Scott Howson likely will be “future endeavored”

March 1, 2012, by

Judging a GM based on speculative trade rumors is a tough thing to evaluate. Lord only knows if Sather’s rejected offer (rumored to be Dubi, Thomas, Miller, Erixon and a first rounder) was accurate or just Brooksie’s best guesstimate. What we do know is that Howson likely cost himself his job when he sold out Rick Nash during his post-deadline presser.

When reporters asked Howson why he was looking to move Nash, he said it was because Nash came to him and demanded a trade, thus forcing his hand. This admittance, whether accurate or not, was a very bad move for several reasons.

First off, everyone knows the Blue Jackets have to rebuild and trading Nash will help the organization go in that direction. It obviously was not an ideal scenario, but it was still sellable to their fans. You could have played this situation off the way Boston did with Bourque years ago or the way the Panthers have with virtually every star they’ve produced. You’re giving a long-time contributor a chance to win the Cup. Unfortunately, that PR opportunity is squandered. That is not the path Howson chose to walk.

So what happens now? How many people in Columbus are going to buy Nash jerseys now that they think he’s pulling a Heatley? How many people are going to pay for tickets to see his last few weeks as a Blue Jacket? This organization needs every bit of help they can get to make money and their GM just pissed on the only guy who can open the cash register.

And marketing isn’t their only problem moving forward. Once word got out that Heatley was holding Ottawa hostage his trade value plummeted. I don’t think Nash will end up being traded for a Milan Michalek-type & a second rounder, but they sure as hell aren’t getting Dubi, Thomas, Miller, Erixon, & a first. Not now anyway.

Best of luck Howson, in all of your future endeavors.


  1. Walt says:

    This guy Howson developed the hoof in mouth disease!

    Now that he went public, the value of Nash is going down, and I believe that the Jackets can still get value, but there is no way that the return is going to be what was offered by Slats if the names mentioned are true.

    I have mixed feelings about the outcome, it would have been nice to have a big power forward, but the cost was way too much. I understand Nash’s feelings, and wish him well. Lets hope if a trade is made, and we don’t get Nash, that he goes west, and not in our division. Personally, I believe that Nash has conducted himself professionally, and is deserving of an opportunity to play for a winner!

    • The Suit says:

      Yea I don’t have an issue with Nash looking to jump ship, as he’s given them almost 10 years of his services. I hope he ends up out West as well.

      • Dave says:

        They will likely look to deal him out of conference. Wouldn’t shock me to see Burke in on this at the draft.

        Also wouldn’t shock me to see him go to Anaheim for Bobby Ryan.

  2. Chris says:

    I still think Nash will be a Ranger but as you suggested Suit,the cost won’t be as much.

    Sather, the savy GM that he is, will have been smiling (amid his cigar puffing) when he watched the Howson admittance.

    Howson will also never get a GM job in the NHL again. He’s ballsed up at every juncture of his role. He’s made his predecessor Doug McLean look competent which is an impressive feat.

  3. Scully says:

    I’d much rather have Zach Parise for just cash (even though he’s a lot like Ryan Callahan with a little more skill … and that’s a bad thing by any means) than Nash who hasn’t won squat in his career (not saying the team around him didn’t suck) but, as much as his GM threw him under the bus I’d rather not pay for him in prospects + years + dollars when we can have Parise for years + dollars + take him from the Devils.

    • Chris says:

      dare I say it, but at this stage Callahan hasn’t won much yet either. Nash has at least won internationally.

      Only reason I mention this is that you cant taint Nash because he was won ‘squat’.

      But yes, ideally most fans would rather Parise than the asset-espensive Nash. I dont see Parise signing with NYR though. He’s going to get close to max-money

      • The Suit says:

        I have my concerns about Nash too, but on that point I agree with Chris, most of our roster hasn’t been past the first or second round and neither has Parise or Bobb Ryan.

      • Pete says:

        Considering Parise is making 6 mill now his new contract will be a monster; might make Nash’s 7.8 look like a bargain. Again, a lot of this will depend on the new CBA and the ability of teams to do this long term/lower AAV contracts.

        Having said that, what would be better; Nash for 6 or Parise for 10+?

    • Jude says:

      I love cally but you can not put him in the same sentence as parise offensively. The fact that you even suggested that speaks volumes of your hockey knowledge!!!!!

  4. HARLEMBLUES says:

    The NHL has a hard cap,you must build thru the draft. The Rangers must stay the course.Let this group develop and have some success in the playoffs,if they dont win a cup then add a player or players to win it all.Parise isnt a MAX player,wouldnt touch him at what is sure to be a high price long term.The core needs to be signed first.

    • Walt says:

      Agree big time.

      Lets not forget that Parise was out all of last year, or most of it, and has had other injuries in the past. Nothing long term like last season, but the guy is small, and could get hurt again, while we would be stuck holding the bag for major bucks!!!

  5. jerry says:

    i can not believe if its true that howson turned down these players in that deal.that was an insane offer.. he should be shot for not doing that trade.what was he drinking that day..