Brooks: Rangers attempting to buyout Redden now (Update: Agreement reached, Redden to be bought out)

January 15, 2013, by

Update: 3:45pm: Larry Brooks is now reporting that a deal has been reached. Organizations can use their first compliance buyout by Sunday, and the Rangers will use this on Redden.

Original Post: Per Larry Brooks, the Rangers are attempting to use their first compliance buyout¬†on Wade¬†Redden prior to the start of the season. The Rangers would still retain the $5.6 million cap hit for this season –which would make the NHL happy– while releasing Redden from his obligation to the Rangers, which pleases the union.

Redden, if released from his obligation to the Rangers, would have no problem finding a job as a bottom pairing defenseman for a fraction of his salary.

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  1. VinceR says:

    I’m glad NHL/NHLPA have come to a reasonable conclusion on this…it seemed really wrong for teams to have to use the “put ’em on ice” method to protect themselves; it was really a raw deal for the players.

  2. Dave says:

    It’s definitely the right thing to do here. Redden didn’t exactly “screw over” the organization, and he took his demotion like a professional.

    There’s a reason why he was named captain of the Whale. Tough loss for that club.

  3. Bob says:

    If Redden is bought out now, what’s his cap hit next season?

  4. ranger17 says:

    does this mean every team has the same option. If so there should be a lot of good players available this weekend to sign

    • Dave says:

      Every team has the option, not sure how many will do it though. Gomez and Redden will definitely be available.

  5. Walt says:

    It’s the end of the Redden era, fair well!!!

    I do understand that he was a good teacher, and McD even said on many occasions, that Redden was a big help to him. Good luck to Redden, except when he plays against us!!!!!

  6. TxRanger says:

    Let’s bring back Scott Gomez…

  7. Tim B says:

    So who do you think will be captain of the CT Whale?

  8. cnp says:

    I truly hope that he comes back to msg one day and gets a standing O from the fans. Took it like a pro