Breaking down the goals from ECSF Game Four

May 5, 2012, by

1-0 Caps

The Capitals dominated the Rangers for the entire first period and to no surprise the score was reflective of that. Washington’s first goal was one that should have been stopped by Henrik Lundqvist. I think it is the first time we have said that in this series.

Anyway, the Caps were doing a good job pressuring us in our zone prior to the goal. The puck kicked out along the walls to Chris Kreider. Kreider was facing the goal line and had two Capital players in front of him and one coming from behind. He had to get rid of the puck, but unfortunately he rushed a backhand pass diagonally right to Alex Ovechkin, who was up high in the zone just below the blueline. Ovie just rifled a shot in off of Hank’s glove.

I thought Hank had a good look at the shot. He wasn’t screened and the shot wasn’t tipped by Boyle, who went for the block.  Still, it’s hard to hate on Hank, since he did rob Ovie on that deflection during their first power play and many more times throughout the game. Oh well.

1-1, Rangers even the score 

The Rangers answered the call early in the second period thanks to our bread and butter, getting the puck deep and pressuring the zone. On the goal, Brian Boyle won a battle down low and passed the puck up to Girardi at the point. G sent one towards the net, but it was partially blocked by Brooks Laich. Laich couldn’t get to his own rebound, thanks to a quick steal by Anisimov in the slot. Arty simply out-waited Holtby and buried one. Nice goal by Arty. He’s played very well in this series.

2-1, Caps answer back

Well, he played well until this play. Arty went to the boards to lay a hit on Niklas Backstrom, who is 5 foot nothing. Backstrom braced for the hit, put Arty on his ass and then bee-lined towards the slot. He got a quick pass from Chimera and then sniped one over Lundqvist blocker side. The entire play unfolded thanks to broken coverage by the Rangers.

After Arty picked himself off the ice he went to the slot to cover Ward, who was open on the strongside post. Stralman wanted to take Ward, but Arty beat him there and Anton ended up caught in no man’s land. This left Backstrom completely undefended.

2-2, Rangers even the score again

Just when I thought I was done talking about Anisimov he beats Schultz and Wideman to what would have been an icing. Both d-men went towards Arty and he made them pay by feeding an undefended Gaborik in the slot. Gabby did what he does best and scored, beating Holtby through his five-hole.

The TV analysts blamed the officials for waiving off the icing, which caused Wideman to hesitate instead of going for the puck. Sure you can make that argument, but at the end of the day you’re coached to play through the whistle. He didn’t. Artie did. Boom.

3-2, Caps defeat Rangers

This goal was pretty ridiculous. Callahan has the puck on the PK and is about to break out, but he is tripped up by Laich. Cally loses the puck, Wideman collects and feeds Green at the point. The rest is history. The trip on Cally should have been a penalty, but that’s what happens when Watson refs in Washington. His nickname should be “no-call Watson.” If you don’t get that joke, go back and watch the series where Avery had a rule book written just for himself or any series we’ve played against the Penguins that he refereed.

Ovie’s hit on Girardi

Ovie left his skates and hit Girardi on his head. This is exactly what the league is trying to get rid of. With that said, don’t expect a suspension for two reasons. 1) Girardi wasn’t injured on the play. 2) Ovie is a Superstar. I don’t agree with these variables, but the league has made it clear this postseason if you’re super famous and you don’t decapitate someone, you’ll likely be left alone.

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  1. Tim says:

    Screw ovie. Knee on knee hits, pushing ppl into the boards, feet leaving the ice to hit someone (charging). Hitting people in the head. Alexander Ovechkin… Your an animal

    • Tim says:

      i forgot to mention that players like Anisimov need to step up. Well he did. Congrats. Gabby, nice shot. the Mike green goal… Mcdonagh could h e blocked that shot. He should have had his knee on the ground and his stick out or something. He went in a horizontal line. He should have charged at Green and dive toward him so Green cant take a shot. In my opinion

      • The Suit says:

        McD made an attempt to block, but he just timed it wrong imo. But you might be right. That’s fair.

  2. Bloomer says:

    The Rangers bread and butter is their PK. They didn’t look to me like they were working well together on the kill. The Rangers also looked a bit mentally tired today, I expect a much better game at MSG.

  3. SteveD says:

    I’m disapointed in the loss, however I’m more upset over the refs in this game. All I ask from them is to call an even game, a slash on Boyle which broke his stick was not called but the slash by Haglin was called resulting in a goal on the PP.

    In the same PP we know what happened to Cally. goal for caps.

    I think that was the difference in the game. period.

    • Chuck A. says:

      Don’t forget about the missed delay of game penalty late in the third, compliments of a Caps player handballing a puck into the crowd from their zone. The officiating in the last 8 minutes of the game was embarassing.

    • Walt says:

      I don’t usually bitch about the officials, but if the NHL wants to be taken seriousaly, they had better review this game, and make certain that this crew not do another game again in the play-offs!

      Artie is too lite in the ass, that boy needs at least 20lbs of muscle mass on that frame. On the Backstrom goal, he was on his tail twice, look at the tapes!

  4. evan says:

    Getting very tough to watch this post-season. Second game this series refs handed caps a win. Tonight then call slash on hagelin was an absolute joke, especially considering it happened to boyle 2 minutes before. The miss cally trip is a joke. Then knuble batted the puck 10 rows deep and no call. Absolute joke.

    Rangers are clearly the better team but this is going seven no matter what we say or think.

    I know everyone on this site believes everything in the nhl is just, but tonight proves the league controls all the results

  5. Jess says:

    The Suit has a 10AM hearing with Brenden Shananahan Sunday over cutting in the media for the pregame meal The Suit is accused of letting loose a “silent but deadly gas attacks causing several hundred victims.

    The suit is blaming Sean Avery

    • Walt says:

      Dear Suit

      Please provide me with a mailing address so that I may resupply you with several cans of re-fried beans!

    • The Suit says:

      As usual Jess, you only got the story half right. I did have an appointment with Brendan this morning, but it was not a hearing. We play a competitive game of squash two Sundays a month. As usual, I have to let him win every now and then.