Whale Preseason Game 2: CT at Worcester Sharks

October 4, 2012, by

After wrapping up last night’s loss, we decided that it may be a good idea to create some game threads for the CT Whale games during the lockout. Our goal is to post some background info on the opponent, and hopefully some line combinations.

Opponent: Worcester Sharks
NHL Affiliate: San Jose Sharks
Notable NHLers: Tim Kennedy?
Top Prospects: Freddie Hamilton (2010, 5th), Travis Oleksuk (Undrafted), Matt Tennyson (Undrafted), Taylor Doherty (2009, 2nd), Harri Sateri (2008, 4th)

Line Combinations (projected based on lineup):

Tommy Grant-JT Miller-Christian Thomas
Andrew Yogan-Kyle Jean-Brandon Segal
Ryan Bourque-Michael Haley-Jordie Johnston
Danny Hobbs-Andrew Courtney-Scott Pitt

Sebastien Piche-Mike Vernace
Jyri Niemi-Sam Klassen
Blake Parlett-Colten Hayes

Scott Stajcer
Kyle Rank

Notes: Chris Kreider and Marek Hrivik are again out tonight, presumably because the coaching staff wants to see what they have in the other players. Kreider and Hrivik are all buy guaranteed AHL roster spots. The other guys, specifically the recently signed guys (Johnston, Hobbs) are playing to see if they will remain at the AHL level, or spend time at the ECHL level.

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  1. Seahorse says:

    does anyone know a site to watch the games? my usual spot for the rangers doesnt do ahl games

  2. tomb says:

    google ahllive. I got in trouble last time I posted a website

  3. MBN says:

    That defensive group is not too imposing, IMO. Not that I know much about some of those guys though.

    • Dave says:

      @MBN, CT is still waiting the return of Dylan McIlrath, which will make them stronger.

      Also remember they are without their captain. Redden is locked out.