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Musings: CBA time (again)

August 30, 2012, by

Are we really still in August? Hands up who thinks the season starts on time. Anyone? No one? Ok, let’s just muse a little.

I read this about the CBA discussions on Wednesday: “The league’s Tuesday proposal didn’t address team revenue sharing”. I can’t imagine which owners must be the drivers behind this area; *cough* Ed Snider *cough*…

A reason for optimism regarding the Rangers future is the recent, sustained ability to find unwanted players around the league and make them useful roster parts. No one will miss John Mitchell or Steve Eminger and certainly no one will miss Erik Christensen going forward. Perhaps no one will notice next season when Stu Bickel mows through the press box buffet offerings but the Rangers continue to find players for almost little cost that contribute to the team. It’s not always about high draft picks or spectacular trades it’s about the hidden gems and unheralded players a team uncovers. Ask Dan Girardi.

Paging Michael Del Zotto…..

Just a thought: Is there a direct highway/passage/tunnel from Wisconsin University to Madison Square Garden?

If Carl Hagelin manages to work his way on to the top six next season is it because he’s stepped up in the face of the competition or because someone has underperformed? There appears to be brutal competition for elusive top six ice time, but I’m an optimist – if he gets legitimate ice time with the big boys it’s because he’s earned it.

I wonder if Steve Eminger – didn’t think I’d name him twice in an article ever again – will have to move to Europe to continue his career. Beset by injury and ‘homeless’, I don’t see a fit for the now former Ranger.

Calder trophy time; if previous Rangers winners are any indication of or omen for a successful career let’s will Chris Kreider to the trophy. Among previous Ranger winners are Brian Leetch (obviously) in 1989, Steve Vickers, Gump Worsley, Camille Henry and Edgar Laparade. That’s a pretty impressive roll call of players.  Has a Ranger prospect had a better chance than Kreider since Leetch? Possibly not

One interesting aspect for Rangers fans to watch this summer is whether, thanks to the CBA discussions, any Rangers players sign on for foreign teams in the next few weeks. Rick Nash and his agent have already denied reports he’ll return to Switzerland but if the CBA drags out it wouldn’t be a surprise to see many players confirm back up plans in case of work stoppages. By all accounts Evgeni Malkin is talking to Russian clubs so players are clearly thinking down these lines. Would you follow the progress of the Rangers players abroad?

If the CBA cuts into the preseason, the NFL preseason teaches us one thing: it is a farce and isn’t needed. Hardly any first teamers, games of no consequence and with training camps and large coaching teams on hand, do professional sports teams even need long pre-seasons anymore? The point is this; worry less about September 15th deadline than the actual regular season kick off date.

Apparently Shane Doan’s decision on where he’ll sign is coming early September. I’m not sure I care anymore. I really don’t see the Rangers as a legitimate option unless he leaves millions on the table.

Question Time:

  • Would you like Doan on the Rangers if it meant eating into prospects’ ice time?
  • How many games (based on a full season) will Henrik Lundqvist start?
  • How many 50 point scorers will the Rangers have?
  • Would you invite a guy like Alexei Kovalev to camp as a try out?
  • Which former Ranger will be a bigger thorn in the Rangers’ side this season?
  • Will the Rangers have a 10 goal defenseman this year?
  • Rangers’ powerplay: top ten or underperform?
Categories : Musings


  1. agentsmith says:

    *univesity of wisconsin

  2. asfjr says:

    Doan – yes, only if contract is for 2 years max

    Lundqvist – 60 games over a full season

    50 points – Richards, Nash, Callahan, Stepan, MDZ

    Kovalev – yes, could still be semi useful while Gaborik recovers

    Thorn – Pascal Dupuis

    10 Goal D – MDZ

    PP – Underperform

  3. Walt says:

    Doan- not no, but hell no, not worth the money. We don’t know what the cap is going to be, why sign him until we do!!! They are pushing for a 58-59 million cap, who do we get rid of if Doan signs????

    Hank-mayby 63 games, not more than that

    50 point players-Nash Callie, Step, Richards, Gabby, possibly Kreider

    Kovalev-he shot his load, no way Jose!

    Thorn-Prusty, man I’ll miss him

    PP- underperform, always an area for improvement, unless you station Nash in front of the goalie, and let him be a garbage collector!

    Just a thought, MDZ, you may want to sign now, because if they lower the cap next year, you may not get another offer of the value you have sitting in front of you!

  4. Kevin says:

    Yes – more concerned w/ $ and term.
    About the same as last year
    A guy like him, yes, but not Alexei
    I’ll say no, but 2 with 9
    Underperform. We’ve been trained to expect this.

  5. Brian says:

    I really Doan’t even care about Doan anymore. (see what I did there?)
    Hank’ll probably get 60-65. Something around there.
    I’m gonna be bold and say we have seven 50 point scorers. Nash, Stepan, Richards, Gaborik, Callahan, Kreider and Del Zotto. McDonagh won’t score 50 but he’ll be close.
    Kovalev? Meh. I’d rather give a guy like Hrivik a look.
    Prust will score 8 goals this year. 5 of which will be against the Rangers.
    MDZ and MacTruck will both score 10 goals.
    PP will underperform. No question.

  6. Billy says:

    1.) I’d be thrilled if the Rangers signed Doan, unless they overpay him. I don’t mind the years on the contract as long as he’s around $3-4 mil/year.
    2.) I can see Biron stepping up big and giving Hank around 20-25 games off. Lundqvist will start 57-62 games.
    3.) Players that will amass 50+ points will be Nash, Richards, Callahan, Stepan, Del Zotto, and Gaborik (he’ll be close depending on his health).
    4.) It wouldn’t hurt to see Kovalev play a bit. Who knows? He could surprise.
    5.) Brandon Prust’s departure will hurt the most. He was huge on the PK and even with the signings of Pyatt and Asham the Rangers still can’t replace him.
    6.) MDZ will most likely get 10+ goals.
    7.) PP won’t be top 10, but it will improve significantly.

  7. tomb says:

    Doan – No way that will happen. I don’t want him anyway.

    Lundqvist – 60

    50 points – 7 – Gaborik, McDonagh, Richards, Nash, Callahan, Stepan, MDZ

    Kovalev – no

    Thorn – Probably Prust unless we played CBJ more then I would say Dubinsky

    10 Goal D – Del Zotto?

    PP – neither

  8. tomb says:

    add Hagelin to the 50 point list

  9. Mikeyyy says:

    Would you like Doan on the Rangers if it meant eating into prospects’ ice time? No
    How many games (based on a full season) will Henrik Lundqvist start? 65
    How many 50 point scorers will the Rangers have? Depends on who else they sign, 5
    Would you invite a guy like Alexei Kovalev to camp as a try out? Hell yeah.
    Which former Ranger will be a bigger thorn in the Rangers’ side this season? Prust
    Will the Rangers have a 10 goal defenseman this year? Yes
    Rangers’ powerplay: top ten or underperform? Until torts is gone the pp will struggle