What would get you back in the stands?

December 1, 2012, by

Scrooge McJacobs

With the season on the brink of destruction, and the loyalty of the fans wavering, the NHL is going to need to come up with some very creative marketing schemes to get fans back in the stands. I, along with many others, am fed up with the game of chicken that is going on in the negotiating room, and am particularly fed up with Jeremy Jacobs and his all-or-nothing tactics.

Don’t get me wrong, both sides are to blame for this mess, but it’s the owners and the league as a whole that will need to come up with ways to get back in the stands. Right now they assume we will all be back if and when the puck drops, and I pray that I am not the only one that will boycott and not spend a cent of my own money on the NHL.

Side note: I say I won’t spend a cent of my own money, but if someone wants to buy me tickets, I’ll gladly go. It’s not my money at that point. See? I can make loopholes too.

But back on point, what will it take for you to begin to trust this league again? For me, I would require at least some of the following concessions:

  1. Replace Jeremy Jacobs with as chairman of the Board of Governors. His time has run it’s course, and one man should never have the power to cripple a league like this.
  2. Fire Gary Bettman. I’m aware that Bettman’s job is to please the owners, and he is doing his job fairly well in that regard. However, we have seen three work stoppages in his reign. Replace him, and I will at least try to believe that the league won’t do this to us again.
  3. Ensure the new CBA lasts more than five years, and have it expire before free agency. We can’t have this situation again where owners (Craig Leipold) sign players to contracts that they never intended to fully honor.
  4. Free NHL Center Ice for whatever is left of this season and all of next season

That’s all I can think of for now. What would it take for you to get back in the stands?

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  1. The Suit says:

    A CBA that doesn’t expire in 5 years would be a great starter…

  2. cnp says:

    one free item from the store. A nice, new, free jersey would be lovely

  3. Gary h says:

    A clause in the new CBa that states all provisions remain in full force and no lockouts can be done prior to or after expiration of CBA. Failure to reach a settlement will require BINDING ARBITRATION. In addition the league needs to become more transparent Md muzzling owners needs to stop.

    • Dave says:

      I like the binding arbitration idea. Wish it was a possibility, it would certainly make things interesting.

  4. Walt says:

    Agree with all of your points!!

    NHL wide, avoid going to any Bruin games, don’t buy any of their products, and players, seek contracts with any other team but Boston. Let that SOB rot in hell!!!!!

  5. Walt says:

    I’m not too wild about this new format, when I post, I can’t go back to proof read before I send in comments! Any way to change this???????

  6. Rickyrants13 says:

    The only way I come back this year is if Bettman is fired. And if they tank the whole season Im done.

  7. Joe says:

    I am stuck because I already paid for this seasons tickets. If I could I would demand a refund. The Rangers will not do it. I no longer want to give my money to a league that does not respect the money I lay out to watch them. There are other entertainment options. I’ll travel the world!

  8. rob sahm says:

    i agree the key is firing bettman get rid of that shit bag ASAP. also i can deal with the free center ice how about to sweeten the deal 25 games home games to your favorite team rangers , flyers , ECT that would be a start.

  9. Bobby G says:

    My old man already got the season tickets. It kills me because I want to stick it to the NHL, but my Dad’s had these tickets for 43 seasons, so he’s not willing to break the streak. To be fair I dont think I would either.

  10. Tyler says:

    imagaine the boos bettman will get when the next stnaley cup is raised… thats gonna be fun

  11. george says:

    A job in the NHL office would be nice