Brandon Du-bench-sky*

March 2, 2012, by

*-I would like to thank my friend Jim Schmiedeberg for today’s title. He tweeted it last night, and I ran with it for the post today.

Last night Brandon Dubinsky committed another stupid penalty when he grabbed a stray stick on the ice and threw it in the corner. It is not the first stupid penalty he has committed, it is not the second stupid penalty he has committed, it isn’t even the third stupid penalty he has committed. For some unknown reason, Dubinsky just can’t seem to do anything right this season.

Well, saying he can’t do anything right is a bit of a stretch, he has been playing some great defense and is still killing penalties. But for $4.2 million per season, the Rangers need more. Six goals doesn’t make that contract worth it, especially when he is committing stupid penalties.

Many thought that Dubinsky would find his game after not being traded this deadline. He has not. He is clearly frustrated, and his stupid penalties are evidence of this. Maybe he is gripping his stick too tightly, trying to earn that contract. That doesn’t explain tossing a stick in the corner. The worst part of that penalty is that the Rangers just committed one of those stupid penalties when Michael Del Zotto gave Brian Boyle back his stick.

Dubinsky appears to be on thin ice with the Rangers. He isn’t scoring, and now he is costing his team goals. Sure, the Rangers won last night, but they did it despite Dubinsky’s penalty, which led to a goal. He was benched for the rest of the game, a benching that has been far overdue.

The underachieving winger needs to find his game, and fast. Don’t think those Rick Nash whispers are going to disappear at the draft. They will be full-on again, and if Dubinsky doesn’t get his act together, he could find himself in Columbus.

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  1. Chris F says:

    I listened to the game on ESPN NY 1050, so I didn’t see the play, but Maloney described it as such that Dubinsky grabbed the stick out of Jiri Tlusty’s hands and threw it.

    That’s a lot worse than if he merely threw a stick that was on the ice in his way…

    Any confirmation on which it was?

    • VinceR says:

      After the whistle blew there was a scrum in front of Biron. Dubi grabbed for anythuing, got the stick, and grabbed it out of Tlusty’s hands.

      So far no harm, no calls were being made, just an after the play scrum thing. He waited two beats, no one around anymore except the ref directly in front of him. Then, and this is where they kept cutting of the replay, he apparently inexplicably just took the stick that was in his hand and threw it into the corner.

      • Chris F says:

        Yea, that’s much worse than throwing a stick into the corner that just happened to be laying on the ice…

        Grabbing it from Tlusty’s hand and then throwing into the corner is simply inexcusable. This is not an overzealous hit where the intent was simply to play physical. This is an after-the-whistle act of stupidity that jeopardized the outcome of the game.

  2. Jim says:

    “Stupid is as stupid does” He has to relax and just play the game he is capable of playing. He is not handling the pressure well. We’ll need him to step up starting tonight.

  3. Zen says:

    Dubi = Epic Fail.

    Cally is out, so what does Brandon do? He takes a ridiculously selfish penalty in a scoreless game. What a tool.

  4. Bobby Tux says:

    I am not one to judge, but over his years on the NYR, it is clear that Dubi has no hockey IQ and apparently no IQ at all. Add to that the reason Dubi scores is because of the great work of another player (last year Gabi assisted on most of his goals. When Gabi was out if the lineup Dubi disappeared). Dubi was lucky he got that contract for an average player. He will never get another multi year deal and will be traded during the off seain

    • Jess says:

      Bobby Tux

      Thanks for the laughs regarding Dubinsky only scores because of other players. After all Dubinsky was only the team’s leading scorer last season.

      Yes Dubinsky is having a bad year but honestly even if he was having a good year people would still be bitching about him.

      I guess I did not get the memo but every year NYR fans have to have a whipping boy. This year it is Dubi, next year it will be someone else.

      Oh and Bobby for a person who claims not to judge that post sure fooled me

      • Chris F says:

        How can the both of you be looking at the same reality as the rest of us, yet coming to equally extreme, equally wrong opposite assessments?

    • IPoopOnYou says:

      Hey BobbyTux, Gabby assisted on only TWO of Dubi’s goals last year! That’s right TWO!

      Cally assisted most of Dubi’s goals and Dubi assisted most of Cally’s goals. Do a little research first.

      Consider yourself pooped on.

  5. Rickyrants13 says:

    O please Yes Dubi is having an off year. But last year whn Gabs was having one of his worst. Dubi was carrying this team in the first half.

    • Bobby Tux says:

      gabby had an off year because he had to play with head down no hockey IQ Dubi. Dubi gets all of his goals from solo play (like last night) or off a great feed. He cannot pass so the opponents know to cover the shooting lane. Fortunately, st Louis slipped and Dubi had an opening.

      This better be his last season here. Not because he is a bad player, but because he is a bad contract

      • IPoopOnYou says:

        BobbyTux, Dubi hasn’t had one goal this season that was unassisted and only two goals last year that were unassisted. Do your homework bro. Your poop makes no sense.

  6. Chris m says:

    Did dubi tie the game up with a sick goal last night?