Musings: Using 24/7 To Destroy Conspiracy Theories, NHL Financials Leaked, & More

January 5, 2012, by

The NHL Has A Golden Opportunity

If the NHL is smart they will defuse all of these conspiracy theories around the refereeing of the Winter Classic by revealing on 24/7 what was said between the referees and what went on at the situation room in Toronto. If any of the above is omitted from the episode it will do nothing to fan the flames.

PS – It’s amazing how sensitive the NHL is to words (fining Torts $30K, suspending Avery, etc.), yet hits to the head yield a paltry $2,500 fine and a two game suspension. Unfriggan-believable.

Key Financial Information Leaked

In a bit of underrated news, supposedly some financial information involving ticket sales was leaked to the Toronto Star. To no surprise the bottom feeders were the Phoenix Coyotes and the Florida Panthers.

Bloggers at SBNation Tampa Bay seem to think that the NHL is purposely leaking this information to either prove that Florida teams aren’t in the dire straits the media makes them out to be or perhaps to amp up the pressure for Phoenix’s eventual relocation.

Let me assure you that no professional sports organization leaks financial information on purpose. Trade rumors perhaps, but not financials. There are many reasons why the NHL wouldn’t do this and I could sit here and list them for you, but you would eventually lose interest and close our webpage.

But here’s one reason to take with you. The NHL does not want the NHLPA to have any insider figures, especially this close to negotiation season.

Time Warner & The Situation w/ Local Blackouts

A lot of people are angry at Dolan & Company for pulling MSG off of Time Warner, as they should be, and obviously there are a lot of questions about how fans living in the Time Warner footprint will be able to access MSG telecasts.

Unfortunately, those who have the NHL Network or subscribe to NHL Center Ice still won’t be able to watch upcoming Rangers games as all live telecasts are blacked out in local markets. This is done with all sports leagues and they are intended to protect the rights of the league’s national and regional broadcast partners. There are certain websites that will have the feed for free, but be aware, they are not legal.

Are The Rangers Ready To Contend?

Finally, one last bit about the Rangers since this is after all a Rangers blog. Has the Rangers dominance this season changed your pre-season expectations for this team? If so, will you be disappointed if the Rangers fail to contend, even though most of us said 2013 or 2014 would be the year to do so? Let’s hear it.

*Side note: I want three chants started at MSG tonight. “These refs suck!” Followed by “You can’t fine us!” And finally “Get Well Neal!”

Make it happen Rangers fans.


  1. Blueshirt in Paris says:

    Regarding the last question…I still stick by what you mentioned. The overall plan is 2013/2014. But this year things, despite key injuries, might be on a faster pace.

    We could still win it all, stranger things have happened and hot goaltending can do a lot.

    Me feeling is this. If we don’t get out of the first round it will be a disappointment. If we dont get out of the 2nd but play a competitive series I think that would be disappointing but acceptable. Getting to the Conf finals would be a good achievement. Anything beyond that is utterly fantastic given where this team was 2 yrs ago.

    I think next year it gets bumped up…if we don’t get out of 2nd round it would be a disappointment and so on….

  2. Walt says:

    Will we contend? If, and only if Hank carries us that far. As a team, we have shown that we could play with the best of them, but the road to the cup still runs through Boston right now.

    Let’s also not over look teams like the Pens, and yes Filthadelphia. Yeah we have had some good run against those dirty clowns, the Flyers, but they get tougher to play when the chips are on the line.

    If the NHL is serious about their integrety, they will never have Ian Walsh officiate any other Flyer game again, period! The calls were terrible, and it still smells around that rink today. How in the name of honosty can anyone get a local, who played for the jr Flyers as a kid, to officate, and not favor that team. I know that I could never be fair if I were in that spot myself, and I admit it.

    Last but not least, Bettman sucks, Torts was stating what he thought was facts, and got a 30K fine. Players go down with head shots, get their careers cut short, and the NHL does nothing serious about it. It starts at the top, and until Bettman gets gonads, and states that if you put someone out for a period of time, you will sit out the same number of games as the player hurt, and NOT get paid, then all the bull crap will come to an end big time!

    • Blueshirt in Paris says:

      Not defending the calls but every ref comes from somewhere. And most have played hockey at some point a

    • Blueshirt in Paris says:

      Not defending the calls but every ref comes from somewhere. And most have played hockey at some point and I am sure all of them have/had a favorite team that they wind up refing a game for.

      If the game was in Boston and it was the Bruins that were losing I would expect the same calls from the Philly native.

  3. dswt25 says:

    to those who lost MSG with Time Warner, have you considered going to Direct TV? I live in Virginia and am not familiar with the Time Warner programming, however I switched to Direct TV from Fios specifically to watch Rangers hockey last fall. THey carry several MSG channels (although in VA I still have to buy the NHL package), and compared to Fios, I get everything in HD. The vast majority of Center Ice coverage on Fios was standard def., which stunk. I realize that a “dish” doesn’t work for everyone, but if you can do it, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

    • Mike K. says:

      I have DirecTV, and still am getting blacked out for the Ranger games. I think it has to do with Time Warner covering the area I’m in, in Northeast PA.

      • The Suit says:

        This is correct. Those inside of the 50-75 mile radius of NYC will have their games blacked out.

        • VinceR says:

          Wait, so suit, are you saying that even the local bar with Direct TV that have MSG would be blocked out because it’s not Time Warner?

          To answer the other question above about switching, I’d do it in a second but many NYC buildings are old and not yet wired for FIOS. As far as a dish, if I lookout my window, I have a fire escape, then 15 feet across another building. This is the situation for a majority of us in the city.

          • The Suit says:

            No its just Time Warner.

            • VinceR says:

              Sorry, couldn’t quite tell what you were saying no to…so Direct TV would get the feed if your Direct TV package had MSG and my local bar should be able to show the game?

              • dswt25 says:

                I would think that if your local bar had direct TV that you would be able to get teh ranger games, assuming they have the center ice package. That said, not living in NY any more I can be sure.

              • The Suit says:

                Correct. If you have Direct TV or if your local bar has Direct TV, you should be able to watch the game in the NY market.

                Only people with Time Warner who live in the New York market are blacked out.

              • VinceR says:

                Actually I think they would need MSG…Center Ice gets blocked in local markets. But I wouldn’t see how Direct TV with MSG would be blocked since I don’t think TW has rights to block MSG in areas Plus MSG is encouraging users to switch to DirectTV and is having viewing parties at certain bars…so hello excuse for drinking!

              • VinceR says:

                Posted at the same time, thanks for clearing that up Suit. My poor liver, I hope they settle this mess.

          • dswt25 says:

            I know what you mean….the line of sight requirement is an issue in a lot of places..I feel bad for all of you who have lost MSG.

            • Ray says:

              That blackout rule is a little strange at times. When I was living in Austin Texas I had a game between the Stars and the Rangers blocked out on Direct TV. Dallas was 181 miles from Austin yet the game was blacked out due to “local market rules”. The poor Direct TV person I called when this happened got the New York in me come out over the phone…I was pissed 😉

      • dswt25 says:

        could you get them if you purchased center ice? I know it would stink to have to pay, but better than not seeing the games. In VA, I have the games blacked out on MSG because the Capitals network is considered my “home” sports network. could the Flyers network be your “home” sports network? I cant get Yankees or Mets either….I get Nationals for baseball

  4. Scully says:

    Does anyone know if I purchased the NHL package through my Apple TV2 internet feature if the local games would be blocked out? I don’t see how they could as it’s not through a cable provider but through Apple.

    • VinceR says:

      It is not through apple, but an application on your Apple TV…they block through IP address, so yes you would still be blacked out. It sucks.

  5. wwpd says:

    Get well Neal. So disgraceful, only in philly.

  6. JTC says:

    Like other TWC customers, I’m steamed. There’s a new petition aimed at putting pressure on TWC and MSG to resolve their dispute. If you’re pissed too, sign it…

  7. KC says:

    The situation room in Toronto?? There were no reviewable plays during the game.

  8. mhurley says:

    The HockeyRodent has a Paypal account set up called:

    John Tortorella, We’ve Got Your Back Fund

    You can only donate $2.00. Each donation counts as a vote to back up Torts and a vote against the powers that be.

    Show Bettman, Campell, the Governors, Owners and the Officials that the fans won’t stand for the bs and their hypocrisy.

    Show Torts and the Players that the fans have their backs.


    The time to speak out is upon us. If the fans cower because they are afraid of “officiating retribution”, the NHL may as well be the WWE.

  9. Ray says:

    I could not be happier seeing the Rangers in 1st place at this time of the year. That being said, there really have not been many games this year that I have felt we have dominated. When I start seeing games consistently where we dominate for 60 minutes I think we are contenders. Lets see how we do the next 20 games now that the confidence seems to be building, now that Dubi is starting to make his presence felt, and with Staal back and Girardi getting some rest before we burn him out prior to any playoffs. In other words…..ask me 3/4 into the season 😉