Dubinsky’s time to shine

April 16, 2012, by

Brandon Dubinsky had a rough 2011-2012 season. We know this. Many of us, including myself, were wondering when the hammer would fall and Dubi would be traded. It wasn’t so much the lack of production, it was that he seemed to be coasting and disinterested in playing. In fact, Suit and I were big supporters of his early in the season when he was still doing the little things. It wasn’t until later in the season that he appeared to lack the fire he once had.

But then the events of Saturday night happened, and the Gatorade bottles haven’t been the same since.

Dubinsky showed emotion that we haven’t seen in a while, and maybe that unwarranted game misconduct was a blessing in disguise. Dubinsky got tossed for being the third man in on a fight that had no second man, and was livid. One can only expect him to have that same fire and desire heading into Game Three tonight.

Dubi shouldn’t be targeting anyone on the Senators for retribution, that’s not his or the Rangers style of play. With Hagelin out, a top six spot opens up in the lineup. What harm is there to insert Dubinsky and see what he can do with a fire under his behind? The Gatorade bottle still has a bruise, although it was at practice this morning, so there was no suspension.

If Dubinsky even shows half of the fire he had last night, he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with. Rookie Chris Kreider may be the story heading into this game (if he plays), but Dubi has the potential to steal the show tonight. It’s long overdue.

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  1. Chris F says:


  2. Leatherneckinlv says:

    I have to think Dubi will have a monster of a game playing on the Pack line. Stepan should be on the 1st line with Gabby and Richards. If Krieder does play I assume he will be on the third line with Boyle and Feds. Prust Rupp and Scott should be the 4th line for todays game, sending a message back to Ottawa that we can play the rough game, and frankly I say we initiate a few scrums to get Ottawa to retaliate which would not be their style of game. Pound Karlsson with every chance they get and finish every clean check on him, hammer Spezza as well with checks. I am not saying go goon it up, what I am saying is hit, hit and hit all the skilled players every chance they get. Grind them down and if Ottawa wants to fight back then we will have Scott, Bickel, Rupp, Prust, Boyle and Dubi to answer the call.

    • Leatherneckinlv says:

      Also Marc Staal needs to get going physically. He has been absent in that department all year

  3. The Suit says:

    I trust Dubi to win puck battles, I just want to see him complete the play. Hopefully he can find some finish.

  4. becky says:

    LOL — “The Gatorade bottle still has a bruise, although it was at practice this morning, so there was no suspension.”

  5. Bobby Tux says:

    Ok so the everybody loves Dubi parade starts again. I think the lineup will be the same with exception of Krider for Hagelin. Possibly Scott for Mitchell but I think the nameplate thing is a ruse.

    The other alternative is that Bickel moves to forward with possibly Erixon on D but unlikely.
    With Mitchell moving to the top line or possibly Boyle.

    One thing for – Dubi sees little to no time on top line. Torts would bench him totally if possible but cannot because of that crazy salary.

    • VinceR says:

      Since you have that direct line to Torts and know what he’s thinking…can you tell us who is starting for sure? Thanks!

      • The Suit says:

        Haha where does this guy come up with this stuff? Torts can’t bench people because of player’s salaries…really since when? Bobby Tux needs new material.

        • Mark says:

          And Is John Mitchell really playing on the first line? I would rather have Marty Biron give the wing a shot… Nothing is wrong with our defense other then the 2 bad luck plays on Del Zotto, leave it alone, no Erixon… I would love to see Kreider, but understand them using Scott this game just in case of the physical play.

  6. Bobby Tux says:

    I do not need to have a direct line with Torts. I just see his actions, which are confirmed by his words, which are also confirmed by the opinions of others that are not smoking the Dubi pipe.

    Ok – maybe Mitchell on the Top Line is a reach, but according to RangerS Report – Feds sakted with the Gabi and Richards – not the impostor of a hockey player – Brandon Dubinsky.

    Yes I sound “mad” and “ill-tempered”, but I am just trying to enlighten the casual fan on the reality of hockey. Sometimes, it takes that kind of tone.

    I stated several weeks back that Dubi would be on the 3rd line with AA on the 2nd. I was called “stupid”, “crazy”, and “a moron”. Nobody said I was right in the ensuing 10 games.

    I will be called those words and worse now, but once again I am right.

    DUMBINSKY does not play TORTS style hockey because he has no hockey IQ.

    I want the Rangers to win the Cup. The only way is Dubi to have role limited to what he can do somewhat successful. Forecheck and grind the boards.

    • VinceR says:

      I’m a sarcastic wise-ass bobby, but the point is that Torts has sat any player at any time. As far as his words, Torts has been verbally supporting him all season long,by name, from beginning through the end.

      The line shifts were going on all season while Torts was just trying to find what works. Dubinsky was outplayed by those on the second line and changes were made. This is why we see Boyler with more time playing up there recently, as he has been hot.

      But I don’t see anything that says Torts would sit him if it wasn’t for his contract. Don’t read to much into my sarcasm on the previous post, it’s just my sense of humor.

    • Spozo says:

      This is the same team that is paying redden almost 7 million to play in Hartford. They were also prepared to buy drury out before he retired. So your honestly saying that the only reason dubinsky is playing is because of his salary? That’s seriously a joke right?

  7. Bobby Tuxxx says:

    Get it straight Vin, Dubi didn’t sign an autograph for me and I have been irrationally hating him ever since. Maybe if my wee wee were a little bigger I wouldnt be so god damn angry all the time. Shizam.

    • VinceR says:

      Your words. About as much evidence I see of it as you have of Torts frustration over not being able to sit Dubi. However, in this case, since it’s from the horse’s mouth (I think it’s the mouth), I’ll have to take it as truth.

    • Dave says:

      Looks like someone’s x key got stuck.

  8. rob sahm says:

    sure wish we had zukes to replace haglen but i dont think torts would play kreider but you never know with torts look for big john scott in the lineup tonight and i guarantee dubi will have a impact on game 3 lets go rangers .