NHL to cancel remaining preseason games

September 27, 2012, by

Per John Shannon of Sports Net, the NHL will announce the cancellation of the remainder of the preseason this afternoon:

The NHL will announce the cancellation of the remainder of the pre-season later today. No hockey thru October 8th.

For the Rangers, this will mean that their final two preseason games against the New York Islanders (10/4) and the Colorado Avalanche (10/6) will be canceled. The Rangers are set to open the season on 10/12 against the defending Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings.

This comes one week to the day that the league announced the cancellation of the September preseason games. Based on this timetable, if no progress is made this Friday when talks resume –or over the weekend– then the NHL will start canceling regular season games.

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  1. hockeydwp says:

    Great article, “The Big Matter of Small Markets”, in this week’s SI by Stu Siegel on the NHL strike. Mr Siegel is past owner and CEO of the Panthers and recently acquired I think he hits it right on the nail about about what strike is all about. A must read for all hockey diehards. His solution may not be a reality, but his erxplanation of the problems are right on.