Rangers place Redden on waivers (Update: He has been bought out)

January 17, 2013, by

Update: 10:30pm: Redden has been bought out.

Update 1/17/13: Redden has cleared waivers. The Rangers will buy him out before the season starts on Saturday.

Original Post (1/16/13): As expected, the Rangers have placed Wade Redden on waivers, per Pierre LeBrun. This is step one in using their first amnesty buyout on the defenseman. Redden is expected to clear tomorrow, and will promptly be bought out by the Rangers.

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  1. Walt says:

    I’m glad for both Redden, and Gomez getting another chance. It’s good to see the NHL, and the NHLPA work something out this quickly.

    It will be interesting to see who, if any, will offer these two a contract!

  2. Spozo says:

    Did anyone else hear a couple years back that Redden had contemplated retirement until Sather showed him a picture of what 39 million dollars looks like? (Sarcasm on the last part obviously). He was still only 31 when he signed that contract but I swear I read somewhere that he wasn’t sure he wanted to play anymore after Ottawa.

  3. ranger17 says:

    It is the right thing to do for the both of them and any one else this weekend . Redden was a gentlemen thru out all of this . I know 39M is a lot of money but he got 12m the first 2 years and that my freind would be enough for most of us to live the rest of our lives out .Good luck to him and Gomer

  4. what do i know says:

    If Redden gets bought out, what prevents him from getting signed by a rival and having an unbelievable season/post season. Why should the NYR pay him and let him walk to possibly hurt us?

    • gsh says:

      Lack of Ability? *rimshot*

      That said, he has been a professional and should be given a shot to play, be it AHL or NHL, and the Rangers shouldn’t be penalized.

  5. Tim B says:

    Any chance he will resign with the Rangers or accept a minor league deal with the Rangers? I would hate to get rid of him. He could help McIlrath, Pyett, etc. and he is the CT Whale captain.

    • Tim B says:

      He could also help with the scoring issue and maybe help the forwards offensively and defensively.

  6. Walt says:

    A quick note on the Nash trade!!!!

    Erixon has been assigned to the AHL by the Bluejackets. The trade is looking more, and more like a highway robbery!!!!! Good job Slats.