Why the Sauer silence?

March 10, 2012, by

Throughout the beginning of the year we had Marc Staal watch. Now, it wasn’t as obsessive (or annoying) as the ‘Sid watch’ that engulfed Pennsylvania, the NHL and the entire nation of Canada but we had Staal watch nonetheless.

So why are the Rangers being so quiet regarding Mike Sauer’s concussion absence? I may have missed something along the way – so please correct me if I have – but there are never injury updates on Sauer and the natural assumption is that he’s not close to being ready. In that case, have they shut him down for the season and if so, why not publicly state that they have?

The quiet around Sauer is concerning. Several Ranger fans have asked the beat writers via twitter whether they have any updates and the reply is usually the same: nadda, nichts, nothing.

The timing of his injury must be enormously frustrating for Sauer. An injury prone player all career and once doubted as a legitimate prospect because of his ‘fondness’ for the treatment table, Sauer became an integral part of the Rangers blue line last year and had begun to fill a huge hole in the Rangers top six: the presence of a rugged defenseman.

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  1. Leatherneckinlv says:

    I am rather baffled by that as well. That does not bode well for either party, the team and the fans. Leaves much speculation on the table. I really like Sauer myself and if this concussion is to effect his style of play, it will be tragic for him. However it does elevate McIlrath’s status and gives hope for the likes of Bickel and Stralman for next year. I also am very happy with how Bickel has played. He also will only get better with more experience.

  2. Dave says:

    In short…no news is bad news.