WCF Game 2 Open Thread

May 15, 2012, by

Haven’t done one of these in a while, that’s my bad. I think the open thread thing is a good idea, epecially when there’s some good hockey on. Preds/Kings in Game Two, with the Kings leading 1-0. The Yankees (vs. Orioles) and Mets (vs. Brewers) are also in action, although that Met game might get rained out. As for basketball, you have the Pacers/Heat and Clippers/Spurs tonight.

Discuss whatever your hearts desire, just keep it civil.

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  1. Tim B says:

    What’s the deal for defense next year. Erixon is NHL ready. McIlrath could be NHL ready. Bickel is a free agent. Stralman is an RFA. We have Staal, MCD, MDZ, Girardi. When sauer comes back, he’ll be on the third pairing like Staal was. So will MDZ move to the right and Erixon be on the third pairing on the left???
    The rangers will probably want to resign Stralman right? So what is going to happen? Bickel probably wont have a spot. Will the rangers resign him to a 2-way contract and play for the whale?

  2. Walt says:


    Your defensive pairing is what I was thinking if Sauer comes back. The Rangers should try to sign Bickel to a two way contract, look he really wasn’t all that bad in the regular season, and he drops the gloves. Now if McIlrath is ready, we may have a log jam, and we could move Sauer, only because he has a history of injuries.

    What a great problem to have, don’t you think the Filthadelphia Flyers would give their left gonad to be in our shoes?

  3. Bobby Tux says:

    Bickel should move to forward and replace Rupp. Also can provide insurance for D.

    As for Stralman, the Rangers should resign for sure.

    So the real question is what type of off season package can the Rangers cobble together to obtain Nash Ryan or Weber

    Clearly cap is an issue but if the Rangers can get Nash and 2 picks in 3 round for Dubinsky Staal Miller it would be a no brainer. Staal is replaceable – a player like Nash is hard to find

    • Chris F says:

      Absolutely no need for a guy like Weber. The Rangers are stacked with defensive depth; why bring in a veteran blueliner who will require $6+ million per year?

      Rupp is solid, and plays his role well. Again, no need to fill his role with someone else.

    • Tim B says:

      what would happen to rupp? Minors?

    • Walt says:

      The Rangers don’t need another d-man, they need a sniper. Nash is a great power forward but he has never won anything, and has a grand total of two goals in the play-offs.

      I’m not ready to trade half the team for the guy, even if you don’t like Dubi! With the way this team plays, and the fact that we can carry someone that may have a weakness on D, why not go after Semen, he will be a free agent, or Parise. Don’t dismantle this team for a $6-7 mil player who hasn’t won a thing.

      Now if Nash were a free agent, and we didn’t have to unload a truck full of players for him, have at it.

  4. Chuck A says:

    Of the current Ranger’s roster, who’s the ONE player you choose to build your hypothetical expansion team around??

  5. Matt says:

    is anyone beating the Kings? Boy oh boy!