Rangers attempting to sign Stralman

July 3, 2012, by

Although it has been widely reported that Anton Stralman will return to Europe for family reasons, Larry Brooks is reporting that isn’t stopping the Rangers from attempting to keep Stralman on Broadway for a few more seasons:

It appears as if restricted free-agent defenseman Anton Stralman, whom the Rangers qualified at $945,000, is leaning toward remaining in the NHL rather than returning home to pursue a career in Sweden…It’s far more plausible the Rangers will attempt to negotiate a multi-year deal with Stralman…

Stralman, who is arbitration eligible, is a much needed right-handed defenseman who proved himself capable of playing top-four minutes last season and during the playoffs.

If the Rangers are able to retain Stralman’s services, it reduces the need for them to trade assets for a right-handed shot on the blue line and addresses a gaping hole that emerged once Michael Sauer went down with his injury.

While all the attention is rightfully on Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, as they drive the UFA and trade markets, a signing of Stralman would float under the radar. Re-signing Stralman would be a lot like re-signing Martin Biron: A necessary and important depth move.

However unlike Biron, Stralman would be relied upon to play heavy minutes while Sauer is recovering from his concussion. As long as Sauer is out, the soon-to-be 26 year old Stralman will likely be playing top-four minutes. If he can repeat his performance in the playoffs, then he will be one great finding by the Rangers. He is the definition of low-risk, high-reward.


  1. Tim B says:

    Sounds good to me. Stralman has earned a spot on the roster based on his performance.

  2. JTC says:

    Stralman seemed to gradually improve his game through the course of the season, and I never felt like he reached the limits of his talents. If he still has some upside, he could be a legitimate steal. And if Sauer manages to get healthy and return (fingers crossed) we’ll have one hell of a D.

  3. SalMerc says:

    Great to get Stralmon on the roster if possible, but it does is allow us to lose alot of 2-1 and 1-0 games. GET A GOAL SCORER!

  4. Walt says:

    Additionally, Stralman has a nice offensive touch as well.

    Still go for a scorer just the same, again, without giving away the kitchen sink!

    • Tim B says:

      yeah in the playoffs i think at one point Stralman led the team in goals or points i think it was.

    • JimBob says:

      Signing Anton is not a deterrent to getting scoring. They are separate events. Get Stralman in the fold then pursue scoring from your AHL or other sources. NO NASH !!!!

  5. MBN says:

    Girardi – Mcd.
    Stall – MDZ.
    And, coming after January 2013……….
    Sauer – Stralman.

    Top D in the NHL. Hands down. Bickel is the 7th guy. Erixson is the injury replacement guy.

    • Tim B says:

      i could have sworn Girardi was RD and Mcdonagh was LD. MDZ can play both sides. I dont think Sauer can. It would probably look like this when Sauer returns

      MDZ-Sauer/ Bickel

      I did a research paper on Knee injuries this past year for my english final. Cam Neely had a lot of knee problems back around 93-94 and so on. When he returned he would be scratched if his knee was even red or just a little pain. When and if Sauer comes back, he is going to have to take precautions so he doesnt suffer another concussion. Bickel will likely play more when Sauer returns

  6. evan says:

    FYI, the beat writer, Portzline i think his name is, ofthe blue jackets tweeted today that one, howson has not demanded kreider, mcdonagh or stepan for nash and that the deal can get done without them. However, every tweet larry brooks makes about the nash trade keeps pointing to the fact that howson keeps asking for one of those three.

    Howson is completely handcuffed cause of Nash’s specified list of teams and I think he fears getting ripped off by sather. Just unfortunate there are not many options this offseason for the Rangers, except through trading. Hopefully we do not strike out

    • Tim B says:

      Larry Brooks is a liar. You should never believe what he says. He just wants popularity and more views on every article he writes.

    • JimBob says:

      Somebody is not accurate in their posts…….but how can Howson FEAR anything – he receives an offer and then decides. Its not like Slats is only telling him the names of two players and the names of the other two are secret !