing to this team. How can anyone want to play on this team the way he runs it???