Marc Staal To Be Placed On LTIR

November 4, 2011, by

Well, here is the Marc Staal news we have been waiting for, and it is not good. As per Larry Brooks, Marc Staal has officially been placed on long term injured reserve. For those wondering why he wasn’t placed on LTIR before, it was a salary cap move. Per the CBA, when a player is placed on LTIR the team does not gain the full cap hit amount, in this case $3.975 million. The Rangers had not been close enough to the cap ceiling for them to need to do such a move (surprising, I know). The demotion of Sean Avery in October gave them enough room to avoid having to put Staal on LTIR.

However, with the recall of Avery, and the recent addition of Anton Stralman, the Rangers are significantly closer to that $64.3 million cap ceiling, thus generating a need to put Staal on LTIR. It’s a bit complicated, but that’s why the move was made now, as opposed to last month.

The news of Staal being placed on LTIR is a blow to the optimistic fans that had hoped he would be back soon. As we’ve seen with Cindy Sidney Crosby, consussions are a fickle beast, and the recovery time can be very long. Let’s hope Staal is back before 2012, because this blue line needs him.

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  1. Pete says:

    Lets try and avoid any Cindy comparisons and hope that Staal comes back soon. Having said that, Ryan McDonagh is a monster, already. Nice.

    • Dave says:

      Unfortunately the Cindy comparisons are the most relevant, because he’s a guy that has been out for a while with his concussion issues.

  2. Matt J says:

    When you say before 2012 do you mean new years or next season? This sucks he’s hurt and I’m sure no one is more upset than him he’s injured

  3. Mikeyyyy says:

    Its not his brothers fault.

    He may have given him the concussion, but this lingering effect is probably because he kept playing a few more games as Crosby did.

    Once you have the concussion, you can make it much worse with very little contact.

  4. Leatherneckinlv says:

    Terrible news however it is not the end of the world, great teams over come adversity and so shall the Rangers, in fact they have. Our defense as stated has not been our problem with the Rangers and it also gave us an indication that our depth in the minors was not as advertised.

    Kunderatek and Valetenko were unable to crack the line up and in fact were early cuts. So should the Rangers draft a defenseman in the 1st round of this years draft the more aware Rangers fan will be spot on with the pick and not throw a fit. It is also nice to know that we have help coming from the juniors in McIlrath. Erixon gets to play some top minutes in the AHL and gain North American style of play experience. So with Staal’s situation we got a clearer picture of our over all defensive situation.

  5. bob says:

    The Rangers will go on.Hopefully so can Marc Stall.I feel really bad for him.Sure we miss him,but its time to think of Marc as a person.And pray for a speedy recovery.Hockey is his life and the life of his family,I can’t even imagine the mental toll it has taken on him.I just hope and pray he will recover.God bless him.

  6. kigb16 says:

    Let’s not disrespect. Sidney Crosby did not get his concussion on purpose, or should we go with Marcia Staal? Hey, its your brain and you’ve got the rest of your life with it. You may want to tak care of it and make sure it works ok.

  7. Walt says:

    The news that Marc Staal is going on the LTIR is really good!!!!!

    Don’t jump out of your skin folks, what I mean is that now we are certain that the injury was worse than advertised, and that management is going to take whatever time is necessary to get Marc healthy again. That stated, and understood, we will play with the team as is, and get the younger guys, Sauer, McD, MDZ all the exposure, and game experience that they can, and continue to develope into what will be a VERY strong, long term defense for the Rangers.

    On a different note, look at the Pens since Cindy went down, they are playing some very sound hockey, as a TEAM! Now imagine what we can expect when the pu**y returns, holy cow, quoting Phil Razzuto!!!!!

  8. Bobby G says:

    Do you think that part of the reason the Rangers called up Avery was to get closer to the cap ceiling? Perhaps if Wolski wasnt injured Torts wouldve had Avery sit on the bench the entire time he was here.

  9. jffrazer says:

    It is perplexing to me how Marc Staal was able to play for the balance of the season after reportedly suffering the concussion around Feb 22nd ? Where were the team doctors and training staff ? Concussions are a high profile issue in ALL sports now and the fact that Marc was never diagnosed with a concussion is bewildering.