Redden lands in St. Louis

January 18, 2013, by

Less than 24 hours after the Rangers completed buying out Wade Redden, the veteran defender landed in St. Louis on a one-year, $800,000 deal. The buyout officially ended Redden’s tenure with the Rangers organization, and it’s nice to see him get picked up somewhere so fast.

Wade never fit in New York. Never mind the contract, his skill set just didn’t match what the Rangers needed from their defensemen system-wise. Still, unlike other players who were sent down to the Whale, Redden took it like a pro and made the best of a tough situation.

As for St Louis, they’ve added an experienced, steady, 3rd pairing defensemen. He’ll no doubt help their young and upcoming blueline mature. Most importantly, he’ll be doing it at an appropriate price point. It’s a good addition for their team.

Good luck Wade. See you in June.

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  1. Chris.C says:

    Good Luck to Wade

  2. Pas44 says:

    “See you in June”

    You mean, he can watch us…


  3. ranger17 says:

    Thanks for the help with McD and good luck in St Louis

  4. Dominik says:

    So, does Redden’s salary from St. Louis offset what the Rangers have to pay him or does he get paid twice, essentially, for this season of work?