Columbus might be willing to part with the second pick in the draft in addition to Rick Nash

June 17, 2012, by

In USA Today, Kevin Allen suggests that in addition to shopping Rick Nash, Columbus is willing to deal the second overall pick in the draft.  Allen writes that though it’s highly unlikely, it would be quite the blockbuster if Nash and the second pick were packaged in the same deal.

The current asking price for Nash according to Allen is, “a premium young prospect, a first-round draft pick and a couple of players who can play immediately.”  There are various other reports of Columbus GM Scott Howson demanding a king’s ransom for Nash and unless Howson laments and is willing to accept a lesser package, the Rangers won’t be acquiring the big power forward.

However, would the combination of young assets New York would be willing to part with increase dramatically if the second pick is involved too?

If the price for Nash is already sky high, it’s likely that the pieces needed to get both Nash and the second selection would be completely ridiculous.  There’s no way the Rangers would be willing to satisfy Howson, but it’s still interesting to speculate.

Say the Rangers have it on high authority that Edmonton is prepared to select defenseman Ryan Murray first overall.  That means that Nail Yakupov, a special talent by all accounts, could be sitting there at #2.

If the Rangers are convinced that Yakupov is going to be a top-10 talent in the league, then maybe it does make sense to at least gauge how absurd Howson’s asking price would be.

It’d be foolish not to inquire as the Nash negotiations continue, but when Howson replies that three-first round picks, Ryan McDonagh, Chris Kreider, Derek Stepan and Tim Erixon might get him to start talking, then GM Glen Sather should erase Howson’s phone number from his address book for good.


  1. Matt J says:

    If the second overall pick is involved I’d involve Derek Stepan and two first round picks. This year’s and next years.

    Just a silly proposal I’m coming up with:

    Rangers get: Nash and Second overall pick.

    Columbus gets: Stepan, Dubinsky, Del Zotto, 2012 1st round pick, 2013 1st round pick.

    That’s a deal I’d have to take if it’s true the second overall pick is on the table.

    But I don’t believe at all, that the second overall pick would go in any Rick Nash package. I’m not buying this story.

  2. rob sahm says:

    the hold up with this trade is howson is insisting on kreider and mcdonaugh. so dont expect mr. nash on broadway

    • Sean says:

      Howson wont get anything close to that from any team. Let this play out. He screwed up at the Trading deadline and pissed Nash off. He is screwed and he knows it. Odds are Nash won’t get moved and he will be a free agent after next year. Howson will also probably get fired. This is just my guess because he expectations are not realistic.

  3. bryan says:

    stepan delzotto anisimov erixon the undertaker and first round pick for next two years would be enough for nash and 2nd overall pick

  4. Tim B says:

    If Columbus’s GM decides to cut the asking price than i would say go for it. Look at Stepan, he is going into his third season and has been an important asset for the Rangers. The higher we draft in the first round than NYR can acquire a player better than Stepan. Edmonton had drafted first overall for the past few years and Taylor Hall and Hopkins are finding success over there. The asking price might be high but i would take it. Who knows how long it could be for the prospects to find success in CT or on the Rangers. By drafting 2nd overall, you get likely get anNHL ready player who knows how to play the game of hockey.

  5. Mikeyyy says:

    Sorry but the trade for Ilya Kovalchuck should be a good example of what he will get. 3 players and a pick. 1 vet, dubi. 1 young roster player, mdz. 1 ahl prospect, yogam/marsseault. 1 pick.

    That’s it, anything else would be uncivilized.

    • Kevin says:

      That’s more in line of what should get it done, but obviously Scott Howson has other plans. That’s not going to get it done unless Howson cuts his demands in half this week.

      • The Suit says:

        Yea these demands for three talented roster players for one in return are ridiculous.

  6. Zen says:

    Fun to speculate, but this deal wouldn’t happen unless both CK and McD are involved. And neither or going anywhere.