Still no call up, Bickel to play forward today

February 12, 2012, by

The AHL Transaction Log does not have any call ups listed for the Rangers this morning, thus it is expected that Stu Bickel will again play forward on the fourth line with Mike Rupp and John Mitchell. Bickel played fairly well as a forward in yesterday’s 5-2 stomping of the Flyers. With Ruslan Fedotenko out indefinitely, Bickel has been a good short term solution. However, don’t expect him to play forward forever.

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  1. rob sahm says:

    why dont they just call up zucarello

  2. Spozo says:

    Is the lack of a move telling that Feds injury isn’t too bad?

  3. Jess says:

    They would have to place Fedot on LTIR in order to create the cap space for MZA. NYR are carrying Wolski and Wookie on cap while both are “conditionings” with the Whale.