Yankees Hope To Have Winter Classic At Some Point

November 14, 2011, by

While watching a NCAA Football game at Yankee Stadium, Mark Herrmann caught up with New York Yankees CEO Lonn Trost about other events at Yankee Stadium, to which Trost replied “Hopefully, we’ll have hockey here.” Clearly this indicates that the Yankees want to have a Winter Classic at the Stadium in the future.

The problem herein lies with the Pinstripe Bowl, which plays on December 30 each year from 2010-2013, when the initial contract runs out. Because of the timing required to set up a rink, there is not enough time between the Bowl game and the Winter Classic (January 1) to get the rink set up in time. In short, any Winter Classic at Yankee Stadium would have to be after the current contract with the Pinstripe Bowl runs its course.

There are other non-BCS bowls played after New Year’s Day, so that would be the most realistic scenario for the Yankees and the NHL. Assuming tearing down a rink can be done within two or three days, Yankee Stadium could be a viable option for a Winter Classic in the future. But it won’t be the near future.

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  1. mhurley says:

    Screw the Yankees. They’re a day late and a dollar short. Instead of the Rangers first Winter Classic being played in New York, the media capital of the universe, the Rangers (an original six team)have to play second fiddle to a team from a rat hole of a city like Philadelphia.

  2. mhurley says:

    Well in case you haven’t noticed, the Rangers are always the last team in the league to get any recognition from the league or any of the hockey media in general, especially Canadian media. Been watching Ranger Hockey for over 50 years. The Rangers have always been treated like the red headed step child.

    The first Winter Classic the Rangers should be in should be in New York.

  3. mhurley says:

    That’s the kiss of death;)

  4. The Suit says:

    The next Winter Classic featuring the Rangers needs to be against an Original Six team at Yankee Stadium. It’s a no brainer at this point. The question is how long do we have to wait for it to happen?

    My best guess is 2014 or 2015.

  5. andy says:

    minnesota needs to have one either at tcf or target field

  6. bwaybshirtb says:

    yep. it should be Rangers v Bruins at Yankee stadium.